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  1. Not thats wrong kurtbleach. Flash works perfectly fine in firefox on all of my linux computers.

    Then you should enlighten us proles, O Grand Poobah, on how such a thing is accomplished. This is how Flash looks for me:


  2. You can't get Flash to work in Firefox because Adobe stopped updating Flash for Linux at 11.x.whatever. If you can watch a YouTube vid in Firefox, it's not in Flash - it's in HTML5. Flash vids work in Chrome/Chromium because they have their own pepperflash plug-in. If I right click a vid while in Chromium, it will say About Adobe Flash Player 14.whatever. It's stuck in 11 with Firefox.

  3. There's been an update to the INvision boards recently. firecracker - scroll all the way down to the bottom of your page. If there is a blue button that says "Full Version", click it. You may be stuck in IP.Board Mobile Theme.

    I checked on that option and I think the problem she is having comes from that. Dave, I'd post a screenshot of what the board looks like in IP.Mobile theme, but I forget where to upload them to. Imageshack? Instagram? Hell if I recall.

  4. Yes. Bloody spot on as always, mate. They may be great for playing games on. Books? No, sorry I'm an ancient fart - but if I couldn't get into Kindles or whatever they were called, I sure as Hades won't be trying to read books on a lil' phone.


    I never knew you were a proud papa, Terence. I bet all that your daughters can't keep their hands off the damn phones. It is what it is these days, I just hope you've impressed upon them enough to keep the phones in the pockets and the eyes on the motorway while driving.


    Hell, never mind me ramblings. Just trying to stay part of the Pit community a tad bit. I don't want to just show up in here only when I want to ask for help, but Linux forum is pretty much dead, and I have nothing to offer to Windows people unless they're still running 98SE. Political discussion? Bollocks that!

  5. I think that one belongs in Political Discussion because it is a protest song.


    Leave it to soft McCartney to make a protest song that nobody even knows it is a protest song. Man, the Beatles would have sucked if they didn't have Lennon.


    Edit: Hey, I see you lurking, Roger. I guess the latest procedure went well. Good, good - we want you to stick around for a while longer. A good long while.

  6. oh yeah

    If that don't get you up and wiggling your tush nothing will.

    Oh great. Lovely visual you gave me there, Juliet. Don't worry, I will not post the vid from that band that was a guy and his brother and the singer loved to "shake his little tush on the catwalk". Hell no!

    It's not Friday night anyway yet, so no vid - but the last post was from an admin, and who better to pose a question to? Can anyone explain why it seems like every vid in this thread is in HTML5 format? I can watch them all here with Firefox, but in all other websites the vids are in Flash Player, which makes me need to use Chromium.


    Thanks in advance for any answer, and I'll probably come back after work and post a vid for your enjoyment. For the love of all things holy, I promise it will definitely not be "Fireworks" by Katy Perry.


    P.S. > That Frampton was cool.

  7. Oops. Apparently the system doesn't like the word I used for jabbing your finger with a needle in order to get a drop of blood for testing. Maybe I should have said "stick"?

    Like the great George Carlin once said, you can beep your finger but you can't finger your beep.

  8. Great news, Roger!


    And if it makes you mad that I know your name, the Pit really is a family. My name is Paul, not Kurt - if you didn't know. You still can call me Kurt, I'll still call you caintry or c_b, but this place seems to be a place where the regulars actually have a bit of the love for each other. Not in a stalker way, just a way that it seems like people really enjoy helping each other out with PC problems.

    It is one cool as all hell site. Get healed up ya old fart!

  9. Yeah, but it's not just Windows. I run openSUSE 12.2, and it has reached its end of life also. I feel safer in Linux than I would in Window$, but as it stands financially for me, I can't upgrade SUSE. I tried to go from 12.2 to 12.3, and it's documented somwhere on these threads how it was a fail on my PC. I'm just going to run it until I can afford a new PC. I can't try 13.1 because my CD/DVD drive is dead.

  10. This is my first time utilizing Linux. So I guess it is back to Windows I go. . .I give up. . .

    Don't give up yet. Can I suggest openSUSE for your Linux distro? I'm not familiar with Ubuntu and Muon, but openSUSE comes with YaST for system management and updating. It's a GUI package, no need for command line use (though there is zypper for that when you get more comfortable). If I can use it, a complete PC moron, you should be able to. It shows you what updates are there. If you have questions, you can Google them or just post up in here. There are real Linux gurus here at the Pit. Bruce is one, and like George (another guru) said, stick with stable releases and don't worry about daily builds - let the geeks work out the bugs first.

    Please, give Linux a fair chance. When I first tried to dual boot my PC with Windows and Linux, I fried my whole system. It was people here at the Pit that got me back up and running.

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