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  1. Well, it was Friday 10 minutes ago, so here we go:
  2. Hi, cutie in the red dress. I think the hashtag was the problem. I cut your URL off between the U and the # and here it is: Not Friday, but here's one from me: P.S. > Tell Rog that that's one all-time great Zep tune he posted.
  3. What is Fin Land? Is it like Sea World? Just joking, Justin. Though I wish it would have happened as a Flyer, it was great to see your countryman Kimmo Timonen get to hoist Lord Stanley's Cup. Class man all around.
  4. Hey teller, where's the trooth? You can't blame the Pit for problems you're having running XP. I'm sure the Crew has got the tests up to speed with Win 10, still good for 8 or 9, but XP? I won't even get up on my Tux podium here, but I think people that run Windows should stay one release behind - at least while M$ still supports it with patches and the bugs get worked out of the "latest and greatest". But XP? Come on, that's like shunning fiber optics and hanging on to the good ole rabbit ears.
  5. Right-click on any Flash vid and you will get options. Click About Flash Player xx.xx.xx. and it should send you to Adobe site. And Jacee is right, always look at all the check boxes before you install anything. Only thing I would trust to install automatically on Windows is Firefox, or maybe Chrome or Chromium.
  6. Chuck Norris singlehandedly took Normandy Beach but can't get any woman to get with KurtBleach.
  7. I remember the Chuck Norris stuff. Let me try: As soon as Chuck Norris came out of the womb he sent Adolf to his tomb.
  8. Thanks for the updates, Guns. Lots of us are pulling for him here.
  9. Best of luck to Tom and his Mrs. Oh, yeah - and that cantankerous codger caintry, too.
  10. So AVG is no longer recommended? I think that's what my parents are using. Sorry to say it, but a Linux distro comes with way less baggage.
  11. Yes, Bruce, they do all that crap because they must. They run Windows. They have no common sense. Just kidding, most people run Windows because that's all they know about. For the OP: I'd say to use free AVG and not trust Windows Defender or whatever they call it. What Nigel said. But I do use AdBlockPlus. It smokes ads.
  12. I appreciate that you appreciate all input, and I agree that this shouldn't become a war. It's been a while since I left the land of Windows so I could be wrong, but if you want to pay for antivirus I'd go with Norton (not a suite, just the AV) or go with AVG if you want free. http://www.avg.com/us-en/homepage http://us.norton.com/antivirus
  13. All hail Joe Satriani! Imagine a jam with Joe, Victor Wooten, and Neil Peart.
  14. Ah, Led Zeppelin. Yes, we must all support Mr. Page and his painstaking efforts to tweak his ancient recordings to sell yet again to his idiot fans. Life is not life without hearing a slightly alternative recording of the most overrated song this planet has ever known. But to give Page his due, cocaine and underage sex partners are not so easily obtained when one hits 70. I guess you can't really blame him, can you?
  15. OK, maybe that one was too somber - but here's one to put the cheer in your cheerios:
  16. In the words of the late great Graham Chapman: This has gotten too silly. Here's music: Nothing plastic here.
  17. Bruce is DA MAN! Hell, so are you guys Terry and Nigel. I learn so much from this place. I usually just use the default configuration when I update openSUSE, but next time I'll opt for ext4. I've got btrfs for / and ext4 for /home now, but I followed your links and disabled snapper so I won't run into the same jam Nigel did. Great job, lads.
  18. Hot damn! 13.2 is the bomb! I'll need a Linux guru to explain this. My Flash is working in Firefox 33, and I could never get past 34 on Chrome/Chromium - but now Chromium 38 is rocking the box. I still have the same crapola PC, has Linux elevated its game to snag those whose PCs are not Window$ 9 or 10 ready? Same crappy onboard graphics, I installed nothing at all into my box, but it is all working spot on. I hail openSUSE 13.2! I was seriously considering having to buy a new PC, but no need at all (for now, knock on wood). Terry, you could be right, I could be wrong - but I've read that
  19. Maybe I don't belong in this thread, but I say I do, so bollocks all you Limeys! joke, OK just a joke I also just upgraded to 13.2, and after having burned a CD to save whatever files I wanted saved - lo and behold, they were all still there anyway. And check this crazy thing out - now my Firefox plays Flash vids. Thanks, 13.2, you rule! Just to get a bit serious though, I chimed in on the thread because you mates mentioned backup apps. The only way I know to backup is to burn CDs (yes, I have nothing saved - I'm sure some of you need DVDs) to reload data after the upgrade. Strang
  20. Face it, privacy is a lost ideal. America sucks. Yes, I said it. AMERICA SUCKS!!! Now I am fully ready for the patriotic types in here to call me all kinds of slurs, and the NSA has taken notice and now "KurtBleach" is a codeword for the mainframes to monitor. I don't care. I'd wipe my :filtered: with the flag on national TV, but I can't - because I have too much respect for those who went and fought and died for what America once was. I love the American people (hell, most people) but I hate the American government.
  21. Spring chicken, ha ha! None of these lil whippersnappers would recall that term, but alas, I remember it well. Yes, Terry, I did uncheck that box, it didn't help. My PC is a geezer just like I am. It's cool. I can't gripe about the age of the PC, some of you may recall that one of my brothers gave it to me for free. Here's another old folks' term: Beggars can't be choosers.
  22. Thanks, man, I figured my machine was too old. It's a relic like me. Oh well. I guess I'll have to take the box apart again and see if there's a slot I can slap a video card into. Live and learn.
  23. That's as big as I can get it with Imageshack. All apologies. Notice the vid window. Vid only takes up the left half of the window and the colors are like something from the brown acid. What I get for the device is Mesa DRI Intel 845G x86/MMX/SSE2 and the driver is i915. I guess my machine is too old, if I dare go higher than 34 with Chromium or Chrome even a blank page has bad acid trip colors.
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