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  1. Haha, there's somebody out there who still recognizes the ancient art of sarcasm. Nice one, bonzai - but of course anyone whose av is Barearse Guy standing against the Red Star of the Temples of Syrinx in vain knows true MUSIC.
  2. OK, maybe this could be a reason for Juliet's "tumbleweeds" complaint. All I posted was the name of the most commonly worshiped deity round these parts and added an n to what you stop a river to make a lake with, and that gets filtered. Political correctness has gone way too far. It's crap. Or should I say poopy doo doo. Maybe that ain't filtered yet. Hershey Squirts. The back door trots. The (ok, I know that's filtered). I spew a healthy brown stream of stinking rectal effluvia laden moistness in the face of PC. I fart in your general direction.
  3. :filtered:, the art of sarcasm is not yet completely lost. I hail you, sir.
  4. What sort of bloody garbage is this? There's no lip syncing, no faking playing, no CD of the song playing - complete and total crap. And they didn't change clothing even once in the middle of the song while dancers danced. And where are the product placements? Not one "Do The Dew" or "i'm lovin it"? What a load of crap! GEEZER BUTLER!
  5. Completely understood, caintry, but I can't leave the PC on all the time. What if it catches on fire while I'm at work? Burn up someone with ALS or her husband that doesn't have it but moves slower cuz he's 83. can't fold, sorry.
  6. Horrible disease. Remember though, men can actually get it too. Fight breast cancer and any cancer with the vengeance, but can we also fight ALS? People can survive cancer, but if you get the ALS, you're toast.
  7. Can Rob still sing? He's got 2 b in his 60s.
  8. Guess it's not truly Friday, but it ain't Saturday until I wake up tomorrow.
  9. Sorry, Nigel. You also rock, and yes, there's nothing like vinyl.
  10. Then if u are so worried about sound quality, don't use a damn computer to record. All digital music sucks compared to the old school tape method.
  11. And that's what they are doing w/Roger, no? Still alive Rog, that is cool. So are my folks.
  12. Like Terry said, stop bloody whining. You will never get true sound without using pure old school analog reel-to-reel TAPE and then cutting vinyl. Just keep experimenting. That's the joy of Linux, so many apps and free. But if there is something superior in M$, then keep a separate Win PC for your recordings.
  13. But for "Working Man", I have never liked it with Neil. John played it, and here is John playing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oui62tAS1xE
  14. Ged Marley and the Wailers. Hail Rush! P.S. > Didn't mean to repost the vid, but I'm way rusty on message board posting etiquette, just don't do it much any more. Rush will always bring me back.
  15. Mad props to David and the Canuck. Never thought LZ could do that one live (with the army of massed guitars in studio) but they did, and you can never go wrong with the mighty Sabbath. HAIL!
  16. Hmm, I'm kind of noticing that John Lennon isn't viewed too favorably around here.
  17. Dude wasn't even the best drummer for Nirvana.
  18. Ah, you burned me, so that's what it's all aboat, eh? Canadian girls, northern pride. But the girl with the guitar needs to put on more clothes, she's nowhere near legal. End up on MTV's Teen Mom show or 16 & Pregnant with those fraying Daisy Dukes. Song was good though, better than Katy Perry or Taylor Swift or Foo Fighters.
  19. Man, I post up a PM hailing you for posting great tunes and then you have have to post this crap. I hate you now. Nah, just joking, I loved this song when I was a kid. Sucks that it's been nearly 50 years since I was a kid. Some Lennon next FNV?
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