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  1. I went into Disk Manager and formatted then removed the Leap partitions. I don't have Leap on flash drive, I burned the ISO disc and installed from it. I will try a fresh install and let you know what's up with that. I do think the signal is too weak here for running Linux. Almost as fast as Usain Bolt in Win 10. I hate this.

  2. Yes I'd like for you all to check my PC out. Ain't nothing here that Jerry Sandusky would be into or e-mails to ISIS. It is confusing all the options to choose from at boot, and if I don't press F9 quick enough, Windows boots.


    Only thing that got the wifi working was to choose a different option at boot, but it's not working now anyway - typing this on Win 10. Got through my repo installs and all but it died during Flash install.


    I'm not giving up yet, but I have done 3 clean installs and nothing changes. I can't hose the Windows, I want to dual boot until I have the Linux up and running right, then I can trash Windows.

  3. Don't know how, but I'm typing this to you all on Linux. Strange GRUB menu though. 1st option is Leap 42.1, but farther down is openSUSE 42.1(x86/64) on /dev/sda7. I choose advance options there, and get that with 4.1.whatever-kernel-default. It works, it's good.

    Now I have to remember how to kill KDE Wallet, and get my old repos back.

    Still feels real good to be running Linux again. Norton's already whacked 5 viruses on my Win 10. Screw Redmond, I'm back in Antarctica with the penguins.

  4. You're right, mate, can't throw in the towel yet. I have HP Notebook 17-x061nr.

    I can now connect to my network, but I only get one bar and can't connect to any sites. I'll try that ant_sel tweak when I have some time. Thanks, Terry.



  5. Hey guys, thanks for the help, but I guess I'm a Windows dude now. I step away from the computer for a few to go outside and have a smoke and the display goes haywire and I have to cold boot back up. Maybe my lappy is not good, but Windows does work so I guess I'm stuck with it.


    How much longer will openSUSE 13.2 have support? Maybe I could try that, but I think I'll just restore my PC to original state and go from there. Or figure out in Win how to format the Linux sub drives back to full M$.


    My lappy is good, I never got 55+ upload speed on any other box.

  6. Yes Terry, I could just copy-and-paste, but I don't know how to do that and then exit Leap and open Win 10 to post it. :)


    Sometimes the taskbar icon shows my network, other times it won't. When it does, it will show the password entry box but after trying to connect it will fail. I'll try it again and get back to the Pit with the update.


    Should I be using WPA-EAP or WPA-PSK in Yast setup. Infrastructure or Ad-hoc in NetworkManager? This is probably where I am bollocksing it up.



  7. Wow, whole lotta typing here, so here we go:


    OS is openSUSE Leap 42.1, KDE desktop.


    ifconfig -a



    Link encap: Ethernet HWaddr 70:5A:0F:9B:2DC4


    RX packets: 0 errors: 0 dropped: 0 overruns: 0 frame: 0

    TX packets: 0 " : 0 " : 0 " : 0 carrier: 0

    collisions: 0 txqueuelen: 1000

    RX bytes: 0 (0,0 B) TX bytes: 0 (0.0 B)



    Link encap: Local Loopback

    inet addr: Mask:

    inet6 addr: : : 1/128 Scope:Host

    UP LOOPBACK RUNNING MTU:65536 Metric:1

    RX packets: 12 errors: 0 dropped: 0 overruns: 0 frame: 0

    TX packets: 12 " : 0 " : 0 " : 0 carrier: 0

    collisions: 0 txqueuelen: 0

    RX bytes: 720 (720.0 B) TX bytes: 720 (720.0 B)



    same as eth0 except for HWaddr 74:DF:BF:77:38:5B


    ethtool -i wlan0

    driver: rtl8723be

    version: 4.1.12-1-default

    firmware-version: N/A


    bus-info: 0000:02:00.0

    supports-statistics: yes

    " -test : no

    " -eeprom-access: no

    " -register-dump: no

    " -priv-flags: no

  8. Hi, again. Can someone walk me through connecting w/WLAN in Leap 42? I don't understand why Win10 automatically detects the network and when I enter the passkey it gets all set up. Now I boot up and it's automatically connected.

    But in Linux I simply can't get a connection. Tried through Yast, tried through NetworkManager widget, no dice. It must be a simple mistake I'm making in the setup.

    All help is always greatly appreciated, Pit has never let me down.




    Yassir! To the best of my knowledge...

    Leap42 is a "different breed of cat" but the guys are raving about it...






    I have Leap installed on my laptop now (dual boot w/Win 10) but as usual I can't get the WLAN to work. Don't know why it was simple in Win but a pain in Linux. I want to get rid of Win but for now I need it.

  10. Prayers and hope to Roger and to Tom and his wife. Yes, prayers. Ole Kurt's been going to church Sunday mornings since I moved to Philly. God does work in mysterious ways. I wish youze only the best. (Yes, used to say y'alls, but youze is Philly-style.) :)

  11. I'd just put my old openSUSE 13.2 DVD ISO into this laptop and try to get back to Linux but I'm afraid this Win 10 machine would get hosed like my old one. No Ethernet cable here, only Wifi. Built into lappy.

  12. Why? Too many reasons. I'm running a Win 10 laptop now because I can't get the old PC to run Linux in WiFi through the dongle. Lappy works but I hate it. And of course I need antivirus now. Printer worked just fine in openSUSE. Windows won't recognize it.

    I miss Linux already.

  13. Damn, I was ready 2 call BS on this Steve Hill one man thing, but he has a snare set up next to his kick drum and kicks that? Amazing. And here's another great Canadian blues dude, 2 bad he's gone.


  14. PCMajic cures all problems associated with internet connections. Only $29.99 a year!

    Hey, it's really not a bad deal. Morons need help, and if help comes with a price, at least it's help. And 29.99 a year is less than a penny a day. Can't expect Katycats and Beliebers 2 know about Linux. Tux is the MAN. Or is it a girl? Tux is sort of androgynous.

    Rob, I appreciate you and I will always be indebted to the Pitsters for their help, but if tons of threads are about PCMatic not working, tweak it up so it works.

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