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  1. Thank you all for your replies.


    adam22: I honestly never made it to the partitioning part. However, when I ran the firmware test on the SUSE disc, it showed 2 fails - HPET config failed, and BIOS does not support EDD. I'm certainly light-years away from geekhood, but could I be correct to assume that these faults caused the SUSE disc to overwrite my Windows partition?


    Bruce: My PC now is not a tower PC (and here I must again express my gratitude for the time you were so gracious as to call me at my old residence and talk me through installing more RAM and, I think, a sound card). This PC is a COMPAQ Evo, it's a little thing smaller than a VCR. I'm not even sure I have an ethernet card. The network connection options the SUSE disc gives me are as follows - eth0: Intel 82801DB PRO/100 VM (LOM) Ethernet Controller, and wlan0: ZyXEL G-220 (the dongle - funny word).


    Here's the deal. My PC is not at all directly cabled to the router. I won't go into the boring details (I'll just quote Cheech and Chong and say things are tough all over), but I had to move out of my old crib and now just rent a room. The router is in the dining room of the house (ESSID and WPA2 key are indeed on the side of it - thanks, Adam) and the only cable to my room goes to the set-top box connected to my TV. Evidently the dongle receives from the router and sends to the ethernet controller, which is how I was able to go online. The PC was a gift from my brother, who once he found out I was getting FIOS came to my place (ha freakin ha) and set the whole thing up, since I was at work at the time. So, obviously, I have no clue of why it's set up like this.


    So, to sum it all up, my Penguin amigos - if the kernel cannot recognize my wireless connection, I have no choice but to donate 200-some dollars to Mr. Gates at his beautiful mansion in Redmond (since both Best Buy and Staples only carry Windows 7), unless I can luck into some local mom-and-pop place or local lone wolf computer person who can actually sell me the real physical SUSE installation discs. Somewhere in the original thread where I first posted (I can't find it) someone posted that if I actually had SUSE installed there's a command that I could use to load the ZYXEL driver and get connected.


    OK, that's it, thanks again to all. I tried to come back to Linux, but I guess it just ain't happening.




    P.S. @ adam22 - Open your mind? New Jersey? You wouldn't happen to be a DJ at TSR, would you?

  2. I'm trying to install openSUSE 12.1 via network from an ISO disk (32-bit, i586). I don't know how Windows got wasted because I never got to YaST or GRUB, it just died.


    The kernel seems to recognize my ethernet card, but I don't know the info to fill in under "enter your search domains" and "enter IP address of HTTP server".

  3. Hello, all.

    I also find myself locked out of SUSE. I'm trying to get back into Linux Land, but since I now have a PC for the first time since 2007, please try to forgive me for total n00bage. :)

    Here's the situation: I'm trying to install openSUSE 12.1 on my PC from an ISO disk I seem to have successfully burned (ran checksum on d/l, verified "no errors" through SUSE installer). Sadly, since I didn't have some of the answers for certain prompts, all I did was fry my Windows. (I know, maybe no great loss, but sucks for now with no PC at all).

    Here's the questions:

    1. My PC is not directly connected to the internet (Verizon FIOS), I have a zyXEL wireless USB gadget. Do I choose it or my eth0 card for my connection? If I choose the wireless, it says the kernel does not recognize my card, but maybe it's because I didn't enter the right info, which leads to question...


    2. What on Earth are an ESSID and a WPA key? I know my xyXEL device was called PQBTL before I whacked Windows, and there is another 16-character alphanumeric code. Could these be it (and is the 16-character one hex or passphrase)?


    3. I know what was my IP address for my PC and its gateway, but I am clueless as to what to enter when prompted for a) "enter your search domains separated by spaces", and B) "enter the IP address of the HTTP server". Sometimes it comes up automatically as downloads.opensuse.org, but if I press OK it says "invalid input". Does anyone know the correct IP I should enter? Then, is the correct directory "/distribution/12.1/repo/oss/"?


    OK, I apologize for being so needy, but it has been five years. Linux people rock - I'm sure there's someone here who can help me get my SUSE on and start flying my Penguin flag again.





    P.S. That smiley with the shades on came up when I tried to type b parenthesis. Man, I am lost. :mrgreen:

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