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    Locked out

    Thank you all for your replies. adam22: I honestly never made it to the partitioning part. However, when I ran the firmware test on the SUSE disc, it showed 2 fails - HPET config failed, and BIOS does not support EDD. I'm certainly light-years away from geekhood, but could I be correct to assume that these faults caused the SUSE disc to overwrite my Windows partition? Bruce: My PC now is not a tower PC (and here I must again express my gratitude for the time you were so gracious as to call me at my old residence and talk me through installing more RAM and, I think, a sound card). Thi
  2. KurtBleach

    Locked out

    I'm trying to install openSUSE 12.1 via network from an ISO disk (32-bit, i586). I don't know how Windows got wasted because I never got to YaST or GRUB, it just died. The kernel seems to recognize my ethernet card, but I don't know the info to fill in under "enter your search domains" and "enter IP address of HTTP server".
  3. KurtBleach

    Locked out

    Hello, all. I also find myself locked out of SUSE. I'm trying to get back into Linux Land, but since I now have a PC for the first time since 2007, please try to forgive me for total n00bage. Here's the situation: I'm trying to install openSUSE 12.1 on my PC from an ISO disk I seem to have successfully burned (ran checksum on d/l, verified "no errors" through SUSE installer). Sadly, since I didn't have some of the answers for certain prompts, all I did was fry my Windows. (I know, maybe no great loss, but sucks for now with no PC at all). Here's the questions: 1. My PC is not directly
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