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  1. Yo Bruce. Good to see you doing OK.
  2. Roger won't ever be forgotten here.
  3. Thanks, people. Hope all is cool with you. I do know about Roger, that caintry boy was one cool dude. Thanks for all your help over the years.
  4. This one is for my Canuck Pit bud, but good music belongs to everyone. Enjoy:
  5. Seriously man, if the toes are getting to be a threat, you might consider getting the feet amputated. My dad had toe problems and by the time the quack he was going to got done with him, his whole legs were seeping fluids. It's up to you, sir. What is more important - life or feet? If I know you at all, I know you choose life. Good luck caintry, always hope the best for ya.
  6. It's not Linux's fault, it's just that Windows is the 90% and Linux is like 1% and many, many distros. Plus my landlord only has cable, not the fiber optics good stuff.
  7. Figured I'd respond just so you don't think I'm ignoring you (yes, maybe I'm getting paranoid in my old age) I did try one last clean install of Leap. It told me it had to delete Windows. OK, go for it! But it took so long for the updates to run that I went forget it. Thanks for all you've done for me. Who knows where I'll be living next year? If I have a cabled connection to a router some time again I'll definitely go back to Linux. But for now it's the if it ain't broke don't fix it path for me. Man, I went and took a mighty crap last time and when I got done zypper was still on 9 o
  8. For real, it's over. I give you many thanks for all your assistance. I must give Nigel a shout out, and Bruce who first turned me on to Linux back in the day. I do the things that are suggested but it never works. I always get that message (a, r, i) because the connection craps out in the middle of any update I try. Enough is enough. Maybe this laptop hates Linux. F it then. I'll run Win 10 on this, maybe I'll buy another one someday to try Leap on, but no more on this one. Thanks, Terry, you're always spot on. Must be my lappy or the Wifi here that defeats me. Peace.
  9. OK, I did enlarge / through a clean install. But now I can't get over 50% signal no matter what I try. I paid for Norton, guess it's Win 10 and Norton for me. I've followed every tip you've given me. Don't know why I can't fix this.
  10. It's cool, no rush. I'm busy with life things now, starting new job Monday, gotta get up before 9 tomorrow to get car inspected (PA sucks, car was good til 2020 in NJ). I miss the Disks app that I had before the update I did. At least I have Linux up now, I can print (got my Flyers sked up on the wall), and I've still got Windows if I need to use it. All is cool so far, I'll check back in to see your plan some time later. Maybe I can fix things on my own, but I'll wait for your guidance. Spot-on Terry should be your name.
  11. Can't upload screenshot, I've gotta type again. /dev/sda 931,51 GiB /dev/sda1 260.00 MiB EFI Boot FAT /boot/efi /dev/sda2 16.00 MiB Microsoft reserved /dev/sda3 343.49 GiB HPFS/NTFS NTFS WINDOWS /run/media/paulhut1964 /dev/sda4 980.00 MiB " " Windows RE Tools /dev/sda5 15.65 GiB " " RECOVERY /dev/sda6 2.00 GiB Linux swap swap swap /dev/sda7 10.00 GiB Linux native
  12. OK, copied my /home/paulhut1964 over to Windows, but the rest of that is beyond my level of savvy. I need more step-by-step.
  13. Can't expand the root. Max size allowed in expert partitions or partitioner through YaST is 10 GB. My /home is well over 500 GB with nothing on it. I did do 2 fresh installs without telling you. First time I did zypper -v up the connection died in the middle of it. 2nd time it finished but then there was no room on / to install anything. Then I deleted stuff and killed NetworkManager somehow. I think the errors are making /tmp humongous, so I open terminal and do rm -rf /tmp/* before every shutdown. I'll just delete any games I don't use and Marble globe and hope for the best. I delete
  14. Maybe I'll need to start a new thread. Wifi is cool. The errors messages are in Leap, they look like this: http://i.stack.imgur.com/cozbu.jpg Also need to know what is safe to delete from system, as my / partition is 97% full. Do I need perl, python, samba and things like that?
  15. P.S.> My router is "Nunzio", it's got the 70/70. No problem accessing Windows through Leap after disabling Fast Startup. Still getting those strings of errors on shutdown, but I've read it might be just something minor. Thanks again. http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/5592857245"><imgsrc="http://www.speedtest.net/result/5592857245.png>
  16. [email protected]:~> sudo modprobe -v rtl8723be ant_sel=2 root's password: [email protected]:~> sudo iwlist wlan0 scan | egrep "SSID|level" Quality=70/70 Signal level=-24 dBm ESSID:"Nunzio" Quality=70/70 Signal level=-26 dBm ESSID:"" Quality=34/70 Signal level=-76 dBm ESSID:"" Quality=70/70 Signal level=-28 dBm ESSID:"" Quality=36/70 Signal level=-74 dBm ESSID:"HOME-4A2D"
  17. [email protected]:~> sudo iwlist wlan0 scan | egrep "SSID|level" Quality=44/70 Signal level=-66 dBm ESSID:"Nunzio" Quality=44/70 Signal level=-66 dBm ESSID:"" Quality=42/70 Signal level=-68 dBm ESSID:"" Quality=44/70 Signal level=-66 dBm ESSID:"xfinitywifi" [email protected]:~> sudo modprobe -v rtl8723be ant_sel=1 [email protected]:~> sudo iwlist wlan0 scan | egrep "SSID|level" Quality
  18. Still not great. 7.85 up, 2 something down. But it is progress, eh?
  19. OK, T, my cooler head is prevailing right now, so we'll take this step-by-step. The reason I reinstalled Win was because you should be able to access the Win partition through Linux if you run as root. This is the message I get: An error occurred while accessing 'WINDOWS', the system responded: The requested operation has failed: Error mounting /dev/sda3 at /run/media/paulhut1964/WINDOWS: Command-line `mount -t "ntfs" -o "uhelper=udisks2,nodev,nosuid,uid=1000,gid=100" "/dev/sda3" "/run/media/paulhut1964/WINDOWS"' exited with non-zero exit status 14: Windows is hibernated, refused to mount
  20. It is all bloody wack. I went to reinstall Leap and the only partitioning option now is to whack the Windows drive. Now I will re-install Windows with the USB backup I made and start over from jump. Wifi has been the main problem, but I've also had freezes and display glitches. And I couldn't do what you told me to in post #25 because the file wouldn't make, just error messages. I'm starting over from scratch, wish me luck.
  21. Thank you for all your help, but Linux is banished from this machine. Too much hassle. I've followed directions from the Pit to the T, just ain't happening. Maybe HP and Linux don't mix. Maybe Leap 42 is buggy. Maybe it's just me. I need this laptop to find my way around. Stranger in a strange city right now. The Windows works for now. I hate it (and needing Norton), but it is what it is for now. If I get back on my feet a bit, maybe I buy another lappy & whack Windows from it and just run Linux. But this dual boot is not working for me.
  22. I did add the file. Tried both ant_sel=2 & =1. Also, when I reboot or shut down there's a whole string of lines going by saying something like pcieport Receiver Error. Goes by too quick for me to follow.
  23. Hovering between 50-56% signal with 72.2 MBit/s speed. Have to bring lappy into living room to connect. Could be better, but WTH, I am running Linux, so thank you. Edit: Nope, I need more tweak help. In Windows I'm getting 55 MB down and 15 up on Ookla Speedtest. Leap can't reach 5/1.
  24. Looks like clean install has done the trick. Terry, thanks again. I just had to go F10 and change up the boot order to GRUB. I'll worry about boosting the signal at some other time, right now it's good enough for me. Peace.
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