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  1. XP first. Tried installing from your link but got Microsoft message saying download was incompatible with current installation. According to Add/Remove Programs, I currently have installed .Net framework 1.1; 2 (Service Pack 2); 3.0 (Service Pack 2); 3.5 (SP1); 4 (Client Profile) and 4 (Extended). They all show up in the Windows Registry but PC Magnum still says that .Net is not installed. Windows 7. Tried disabling KIS but it made no difference. When I delved into the Application Control section of KIS it showed PC Magnum as "Trusted" with full Internet permissions. By the way, I ha
  2. Hi. Thanks for getting back to me. I have followed your advice and now recognise that I did not correctly report the problems yesterday. In Windows 7, it is as I said before, PC Magnum loads and scans and then a screen appears which says that "PC Magnum is loading" and the program hangs. It does the same in Windows Safe Mode With Networking and I have checked and my firewall (Kaspersky Internet Security) is giving permission for PC Magnum to access the Internet. In Windows XP Professional, the program will not install. It says that .Net is not installed. But Windows Update has instal
  3. I've been attempting to run the PC Magnum free scan (try before buying). It appears to scan then shows a screen saying PC Magnum is loading at which point it hangs. The only way to close it down is using Task Manager. My Operating System is Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. I can also dual boot into Windows XP Professional where the problem is the same. PC Magnum works correctly in the XP Virtual Machine but I'm not going to purchase a product that only runs in the Virtual Machine. Any Suggestions?
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