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  1. 1) I did find that modus for Uninstalling IE9 but I did not notice a means of then Reinstalling it as you advised me earlier. Will I be able to do that and HOW. 2) I do have the KB2675157 Windows Update installed successfully. 3) As related I provided Screen Shots to MSN Tech and they diagnosed the problem as msthml.dll but then they bucked me back to Microsoft Tech for help dealing with that problem. 4) The mshtml.dll problem confirmed here are other Error Messages I've received: 0x64c2e670 referenced memory at 0x0000000 The memor could not be read. Click OK to terminate the pro
  2. Would have wished to provide the Screen Shots of the Errors and thought I could move the icons on here to that end but that doesn't seem to work cause they simply open up when I attempt to do that. Is there another way I can provide the Error messages to you here? I thought i might be able to copy and paste the Text but that's not possible from a Screen Shot either it seems. ?????
  3. I believe you have pinpointed the problem as resident in IE 9. I do indeed have the KB2675157 installed but what I can do further with that I have no idea. I believe IE9 is the problem because I cannot even get it to open as Internet Connection nor have I been able to find it in the Programs listed for Installation/Uninstallation so that I could follow your directive and Uninstall and then Reinstall. I Downloaded IE 9 from the Microsoft Site but I was unable to install it because I got a message saying that the version already installed is a Newer version. I have always used MSN Explorer inste
  4. As related I provided Screen Shots to MSN Tech Support and they diagnosed the mshtml.dll problem immediately. Going online to research the problem I discovered as I've related that it is quite common with the Win7 IE9 configuration. I just tried a File Recovery but it could not locate the File which would lead me to suspect that it may have been corrupted or deleted by another program. So the question becomes How to restore the mshtml.dll file. A regular File Search result was similar suggesting that the file had either been removed or was corrupted. It's a crucial file for working Online. MSN
  5. I'm having a problem with mshtml.dll on my Dell Inspiron PC with IE 9. I'm using MSN as my browser and contacted their Tech Support which correctly diagnosed the problem from Screen Shots I provided of the usual Error notices, 'We're sorry but we must close your program...' or 'Out of Memory at Line whatever', etc. etc. BUT then they bucked me off to the MS Windows Techs and I didn't get very far with them either. Am I the only one who feels outraged that these people want to sell us products but after we fork over the bucks they hang us out to dry? PLEASE get back to me with as simple a fix
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