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  1. thanks for the good responses. Turns out the answer was in the question. I've just realised I've been going round telling people I've got 1GB of RAM. The machine was actually meant to have 2GB, so sometime in the last couple of months it must've blown. Windows control panel now tells me I only have 1GB. I'm kicking myself for not spotting it sooner! wish there'd been some warning from windows. oh well. hope this might help someone else....
  2. Oh, I thought this would show in my sig: Packard Bell EasyNote MH36 1.66GHz 1GB RAM 320GB HD Vista Home Basic SP2 32Bit Microsoft Security Essentials
  3. Hi all, does anyone have any ideas about this? I've had this laptop for around 4 years and it's been great. In the last 6 months or so it's been slowing down and the fan has been racing like mad. I noticed the disk was nearing capacity. About 2 weeks ago I convinced myself I had a trojan, so I took backups, cleared the disk and 'restored' Vista to its factory state and started from scratch. I also opened the case and removed a LOAD of guff from the heatsink, which made me feel very pleased with myself. So in my mind, the computer's performance should be back to how it was on the day
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