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  1. Well that helps. Pc-Cillin is running but it is an older version and won't update this last week. Their website says I need to upgrade but their upgrade won't install with error "Zonealarm components found. Must be removed to complete install. Remove? yes no" And as noted ZA says its upgrade is incompatible with PcCillin. I can wait on the ZA upgrade. I guess I can uninstall ZA , upgrade Pc-Cillin and try to reinstall ZA. A bit of a pain though.
  2. Well I have ZA Pro and PC-Cillin but they seem to be at war. ZA -Pro won't upgrade because of PC-Cillin and Pc-Cillin won't upgrade because with ZA in stalled. They both say contact the other one for a patch. Makes me think they are at war with one another. I looked at AVG for networks but I'm not sure how their network product is. I like the single install I have. Won't go back to McAfee and Norton sucks up too many resources. Any one else with any thoughts.
  3. Anyone had any experience with this product, seen any reviews on it?
  4. So far the only conservative response I have heard was that "the video was cut and edited to make Bush sound bad " (Duh) and that the bit where Moore tries to get congressman to "pledge their children will sign up for the Army and volunteer for Iraq was edited to remove one congressman saying that his nephew was in the army and was going to Afghanistan". That congressman was apparently confused because his nephew was in the Army but not going to Afghanistan. I guess that the movie doesn't reveal anything than could be refuted. I am sure they can get Chaney to use the F word some more though.
  5. Dave - My money is that they will fly to Iraq. As for giving Germany and a pat on the back. I don't think that is necessary but there is surely no disagreeing that after WWII billions were spent in Italy, Germany and Japan to repair their economies and governments. As a result they have grown to be powerful allies and democracies. As opposed to WWI where the goal was to drive their economy into the ground and keep them from rebuilding militarily. This is a different approach to the vanquished than had been taken in modern history. As a result there appears to be a new level of civility, peace and cooperation than had existed previously after wars.
  6. Yes the draft is next. The guard and reserves are maxed out. Air Force recruitment is 20% below quota. The pentagon has instituted a stop loss policy which means that you cannot leave the theater or the military if you are presently deployed in theater or soon to be deployed to the theater of operations. All the politicians say we can't leave but I don't know who they think will be there to fight between the wounded and dead. Seems like the only option is the draft.
  7. You mean this Savings and Loan Bankruptcy
  8. Eze16 I trust you are not referring to me when you say "Country". If you are I would caution you not to put words in my mouth. Whether you are or not I would encourage you to review the rules regarding personal attacks. Thank You.
  9. I have relatives that do business in Taiwan and China. China has very little of a Stalinist style communist society. There is little left of a command type economy. The government pays lip service to Mao but the economy is mostly capitalist with a oligarchic government. There is little social support, free food, free medicine etc. People in Taiwan fear China and rightly so. Look at the Hong Kong experience. Hong Kong had a "stable community" but China decided to stabilize it further by limiting elections, and the actions of the elected govt. I still want to know a model of govt that requires that your every behavior be dictated "for the good of the people". And know one say Bush. "mother feeds the bird first then let them think about flying away " This is insulting to humans as a species. This isn't an issue of raising people to govern themselves. If it were Hong Kong and Taiwan should surely prove that the lesson doesn't take 50 years. Besides the saying should be "mother feeds the bird first then lets them fly away " It seems to me there is ample evidence that the birds have been trying to fly away and the mother kills them.
  10. Can one retire from communism? Isn't that like retiring from Christianity or Mohammedanism?
  11. Old Europe? You have to be kidding. Rumfield is an expert and he could not have been more clear with regard to the disdain (or perhaps given that it is old Europe disDane) that is felt for the EU.
  12. New China Military Policy China's concern about the US policy (attack when threatened), the swift conquest of Iraq, continuing tensions over Taiwan, and general fear of the US is apparently prompting a new arms race in China. They want to modernize and emphasize stealth and long range missiles to keep the US from attacking or to adequately defend when we attack. Sort of sounds like the Soviet arms race to me. Reagan spent billions claiming we were inadequately protected from the Soviet threat. As we spent billions the Soviets tried to keep up and couldn't precipitating the demise of the Soviet Union. I guess this will mean that we will have to again spend billions to stay ahead of China. Coupled with the Billions in Iraq this is all starting to sound frighteningly like the Soviet Unions experience in Afghanistan while playing keep up in the arms race with the US. I guess we will continue to reap the rewards of Bush's Iraq war well into the future.
  13. Congratulations Shogan!
  14. I think it would be best if you called your bank and got this issue resolved.
  15. Well we do know that Bush planned a war around what appears to be a double agent that had repeatedly been discredited by or had suspicions raised about by the CIA. We do know that instead of having fun with an Intern Bush was out playing on his ranch when the terrorists were buying plane tickets. We do know that Bush approved the disregarding of the Geneva Convention. We do know that oil and gas prices are up. We do know that Bush has spent us into a huge deficit hole which he does not want to begin to dig us out of. We do know that Bush flip flops. Perhaps if Bush were in the White House more and working some things would not be this bad. We do know that he has recently been found guilty of a crime. Of course I recognize that given his work history things might be even worse. I guess we should have known that somebody that can't show up for Guard duty couldn't be bothered with working as Commander and Chief either.
  16. I wouldn't call the Iraqi thing frivolous. I don't think Canada can be blamed for having the good sense to stay out of a war that shouldn't have happened and that we will soon abandon. Whether we leave sooner or latter we leave the world more dangerous and less stable with more terrorists rather than less.
  17. I don't believe that was Kd5's characterization Monica that was someone else's.
  18. That would be an interesting speech and one Bush could deliver. It is factually inaccurate. The Iraq war has cost 150 billion so far with no end in sight. The figures I found show the US is spending about 10% of that amount on foreign Aid. Now I know Bush isn't good with math and doesn't recognize that it will take 10 years to spend as much on foreign aid as on Iraq but some 3rd graders will figure it out. Foreign Aid
  19. I suspect that most people living in the US would prefer to live here than some other country even though there are many problems with the government and social justice system. As for "9/11 - Insufficient intelligence to get Rice/Bush to do precautionary measures. (Not to say it could have been stopped, but why do nothing?) WMD - Our intelligence said they were there, and were also imminently deployable. We could not have been further from the truth. Iraqi sentiment - Our intelligence indicated that once we took over Baghdad, the Iraqi army would lay down their arms, and the Iraqi people would welcome us with open arms. We would not be in the current predicament if we could have read better the reaction of the Iraqi people." 9/11 There is no evidence to think that Bush/Rice would have acted no matter how much intelligence information they had. They already had a memo that said Al Quieda was going to strike in the US. Their reaction was to discontinue daily meetings on the subject and to "not waste time swatting at flies". This does not represent an intelligence failure it represents a management failure. WMD- As I understood the testimony the preponderance of the evidence was that there was no evidence of current active WMD development. Evidence to the contrary was developed by Rumfield's DOD relying upon 1 source "curveball" that was described as unreliable by CIA. Those who have developed code words for projects or agents and know baseball must appreciate the appropriateness of this source's name. My point is this doesn't seem like an intelligence gathering/analysis failure it looks like a failure of civilian leadership to use information available. Actually it looks like civilian leadership used the information it wanted for its own purposes based upon preconceived notions/biases. (Something I was taught to avoid in management courses. Maybe they were drunk or something on that day in class.) Iraqi Sentiment- We heard the testimony before the invasion that we needed more troops and that civil war could break out. The people testifying before congress before the war said that we might be welcomed for 2 or 3 months but that would be it. The administrations approach was to have those military personnel retire. Much of the Iraqis will help intelligence is also attributed to "curveball". Again this is not a case of weak intelligence it is a case of improper use of available information. Now I fully agree that more intelligence in all of these cases would have been desirable. I do not know and I personally doubt if it would have made any difference in the administrations goal. I would also agree that more intelligence would help with the terrorist issues we are facing but terrorist cells are by nature small and secretive. This is not like the old soviet union days when if you could trace somebody back to the soviet union or a soviet block state you could put them on the hot list. This is about a stateless religion and a radical element within that religion. Unlike Christianity where there are relatively few radical groups there appear to be hundreds or 1000s of radical cells. I think we need to continue to seek intelligence but I also think that this is a much more difficult intelligence operations to address than the Soviet Union was.
  20. It seems Bush's former Federal Appellate Court Judge Nominee and present counsel advised that the Geneva Convention is obsolete and cleared physical torture as appropriate. Bush's Counsel Endorses Torture
  21. Stop the personal insults and attacks now.
  22. Name calling is unacceptable. Telling people that they should leave their inappropriate. But none of that should give license to people making snide comments to fan the flames of anger
  23. Nice montage but I don't think it helps much. I disagree with the 2 endpoints and foreigners may not recognize the pictures or their significance. The extreme liberal is a movie producer. What about him is liberal. The extreme conservative is a Christian evangelical that is proposing the radical (read liberal) position that the US was founded by Christians and needs to move back toward its Christian foundation by praying for the deaths of some judges and politicians. In addition he is advocating the revision of history to support his views. I can't imagine a much more liberal approach than to revise history to make opinions fit reality.
  24. It appears that the pentagon has disputed the New Yorker article about Rumfield. Pentagon Denies Rumfield The article implicating Rumfield makes it clear that Rumfield directed that physical torture in violation of the Geneva convention is authorized. If this is true I shudder to think how damaging this could be. When Rumfield and Bush were suspected of culpable negligence you could have some sympathy for them. But this is what Nuremberg was about (if true). I guess violations can still be hanged? As a conservative I am certainly in support of a prompt trial with the harshest possible punishment. I hate to think it might be against members of the US government.
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