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  1. A sales tax would have to be paid at each transaction not by the end user. If not you would find that the wealthy would pay less than the 23% sales tax all of the time. They would open some little business like a pulp tree farm with 1 tree on it and then buy cars computers, office furniture lunches for their family that help in the business all tax exempt because it is part of the business. Nope. The only way it can work is for everyone to pay all of the time at each transaction period. No exceptions.
  2. I think that switching from an income tax to a consumption tax is not a good economic move. Obviously people will still buy food and utilities because they are needed to live but buying durable goods, clothing, and other purchases will be put off or halted completely. A sudden change in purchasing habits in a country whose economy is based upon producing and selling consumer goods will devastate the remaining industry and increase the pressure to lower costs on goods. Lower costs good will only come from imported goods due to the labor and production costs overseas.
  3. Just glad it seems to be fixed. BTW Spybot & Adaware are probably the best spyware tools. A lot of the other things aren't real good and some are even bad.
  4. The Dimension 8300 looks like a conventional case design. I wish I could see how it opens. Anyway if not cooling I am not sure what to suggest. Please let us know if they change the HD and if that fixes it.
  5. Your test results look OK to me. What model Dell is this? Just curious.
  6. No one needs to take anything personal. Lets get Bethany fixed and then we can figure out if there were more smileys needed in our posts.
  7. PeoplePal is a helper toolbar and combination Adware. You probably need it gone soon. Not sure that is the problem though.
  8. Bethany- I agree with CC you are not stupid. Be patient. We will get this resolved (well probably). We need the link and not the screen shot because we have to use the links on your results page to link to other data not just your summary data.
  9. Please don't post a screen shot of your test results they contain information that should not be publicly available. Please follow Joe C's link here http://pcpitstop.ibforums.com/html/helpfiles/techexphelp.htm It explains how to post your results. I didn't see anyone being made fun of. I have seen joke messages that say Catastrophic failure. They would not show up as a virus. I don't know that that is what is going on here but lets no one jump the gun.
  10. You know if they are going to install a new HD all the stuff on the old one will be lost. You better start burning the stuff to a CD if you want it.
  11. Opening the case shouldn't void the warranty. If leaving the case open solves the problem then it is a heat problem. Post back and we can then figure out why you have a heat problem.
  12. All computer parts break early or don't wear out for years. So having it a few months doesn't rule out a bad HD. Most common cause of freezing is overheating. Try running it without the cover on. If doesn't freeze it is likely a cooling problem. Run a pitstop test and post the results.
  13. You have to wait at least 1 second or less.
  14. I am pretty sure it is fried but thermal paste is going to cost $6 or so a new CPU is between $50 & 150 depending upon how old. If you buy arctic silver you can always use it on the new CPU. I would be more concerned about multiple beeps than no beeps. No beeps may mean the little speaker thing isn't on the MoBo. Connect it & tun it on. the only way to find out. Like I said you may need to clear the CMOS
  15. If you mean Paste or pad then paste is best. Arctic silver is probably the best of the available pastes. If you mean what CPU to install it depends upon the MoBo.
  16. If you have upgraded the drivers and that didn't help, you changed software settings in the Vid software to maximize speed instead of quality but this didn't get your score numbers to desired range then I would suggest you check your BIOS settings. Make sure that AGP setting is set to the maximum supported by your card, that Video Bios shadow is set to off and stuff like that.
  17. Wish I could have been of more help. Have you tried different Vid Card drivers? Someone might come along with a better idea.
  18. I guess the next thing you need to do establish that you have an Ultra card. You might want to look at the card and check the model number.
  19. I doubt the test would recognize an "Ultra" card from any other 5900. I don't know that that is true but thats what I suspect. I haven't seen any tested that show up as Ultra's. As for the low score rerun the test with lower resolution like 600 x 800 and I suspect the score will go way up. Running such I resolution takes more power and makes the test results appear slower.
  20. I don't know your MoBo but 1 beep is usually everything is fine more than 1 is an error & what the error is. Some boards now have LEDS instead of beeps. You really need to look at the MoBo manual. You may need to clear the CMOS after a heat related failure so it is possible the CPU isn't fried but I wouldn't bet that way.
  21. Yes alcohol on both the heatsink and the CPU. Don't drown it just enough to clean it. Make sure it is dry before you try to start it but that is seldom a problem. I don't use Intel so I don't have any Intel links but I suspect it would be Intel.com under install. Intels run cooler but an AMD will fry in about 5 seconds. I would suspect the chip is fried. Do you get beep codes when you try to start? Is the beep code "no CPU installed"?
  22. Yes clean the surfaces with alcohol, apply 2 drops to the CPU level it by dragging a credit card across the top. The layer should be the thickness of a hair but should cover the CPU. Put on heatsink, put on spring. The AMD (& I think Intel does too) site have pictures about installing the CPU spring.
  23. The thermal paste or pad is not designed to hold the heatsink on the CPU. If the chip isn't fried you will have to get that spring clip back on because you have to have constant and uniform pressure on the CPU from the heatsink surface.
  24. If the heat sink came off of the CPU the CPU probably melted down. Some MoBos will turn off the CPU as the heat rises but I don't think that that they can react as fast as heat builds up in the CPU. Anyway you need thermal paste or a thermal pad. Clean the surfaces of the CPU and the heat sink apply pad or paste. (If paste you only need about 2 drops) Smear out the paste thin put heat sink on. The heat sink on a CPU anchors to the MoBo so if it fell off you need to figure out how it unsnapped from the MoBo. Post back.
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