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  1. Jeff, I have done all the clean ups and additions you have recommended. Thanks very much for all your help and expertise. I would never have been able to fix this by myself. I truly appreciate it. Cheers and have a good one!!! Greg
  2. Quite well in fact. Much faster. Do you see anything else that needs addressing?
  3. Hi Jeff Attached is the latest Combofix log.. Combofixlog8.txt
  4. Hi Jeff, attached is the ESET results. So far so good!!!! It did detect 7 threats........... ESETScan.txt
  5. Hi Jeff, Well I am writing this on the machine in question!!!!! YAY!!! Where do we go now? What Anti-virus program should I have engaged? MSSE? or Malwarebytes?
  6. Hi Jeff, Sorry about the delay. I will install and run Repair AIO as requested. Thanks for sticking w/me!!! Regards
  7. El Problemo, machine doesn't see the wire connection either...........lights flash at plug-in but no recognition of connection. All connections in Control Panel>Network Connections are gone and I am unable to create any new ones
  8. Ok, reboot w/router shutdown was not sucessful. It seems the machine can no longer "see" the wireles lan card. I can try to wire connect to the router if you think that might work......???
  9. Hi Jeff IPCONFIG/RELEASE resulted in "No operation can be performed on Wireless Network Connection while it has it's media disconnected". IPCONFIG/FLUSHDNS resulted in "Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache" IPCONFIG/RENEW resulted in "No operation can be performed on Wireless Network Connection while it has it's media disconnected". Reboot resulted in no apparent change in Connectivity, Sound/Volume or Firewall engagement.
  10. Ok, Malwarebyte identified probs removed/fixed log attached. FSS run and log attached.........more progress!! FSS.txt 1mbam-log-2012-04-17 (13-37-57).txt
  11. Hi Again, Installed and ran quick scan with malwarebytes, log attached. Feels like progress!!!! Greg mbam-log-2012-04-17 (13-44-37).txt
  12. Hi Jeff, The machine still is unable to connect to the internet. So an online scan and update of malwarebytes is impossible unless I can restore the internet connection.......any ideas? I will install the malwarebytes from a flash drive. Thanks Greg
  13. Hi Jeff, Here is the latest Combofix log...........cheers!! Combofixlog7.txt
  14. Ok Jeff, Here is the latest Combofix log. Thanks!!! Combofixlog6.txt
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