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  1. used TFC.exe to wipe temp files used MBAM to rescan and repair selected (reported TDSS.c and JS/Obfuscated Object) used AVG to full scan and rootkit scan one more time used TDSS Killer (reported Rootkit.Boot.Pihar.b Harddisk0DR0) While running TDSS killer, got an AVG pop-up warning that 2 more Blackhole exploit attempts were coming in but were blocked (type 2130 AND 1889) One said it was from greatpethealth.com/.......etc and the other from IP I am assuming this was from some component of a trojan virus trying to reach out through svchost.exe to bring some mor
  2. Hi everyone, rookie on the forum, but I promise to read and write clearly and follow directions Co-worker got this notification from AVG yesterday, and today I also ran the AVG rootkit scan and it picked up "IRP Hook" cannot remove object is hidden. I would like to thoroughly analyze the computer for these issues and any other potential virus/malware. Anyone want to walk me through it step by step? Let me know what information you want to get started! Thanks! -Justin
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