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  1. Hi there is a lot of talk about Google getting, holding and using our information. Is this true, is it a threat and does PC Matic protect against resulting malware? Thanks Daniel
  2. Hi when I open PMatic I see 5 PC's/Laptops listed but it is difficult to now which one refers to which specific PC etc. How do I change the name shown in the opening screen to one I can identify with. Thanks Daniel
  3. Hi, I'm sure this has been covered before but I cannot find a "search forum" link. I have Outlook 2007 and I access emails on the Web through Chrome browser. Does Super Shield do real-time scanning on both, in short, am I protected. Thanks Daniel
  4. Apologies for the late reply, you know how it is, "post when you have a problem, stay away when it is fixed" It is fixed!! Thanks and regards and Happy 2019 Daniel
  5. Hi If I install through Playstore can I register kit on my phone? I have no idea how to install it on my phone through my PC. Cheers Daniel
  6. Hi where do I get PC Matic for Android and how much does it cost. Can I use one of my Evergreen licences for it. Thanks Daniel
  7. Hi the panel was only showing four PC's but now that I have logged onto another PC I see that one of my PC's was listed twice and I have now removed one of the two, hope it was the correct one. Regards Daniel
  8. Hi when I fire up PCMatic evergreen with SS the dashboard shows 5 of 5 Licensed but I only have four PCs and only 4 are named. How do I refresh the list? Thanks Daniel
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