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  1. Test Results Link: http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=24778117 This is from the top address bar, only place i seen with a link, if this is'nt it let me know. I have'nt fixed anything listed in this test..How ever I did run the "CCleaner" and Found lots of problems, And also a lot of usefull options to play with. After running the "CCleaner" i am noticing major improvements. I'll see if i can get a refund for the other program i bought. Thank You for the information on this!
  2. While using the Internet, each and every session, I notice my internet getting slower and slower till it gets to where nothing loads and/or freezes. I open the Task Manager and iexplore.exe will be listed 3 sometimes 4 times, using High amounts of mem usage one 1, low amounts on others. only way to get rid of them is to manually "End Process" in the task manager, and then totaly restart a web browser. If I dont manually End Process in the Task Manager, they will stay open, and A new broweser will not open at all. I bought a program called "Registry Cleaner Pro". Problem still the same. What el
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