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    intel inspiron 1525 32 bit xp service pack 2 intel 965 chipset 250 GB hard drive intel mobile core 2 duo T5850 2GB 332 MHz ram
  1. the reason i got alot of older software and 3 different programs of office is because this is my mums old work laptop, i got this about a month ago and have never noticed. illl try getting rid of some older software and programs. but im not sure its that because i recently asked my dad, he told me to remove some of the crap on there, so i went through it carefully and removed what i dont use and its just suddenly got faster. hopefully that has fixed it but ill check back soon
  2. ok cool, heres the link http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=24772380
  3. how do i give you the test results? do i send link, put the information in a reply or can u automatically see it?
  4. it was working before, before it would occasionally crash but now it crashes every time. im starting to think that it may be my computer because my computer has been having moments where it will crash over and over then just fix itself. but i still realy need help. i have problems with everything about this computer but mainly about vitualbox, it sometimes crashes on unzipping big files, moving big files, installing some games and uninstalling some programs. about an hour ago i uninstalled virtualbox and couldnt install because it would crash. it just installed now. i just wa
  5. Ive been havin some problems and ive finally given up, made an account for a forum and dicided to look for some more help. My problem is virtualbox at the moment. im running on xp and have been getting some 'blue screen of death' when installing windows 7 onto virtualbox. ive already installed windows 7 onto virtual box about 4 times and it just stopped working. 2 errors i have been recieving. KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERROR and the 'a crucial process has exited' or whatever it is. KERNEL error was happening as soon as it started extracting files but i fixed that, but if it gets to 10 percent in
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