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  1. Omg omg thank you thank you thank you!!!!! I put in c:/macshift-r -I "connection1" it took a sec but hen my networked opened and I have connection Thank you a million
  2. When I put c:/macshift into cmd it gives me options -I adapter name -r random Mac address - d restores origanial Mac address - help But I don't know what to do with it I tried to put c:/macshift/-I unidentified network But I keep getting this is not a command Help I don't understand any of this
  3. I do t know what tO do with the macshift I tried to follow what hat page said but I'm lost
  4. Ok I have that file on my computer but I don't understand what to do with it
  5. No Missed that post, I will try that next time I'm at another CPU with connection. Sorry I missed it it's hard to follow on a phone, thank you for all the help hope this one does it
  6. I dont have another pic card that's why I put in the wireless I know my wireless works its just not in that CPU,
  7. That post was a little hard for me to follow, no laptop this Is a desktop and I always use an Ethernet cable and was using one when it stopped working. I only put the wireless in to see if the problem was that card. I also reformatted the computer and there is nothing on it but windows...??? Does that answer everything u were asking?
  8. Ok I think I got the right one when it was downloading said Realtek restarted and still no change
  9. I just got it on the flash drive now and will try it as soon as I get home I hope I got the right one from there I wasn't sure what one to use
  10. I was hoping too... But I still have no address and no connection but it says everything is working fine
  11. Incase u missed it physical address is all 00-00-00-00-00 and the media state is still media disconnected I uninstalled the driver and let windows re install it 2 times, the driver is from 2008 should I get an updated one?
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