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  1. So I've been procrastanating this, I was looking over some paperwork and I currently still have the warrenty active would it be better to send the laptop back get a different one. I am pretty sure they just send a refurbished one but what would be a better option. Reformat and clean install or trade it in. Also the problems seem to be worsening I received a blue screen today.
  2. I haven't actually gotten around to doing the repair, one of the things you mentioned is driver files I really don't know where those would be and could those too be like corrupt or something?
  3. So I found I have the Windows 7 disk, do I still have to backup my data and what would be worth saving?
  4. Not to be a complete fool, how would I go about formating and doing a clean install? Would it be safer to take it to a shop and have it done basically what I am asking?
  5. Pretty much the topic I had a rootkit, took it into a shop and had it removed however the guy working there really didn't seem to know what else to do so I figured he just fixed it. However since then my laptop which is an alienware m17x got it last september has been lagging pretty hard won't start up, I have to press the button 2 or 3 times sometimes and will get a 2 errors recently one which is. Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runetime Error! Program: ...iles ( x86_/AlienRespawn/Components/DSUpdate/DSUpdate.exe abnormal program termination The other most recently is
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