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  1. I set windows updates to automatic and left my computer on overnight and this morning I seen that windows updates were at %52 downloading, and then it went back to 0%, So, I went to shut down my computer and it gave me the option to install updates before shutting my computer down. Well, this is a good start, hopefully now I'll be able to continue to get all the windows updates. If I have anymore problems I'm going to use the microsoft fix it tool. I'll let you know how it goes.........
  2. Yes, I installed sp3 with the windows installation, it was built in the os, I can't use the above update because I was never able to install IE8
  3. I remove the windows 7 license question, thanks for correcting me
  4. I just installed windows xp home 32 bit on a computer like I have been doing for years, and I loaded all my drivers, then I tried to install internet explorer 8 from a usb jump drive and it won't go past downloading updates, and it didn't install. I even tried to get ie8 from microsoft windows updates and I just tries to search for updates for hours and nothing. I've tried to set to do automatic windows updates and nothing happens. I manually downloaded and installed net framework 2 and 2 sp1 with not problems, thinking maybe that would speed things up. I tried to install wga
  5. I'm burning a copy of the ISO file for bodhi to a dvd disc and in image burn it ask me to choose standard or ASC II which do I choose? I still get the error when I try to install bodhi 2.4.0 Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown block, I boot from the acs II iso image on the dvd disc, and I'm asked if I want to edit anything, I can't write what it say because the screen is only 30 seconds and many choices So, I just wait the 30 seconds for the next screen where I get the above error
  6. Thanks for all your input and suggestions.......as you can see, I don't know anything about linux....
  7. The computer is an older HP 7950 AMD motherboard Athlon 1.2 GHz processor 2 GB PC133 Ram Memory, 60 GB IDE Hard drive....I just thought that whatever version Linux I put on this computer would install. I heard linux 32 Bit ubuntu software works good with older slower machines. I just looked online and found that the above error could be related to a bad burnt copy of ubuntu 12.04.3 that I put on a dvd. I may take the guys suggestion here as he stated above and try linux mint. Would that work better for an older computer. I will try to install linux on a computer for myself and use it for a
  8. I do know that linux in open source and free, but I just think if an os is created,it should work out of the box without hours of configuring. I change computers often whenever I sell them and pickup new computers,So, I use xp, Vista and 7 every other week, until April when Xp will no longer be supported. I don't keep a computer for myself. I'm using a different computer all the time. I never save information either, just in Google chrome favorites that saved whenever I reload google chrome on a new pc I wanted to use linux on computer that are running Xp when they stop supporting
  9. If ubuntu files have to be edited to get the system to work, then why is it even on the market? I don't have to edit much to install windows operating system software? Is it worth trying to learn ubuntu, or is it just going to be a headache?
  10. I have windows xp professional currently installed, but I just want ubuntu, because I don't think a 60 GB hard drive is big enought to dual boot xp pro and ubuntu 12.04.3 When I boot from the ubuntu disc, I am asked to select a language and then to select install ubuntu. Here's the error message I get, 4. 4663651 Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on un known block ( 0,0 )
  11. I downloaded a 32 bit ubuntu 12.04.3 iso and burned to a dvd. Now, Could somebody tell me how to install ubuntu and prepare the hard drive. Ubuntu is the only os, I will install on the 60 GB Hard drive. I haven't installed linux ubuntu in 10 years. I have 1 GB Ram Memory, and a AMD 1.2 GHz Processor I repair and sell computers and someone told me it would be cheaper to sell ubuntu computers because the software is free, and there's a lot of people using linux these days I have researched how to install ubuntu but, I haven't found instructions about how to prepare the 60 GB hard
  12. I looked at the 6 power supplies that didn't light up on the power supply tester for -5v on the 20 pin atx connectors of those 6 power supplies all have 1 missing wire. I don't know the open hole location number but, the wire that's missing is the 3rd wire from the end on the same side as the white plastic clip that clips the atx connector to the motherboard.These power supplies didn't light up the -5v on the power supply tester The 3 other power supplies have the 20 wires in the slots. The power supply tester lights were all lite up for these. because there were 20 active wires.
  13. So, you basically your saying that these power supplies are good to use in computers I'm selling. Also the power supplies that all tested good with Green lights are newer updated versions of the power supplies? So, probably the 3 power supplies that all tested with Green light will probably be newer then 2004? Thanks for your help
  14. I really am greatful for the help you have given me, but, I don't have any computers with floppy disc drives. I will try to experiment with the 80 GB Sata hard drive as a second hard drive when I put together with windows already installed on the master as the master drive. If I were to refer back to this discussion for a reference later, then it would be helpful to have the wed link to the sata drivers on biostars web site.
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