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  1. ordered this memory http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820146517


    man memory realy got cheeper paid 140$ for 2gb year and half ago lol


    but ya pretty sure its the memory i tried 1 stick each and one stick shows errors the other is good.


    usely gave problems around 15 to 20min.


    than i tried test drive with one good stick in 1gb and played for 20min to 30min with no problems:)


    i was gona just get another stick of g skill memory and use the good stick with it but i just decided to get another brand and not risk it because im not sure if this stick will last down the road and aslo both sticks gets fire hot....

  2. is memtest86 allways right?


    because i tested my ram on my laptop with memtest85 test 5 and in about 40min i have 10k errors and for my desktop memtest86 was allways right.


    i just not sure how it is on laptops.


    and i wanted to make sure befor i go buying new memory.


    also i am haveing problems to like in games sometimes it would crash with a exe error and than in test drive unlimited it whould show this black line ony on the hood of the car than when i tried to exit the game it crashed with a blue screen...


    also had to reinstall windows like 3 times to get it working ok.


    so its problee is the problem but just wanted to make sure:)

  3. for one zune is a great player thats why i have one zune 30gb got it like 2months ago and i use it everyday like 6hours a day with no problems even steaming radio!!:)


    and 2 apple ipods are also good i was gona get one but than i saw the zune which has the stuff i needed like the radio tuner and bigger screen because i watch movies on it while on the go.


    also trying doing the hard reset like everybuddy saying because when i first got my zune i had to do the reset from holding the menu button down at first i thought it was doa but it just needed reseted:)

  4. so far its still up and runing and going strong:) runing pretty fast to:)


    orderd a heatsink and fan for it because right now i have it on my desktop with my xp90c just siting on it lol.


    also ya it is rdram pc800 kinda funny that the ram has more mhzs than my updated systems in my sig lol


    just wish they were cheeper i was gona get more ram for it to make it 512mb ram right now has 256mb got them for free.


    but one site wanted over 200$ for them i was like wth lol


    than found another site that wants 29$ for 128mb and 62$ for 256mb ram which is still alot but how well the system runs it be worth it.


    sense my 9800pro wont sit collecting dust:) i know the cpu is gona bottle neck it but it will be better than this riva tvt2 card hehe

  5. nope 423 but has the same thing and on http://www.tomshardware.com/2005/11/23/pc_...101/page19.html


    says it needed.


    but even after that it still did the same thing. than i tried 4 sticks like i tried befor and it booted right up:)


    but not detecting the other 2 sticks ony showing 256mb ram in slot 1 and 2 but it needed 4 to boot up wth?


    but so far its working booted in the bios and readly to install windows on it.


    tho after that have to order a heatsink fan didint come with one right now i have my xp90c siting on it lol

  6. nope ony a blank screen.


    but heres alittle update i pop in 2 rams in 1 and 2 slot im pretty sure i did this befor i dont know lol but now theres no beep but there still no screen.


    but im useing a psu without a 4pin the plug next to the cpu socket hopefully thats why its not showing a screen.


    in about 20min gona try one of my other psus with a 4pin plug and see if that helps


    its that plug that is on newer motherboard thats looks like a pcie plug.


    is that needed? pretty sure my main system didint boot up befor when i forgot to plug it in after i installed the heatsink.

  7. ya forgot to say i reseted the bios to says config on the motherboard and says jumper 1-2 normal and 2-3 config and no jumper for recvry.


    it seems like the cpu is working because you could feel the heat on it.


    i even tried to take the battery out and still the same but it seems like it was trying to do something diffrent took like 3sec for it to beeep and the fan turnt off and came back on.


    than when i put the battery back in it did it like normal.


    wish i had a extra socket 423 cpu for it if that didint work than i know its the motherboard.

  8. day ago i found a gatway perofrmence 1300 p4 in the dumster were i work at which i thought i could get working.


    but when i try to turn it on it does 3 long beeps like beeeep beeeep beeeep than just sits there with no display.


    i looked up the beeps and it says 64K of base memory.


    but i even tried 2 other sticks and it still does the same.


    i even took the motherboard out of the case and try to boot it that way just incase the case was shorting it out.


    tried 2 diffrent psus same thing.



    now it got me thinking is it the motherboard or the cpu?


    but if it was the cpu it problee whould beep 3 times.



    usely i allways get any computer up and runing but this one has me stump lol

  9. ya dells are solid well i know the laptop are because i own a dell 9300 and upgraded it to hell:)


    video card from 6800go to 7800gtx which alot of notebooks cant and went from 512mb ram to 2gb:) and its still a gaming beast:)


    and so far had the laptop more than 2years going on 3 and dont have no problems at all.


    and it went to hell still looks good but for how much it went threw from peaple falling on it full force and stuff spilling on it to.


    for now on dell will allways have a customer for there laptops:)


    also and monitors have a dell 2007widescreen 20.1 screen for about a year and a half and still going strong with no problems:)


    but for desktops i allways will build them:)

  10. also you could get that 16gb back if you get a partition program than it will make another partition out of the 16gb of useless space.


    also if you got xp you could use its built in one in manage:)



    i aready ran a 20gb 7200rpms in my 233mhzs machine and my uncle also put a 15gb in a old computer that

    was made back in 1991 lol had a 40mhz and like 16mb of ram lol

  11. ya the x1900 series are pretty powerfull cards.


    i play crysis on my 1st system in my sig that has the x1900gt pcie and i have everything on mem and get decent playable frames:)


    heck even i just got done playing a alittle of crysis on my laptop in my sig that has a 7800gtx and it was playable:)


    but ya there might be still a chance for the 8800 and 2900 for agp never know lol.


    i was useing agp 2nd system in my sig and planed on keep useing it till i saw the deal i got on this setup and couldint pass it up lol.


    best bet right now be the x1950pro and the 7900 which still going strong if you still want to hold on to agp

  12. ok when i play gultar hero 3 and need for speed prostreet i get slow downs and hipcups like it will skip every sec but its fast.


    like on guitar hero its kinda laggy even on the lowest settings like the guitar board but the backround is smooth as it can be.


    temps are fine i tried all kind of drivers i even pop another video card in stock 6800go even put newly fresh themal paste on cpu and gpu.


    allmost forgot to list the computer im haveing trouble with lol


    dell 9300 laptop 1.74m 2gb of ram 80gb 5400rpms and 7800gtx



    also my cuisons computer or unlces computer doesint have theses problems.



    which there system is cusions amd 3000 250gb hdd 2gb of ram and a 7600gt


    uncles is amd 3200xp 2.3ghzs 2gb of ram 7200rpms 120 and a 250 and a 7800gs


    as you can see mine shouldint be haveing this problems


    also non of my other computer have theses problems either.


    but another thing is it seems like ony fast pace games does it like i just tried cryis on it it ran fine.


    and even hellgate and tabula rasa and so on lol.

  13. ok his stock heatsink and fan is pretty much dieing and he wanted a new one.


    but his limited is up to about 30$ tho he perfers cheeper.


    his cpu amd 3000venice 754.


    i whould recomend one of my heatsinks but they pretty much to big because he takes it down our uncles every friday so it pretty much have to be stable and solid to carry around and not pull the cpu out of its socket hehe.




  14. post a test so we could look:)


    also 455mb is pretty much the problem vista eats alot of memory unless you have 1.5gb 2gbs.


    my memory died in my main system so i tried 1gb in it and it was to slow and games whouldint run right at all.


    so i had to take other memory out of my other computers to get atleast 1.5gb till i get my rma.

  15. tried it on my system and i get 20s and 30s on mem which is still playable:) beated the demo.


    than i tried it again and found out what was making it that low is the shaders.


    i tried everything on high and even 1680x1050 and kept shaders on low and i allways get over 30fps and still looks great!:)


    what makes this game shine is the gameplay realy enjoyed the demo than when it ended with that big boss i was sad lol

  16. ya there shouldint be much of a diffrence anyways because the p7800 is pretty much a newer model.


    i just dont get why the p7700 went way up in price sense i paid 92$ for them 3years ago from newegg.


    ony diffrence i see is the 3 speakers on the p7700 has tweaters and have alittle more watts other than that they the same speakers.

  17. im useing theses http://www.shopbot.com.au/p-7407-171398.html with my onboard 7.1 sound on my dfi rdx200 and they the best speaker i ever herd also i could turn it up full blast and it sounds clear and the bass is realy nice.


    tho they been disconunted by theses


    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16836116153 not sure why because i pretty sure the 7700s are better but im sure the 7800 will sound good to and they cheep:)


    also just seen the price on the 7700s 3years ago i paid 92$ from newegg lol



    also my uncle has the Logitech X-540 and hes useing the asrock onboard sound card cmedia 5.1 and those speakers sound realy good.


    but i perfer the creatives over them because more speakers and has better sound to me and what i like you could add more speakers lol


    right now i got 2 box speakers added in the back of my desk lol


    but i warn you pretty much need alot of room for the 7.1 hehe.

  18. the best music player i like is itunes been useling it for about a year now with no problems.


    been working good on xp and vista which i have on my main pc thats steaming music 24/7:) and while i game:)


    i also tried others but couldint stand them at all they just didint work as good as itunes:)

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