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  1. has anyone get the stoping and going on it? so far my desktop does it and my laptop to also my uncles does it to. and i know my desktop should beable to handle this game. to me seems like this game is just buggy or something.
  2. oh and they do have a demo out http://www.gamershell.com/news/36103.html tho i do enjoy warhammers better than this game but this is not bad at all:)
  3. pretty sure that system will play it fine if you leave some settings off and keep the res resonble hehe:) im not far in the game ony on the 2nd mission but we see how this system handles it with everything on the screen hehe
  4. usely thats the video card slowing down if theres alot on the screen video cards hate that hehe. im sure my x1900 will go down to when i get more stuff on screen hehe. im runing it with 1680x1050 2anti and everything sky high and so far good:) but that will problee change hehe
  5. got my Opteron @2.85ghzs:) seems like it will do more but cant go higher because my ram messes everthing up need higher speed ram to overclock theses cpu to the max pc3200 aint going to do.
  6. to me i think if you got 500 objects on the screen and have everything on max it will take every computer to a craw lol so far i ony had about 100 men so far and it did get slow some lol which my cpu is well good for any game lol seems like theses kinda games takes more than fps lol
  7. will be outdated in year yes but still will kick in games:) my system i built this christmas is still going strong in games and i yet to find a game that holds it down:) also my laptop still maxes all the current games out and thats about 1year and 3months old:) i feel this desktop will last me about 3years or more befor building another one again lol. i usely build one when i cant upgrade my video card no more which is importen the most in gaming which i do allways:) me i dont think nothing is outdated till it lets me down in games which my desktop or laptop hasi
  8. the pass 3days my verzions internet gets slow around 8:00pm and stays like that till in the day:( never was like that. my connection is 3mb and right now it gets as low as 50 instead of 2800 to 3mb like it allways has been sense the last 3 days. i tried my other router i even tried to just use the modem with out the router still the same. have anyone get these problems with verizon lately?
  9. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=1J49FWB90RWSBWAJ heres my laptop my gaming laptop my custom dell 9300:) been working with out a problem for over a year now and play every single game out there smooth:) my first dell:) so far i allways will buy dell laptops:) but ya im not sure why the score is slow even windows xp score is low. to me it looks like a glicth with the pit test for my cpu pent m and memory being so slow? this little cpu does 40sec on superpi:) so i figure i show it sense it says laptop scores) but ya im sure this laptop shou
  10. i think vista kills xp in performence because every game i got is alot faster. and thats on my desktop and laptop:) and both systems runs realy fast on it:) and i haveint had one problem or blue screen and i had it going on 2weeks:) and vista detected everything i got controlers to:) it even detected my uncles system that is 3years old and installed the drivers for his stuff:)
  11. i guess im lucky or something lol:) tho my uncle just installed it on his machine and he haveint had a problem either. and he says he like it much better than xp to.
  12. so far i had vista installed on my desktop as my main os and my laptop has it for its own os for about 2weeks. and i haveint had one problems with any of my games or software:) i didint have even one crash:) i had my desktop allways 24/7 to even my laptop is allmost on 24/7:) and i even have itunes streaming music 24/7:) and i do alot of heavy stuff on this computer to. so far i likeing it tons better than xp or any other os seems much stable and runs stuff tons better:)
  13. yep the mx1000 is the best mouse i ever used:) battery last and it has built in rehcharables:) and its fast good for gaming and everything else:) came together with my keyboard. mx3100:) and i had it for 2years with no problems:) got it on sale on newegg for 54$ with the keyboard to mx3100:) and its been threw alot to because i game alot:) another mouse i recomend to is the Razer Diamondback i got the blue plazema one:) fast and looks good had that about a year. and have no problems with it. i use that for my laptop when i game on it:)
  14. hmm to me seems like something is mess up with the files or themes. because if it was the monitor it whouldint show on printscreen or a system screenhot. its like a dead pixel you wont see it in print screen or a systemshot:) that what i was trying to tell dell about my laptop and they didint want to listen at all. than they told me they understand now and i have a good point and they sent me a new lcd:) hmm i wonder did you try a pci video card? maybee its the agp slot i hope not tho:(
  15. so far i have no problems with incompatibility:) everything i use is compatible:) to me alot more compatible than xp was hehe. last night my uncle just installed it and he even said vista is alot stable than xp and he likes it alot better:) and for gaming i just tried oblivion on my laptop fo rthe first time on vista and i got it at max res and every setting up and its pretty smooth:) i was suprize on xp it couldint stand it at max settings with out stoping and going or skiping lol.
  16. to me all my games run alot faster than on vista than xp ever did:) and thats on my desktop the first one and my laptop. even camageddon 2 plays with no problem lol on xp it skip and lag all over the place. you should search and see if anyone haveing the same problem with Generals might be a fix:)
  17. so far im likeing vista alot:) seems stabler than xp and right out of the box it detected all my stuff. oh and i got it on my desktop now:) runs faster than xp was and plays my games better lol heck carmegeddon 2 plays better lol i had trouble geting it to work on xp right. vista didint have a problem hehe:)
  18. i got vista installed on my laptop right now as it main os with no problems at all:) so far it runs smoother on the laptop than xp did and runs games better lol tho still gona wait till i install it on my desktop for a few more days.
  19. yep the samsung is a very nice drive got mine on christmas for ony 25$ and haveint had one problem with it and very fast:) what ever you do dont buy sonys lol i had 2 drives dieing on me and they made some of my disk bad:( first i fix them and they dieing again:(
  20. got xp installed and got teh stuff i wanted off of it. than i deleted every partition so everything is clean than installing vista now with no partitions sense the drive is ony a 80gb. but ya i tried the nt52 couldint get that vista working again. but good thing xp installed got lucky lol.
  21. looks like i got it working:) it booted to windows setup and now installing:) what im gona do is after windows get installed im gona get the files i want than start everything over. than im gona try vista one more time sense there wont be nothing in risk:)
  22. so far its installing windows xp:) never did that befor allways said the filesystem was not for it. so looks like the fdisk helped. tho i just hope the dell ulttilty doesint load than i be all set:)
  23. and i was wondering if it will let em install xp will it set it so windows load first?
  24. thing is i got some stuff i want to get back:( and right now with out doing the mbr i cant get nowere to format. but so far seems like i got the mbr working because vista is seeing its windows and it made it bootable but the dell uttlty that is on there that is 45mbs keeps loading up first:(
  25. yep i looked at the links. by the way think im geting somwere i downloaded super bootdisk and it seems to put the mbr back on. and windows reads it now tho have one problem it loads the dell partition 45mbs first and it set it primary instead of my main ones. and i was wondering if i delete that partition will it let me pick my others instead?
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