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  1. its aMotherboard Properties

    Motherboard ID <DMI>

    Motherboard Name Asus CUW-AM/MEW-AM


    Front Side Bus Properties

    Bus Type Intel GTL+

    Bus Width 64-bit

    Real Clock 67 MHz

    Effective Clock 67 MHz

    Bandwidth 533 MB/s


    Chipset Bus Properties

    Bus Type Intel Hub Interface

    Bus Width 8-bit


    Motherboard Manufacturer

    Company Name ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

    Product Information http://www.asus.com/products/mb/mbindex.htm

    BIOS Download http://www.asus.com/support/download/download.aspx


    is this it?

  2. ok i got a xe783 hp and i aready have a geforce 420mx in it but how can i disable the on board intel one? i went in bios but it doseint have anything in there about it i was herd if i download a bios update it would put it in there but i cant find the download anybuddy know were i can find one and a safe one?

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