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  1. hmm do you think mine is about right with my cpu?


    i know the 4850 should be scoreing way higher but think its because of my cpu causeing it to score low in benchmarks.


    or would you think its my psu holding it back or maybe something is wrong with the card?


    i know its killing my old card x1900gt in every benchmark and game.


    but i see 8800gt beating mine and even the 3800s... or maybe they got them overclocked to death .

  2. http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=7341447 one at just over 10k @ 3ghzs and little overclock on the card and got it set to performence in ati control panel.


    still pretty sure it still should be doing 12k to 13k atleast...


    i tested vantage on it and got 5591 which is ony like 1k 2k behind a quad core on there.


    and my gpu score is 6513 which beats one of there scores with a quadcore and than the next one is ony beating my 4850 by ony 200points gpu score.


    there full score beats my whole system because they got a quad core which has a higher cpu score. but the gpu score one is lower than mine and one is ony 200points over my gpu score my fps is right on theres to.


    i just dont get it on 3dmark 06 its pretty low but on vantage it seems like its doing pretty good..

  3. i did a 3dmark again at 3ghzs and stock card and got this http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=7321412 which is much better than befor.


    but i still think it could be my psu causeing some slowness still.


    will it cause that because of the rails from being 11.86 @load? like if i put my cpu at stock i could overclock the card more is that a psu problem? or?



    whoops not right on 3ghzs yet problee whould score 10k. but i think this system should atleast score 11k to 12k?

  4. hmm my cpu is pretty much overclocked to the max 3ghz cant realy go higher...


    but i think i might have a problem with the psu not keeping up..


    because i tried with 2 sticks of memory and crysis stayed runing while overclock didint crash even at 660 core and 1090mem but 3dmark06 did.


    so put everything at stock even cpu and left the gpu overclocked and it passed....


    and i check my psu with a volt meter and at idel its 11.98 doesint move but when i run 3damark it goes as low as 11.86..... aint that bad?


    psu is pretty decent to its a hiper 580watt tho has 2 12volt rails at 18 one rail and 20 the other rail... but shouldint this be good for a single card? my x1900 realy didint have no problems overclocking or anything even at 3ghzs.


    also i ran crysis benchmark and its pretty much not smooth at first it is but when alot of stuff happen it will drop down in the teens and chugs when it does that the hard drive goes crazy like the light stays on loading stuff and when it does that thats when the lag happens and ruins my score...


    i was wondering will low space cause that because i ony have like 10gbs out of 300gbs i have raid 0-0.maybe thats causeing the lag in crysis.

  5. ya im gona leave the card at stock realy doesint need overclock anyways hehe maybe it will overclock better when ati tool and riva tuner will be supported with it but till than stock it is:)


    ya drivers thats what im thinking causing the white dots sense they dont get badder and the card is stable while playing the game and no other games suffer the problem like call of duty 4 pretty sure that will show white dots if there was a problem with the card:)


    just hope amd ati releases a new driver very soon ... lol

  6. so far the card is great tho got couple problems.


    when playing crysis inside building on some walls there theses little white dots i look it up on online and peaple said its overheating tho this card maxs out at 60c sense the fan is runing at 75% too 100% now so it cant be that.


    than they say its from overclocking which i dont have it overclocked...


    do you think its a crysis bug or a driver bug?


    i realy hope the card aint craping out on me....


    also other games dont show theses dots.


    and another thing seems like its not that good on overclocking unless ati overdrive is buggy because when i put it on 1050 memory from 1000 stock and like 650 for the core over 625 stock when i start crysis it whould freeze than go back to the desktop and says display driver has failed than it recovers....


    hopefully overdrive is just causeing that...


    but other than those problems the card is pretty fast and runs cold

  7. wow that looks realy good and acts like diablo 2:) cant wait for it to come out:)


    i thought diablo series was over lol looks like i was wrong and glade i was wrong hehe


    also glade they kept it top view:)

  8. its 8815 3DMark.. lol wish it was 11k in this system. maybee i could get close to 10k with overclocking and puting my system back to 3ghzs:)



    also found a fan fix i post the link just incase someone needs it if they have a 4800series:)




    at 65% fan speed its at 43c aready lol so it seems like a cold card to when the fan is runing.


    just tried 100% fan speed sounds like a jet lol

  9. k got the Visiontek 4850 and what a card it kills my x1900gt lol


    heres the 3dmark 06 score i guess its not bad sense this is socket 939:)




    whould be alittle higher because i got the cpu at 2.8ghzs 3ghzs was unstable for some reson today which was stable for months lol.


    but so far i could play crysis on everything very high on 1680x1050 and i whould say the fps is in the 20s avg:)


    and tried call of duty 4 and its realy smooth on 1680 4anti everything on the highest it doesing drop below 30 anywere so far mosty allways 40s and 50s:)


    tried test drive unlimited and geting 30s allways with 4anti and 1680 with everything up:)


    same with coh 40 to 50fps maxed and tabula rasa which is realy hard on hardware and geting 30s and up on that maxed:)


    oh forgot one more game race driver grid that plays realy smooth with everything maxed and with anti again lol


    got to many games i tried couldint list them all hehe.


    so far antiaising doesint even hurt the card in most games its either 1 to 2 fps or sometimes like on testdrive and call of duty 4 its faster with it on lol


    but so far im loving the card:)


    tho one thing i dont like is you cant change the fan to any speed because no program supports the 4800s yet..


    think they say it stays at 30% to up to 80c... but i herd the card can run realy hot without any problems but i whould like to put it to 100% so hopefully a program will support them soon.

  10. i was looking threw pages and saw that the Visiontek comes with a lifetime Limited Lifetime Warranty.


    does that meen like 10years from now that it dies which i know will be outdated lol they will cover it?


    if thats the case think i be buying that brand:)


    doesint come with a rebate but still what beats lifetime support:)


    also just seen that bestbuy has it for the same price as newegg and they have it for pickup so problee gona get that card from bestbuy:) weird bestbuy ony sells that brand


    hopefully i could get to bestbuy either today or sunday.

  11. hmm so sapphire and his pretty much aint good than?


    i just thought i should stick with sapphire sense i aready own 2 of there cards and didint have any problem with them.


    than i saw the his that comes with the iclear card thing which goes for 79$ by itself problee doesint do much or at all but its free:) and that his screwdriver looks like it whould be handy lol


    so it seems like i was leaning more to the his but not sure... lol


    sapphire was looking at first sense i owned them befor and saw in a review says it comes with a 39$ game rainbow six vegas 2 tho it doeisnt say it anywere on newegg?

  12. cool:) i problee get the 4850 than sense when i look on reviews its even playing crysis 1920x1200 with a average fps on 29 to 30:)


    which on 1680 its 40fps:)


    also which brand should i go for? i was looking at saphire sense my x800 and x1900gt was that brand.


    than i saw his i never had that brand but might give it a chance:)


    which one do you think?


    also saphire one guy says it comes with rainbow six lost vegas 2 which it doesint say nowere on newegg comeing with a game but maybee on the box it does and the his comes with the his iclear card which seems not to do anything by reviews lol

  13. hello:) i was thinking of geting the 4850 soon problee in couple days but i was wondering will my system in my sig handle it? like bottlenecks? i know they problee gona be one but i hope its not huge and cause problems.


    i was waiting for the 4870 to come out and try to get that but i know forsure that problee whould bottleneck it badly will it?


    but my main consurn is the 4850 sense its in my price range 200$ i herd the 4870 is like 300$ which is cheep but cant afford it at this time :lol:


    about 3 weeks ago i was aiming for the 3870 but than herd the new cards was comeing out and they perform alot better than the 3x cards.


    also i herd the higher the res you play at bottlecking is not the problem anymore is that true? if it is that be great sense i mosty allways try to play at max res of my monitor 1680 with my x1900gt :lol:

  14. update:)


    got the new ram in today and it booted:) but showed a No timer tick interrupt


    so at first i couldiint get pass it so i holded down fn and push all kind of buttons and it booted to the bios and i went in check to see if anything ok than saved and exit and now it doesint show that error no more:)


    so now all i got to do is to refor


    mat the hdd i put in from my old compaq that needs repair later.


    doesint like the xp on it because its from compaq and drivers it blue screens when it hits winxp screen.


    but im glad i got pass that timer error because in the dell doc it says replace the board... that whould of sucked if i didint get pass that lol.


    i glad i didint give up on it:)



    has pretty decent specs from finding it:) 2ghzs celeron and dvd cdrw combo and a good screen:)



    hmm still doing the timer but i by pass it by holding the powerbutton in and it boots right now.


    so it meens like the cmos battery might be dead or weak not sure but it doeisnt seem to hold anything back:)

  15. im pretty sure its the memory hopefully lol


    sense everywere i search for the 2 lights im geting is memory problem. and the 1100 is known to not work with anything higher than pc2100 wish i whould of read the reviews before i bought the memory...


    but if it still doesint work with the pc2100 i just got off newegg.


    its going right on ebay problee could get atleast 80 or 100$ for it sense it has 2 new ram sticks and a new powerbrick and seems to be a good battery.

  16. ok got the memory in today and installed it now the num light and scroll locks blinks than shuts down... so atleast i know its not the bios.


    than i saw in the reviews on newegg the memory i bought which is pc2700 and the dell comes with pc2100 and peaple said they couldint get theres to boot with pc2700.... tho some have.


    so thats problee the problem now...


    i looked up the lights stats and it pretty much comes up as memory so hopefully when i get the other memory it boots up...


    but the change in lights makes me have hope for the laptop still.

  17. they had the note pasted on the top of the lcd lid case.


    i was thinking about the bios tho the laptop comes on with caps light on and other lights than turns off by it self which meens it has no ram in it.


    so i dont think the bios is bad if it knows the ram is not installed usely when i had a bad bio flash on one of my other desktop machines it turns on but i had to turn it off on my own whouldint do anything.


    hopefully the ram will shead some light lol

  18. i found this system couple months ago siting out and on the top of the lid theres a note that says bad 32k chip.


    so i tried to boot it up and it came on but shut down in like 5sec so i check the memory and theres was none installed.


    so im gona buy some memory tonight which is ony 21$ shipped from newegg.


    but i wanted to get some options from the pit befor i do so:)


    about the bad 32k chip note that they had on top of the lid.


    it sounds like memory to me but not sure.

  19. everytime i try to download something on bit torrent after like 5min the internet wont work anymore but bittorrent will still download and my other computers will work on internet but this one wont till i restart.


    i dont get it day ago it was working fine...


    now everytime i try to download anything on bit torrent the internet wont work on this computer but will keep on downloading???? and the ony way to get internet working again is to restart the computer.



    computer is in my sig the opetron and im runing windows vista 32bit ultimate

  20. thanks:)



    so far no problems at all while runing with the good 1gb stick:) had test drive runing for like 2hours to 3hours with no errors or glitchs:)



    hopefully the new ram comeing wont have no problems at all:)


    seems like i been haveing alot of memory problems this year... first my desktop had to rma 2sticks than my other desktop 512mb stick which now works not sure what happen there lol than my laptop...


    all this is makeing me haveing memory errors hehe

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