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  1. hmm i just ordered the fans and heatsink:( tho by every review i looked at it did good it cooled the whole motherboard to. the SI-128 looks allmost like the xp90 except the bigger fan size it takes and mine cant keep this cpu under 60c but now i dont know because i aready orderd it. like this review http://www.modthebox.com/review491_3.shtml it went up to 58c when overclocked and few c more it be just like mine doing. even on one review they ran the pc overclocked with out any fans and it ony went to 59c it beats mine with fans lol
  2. ok geting the coolmaster also im geting 2 of theses http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16835220014 are they good fans?
  3. i dont think i will have trouble with this case its huge its a full tower with 2x250mm fans heres the case seems like the price went up lol paid 100$ 6months ago. ony thing i see that i might have a problem is ram but i think it whould go right over them. so i guess i get that and pair it up with 2x120 high performence fans hehe that should cool this oven down lol
  4. wow im realy likeing that heatsink:) will it do better than the si-128?
  5. cant do that because i just got this case and i realy like it paid 100$ for this. but i might try this heatsink herd alot of good things about it http://www.xoxide.com/thermalright-si-128.html than this for the fan http://www.xoxide.com/aerocool-xtreme-turb...2000-black.html think those will cool it? also i herd the xp90c is pretty much outdated.
  6. they are pretty cheep now 99$ but what i hate is buying than geting a bad stepping that overclocks bad. this one overclocks over 3ghzs had it up to 3.050ghzs right now runing it at 3ghzs and its stable till the temp rises over 60c:( but ya even at 3ghzs and ony 1.47vcore it should run cooler than what its doing now right?
  7. ok i was thinking and might not go water cooling and saw theses http://www.xoxide.com/thermalright-ultra-90-k8.html http://www.xoxide.com/thermaltake-big-typhoon-vx.html http://www.xoxide.com/thermalright-ultra-120-cpu-cooler.html cant find this anywere found it on newegg but says it doesint come with a bracket? http://www.xoxide.com/zalman-cnps9500-led-cooler.html not sure about zalman the zalman 7000copper was 10c hotter than the xp90c. what whould be better? and will they outperform the xp90c? but whould air cooling be better than that water cooling one for 62
  8. air flow should be good i got the xclio with the 250mm fan one in front and one on side and a 120mm fan in back than i modded a 70mm amd fan to blow on my rams and everything else is cool except the cpu when at load. i tried to remount the heatsink like 5 times this week and try diffrent themal pastes and still gets that high. i just cant figure it out lol
  9. also he also got the same motherboard as me to all whats diffrent is cpu which mine should run cooler than his 4000
  10. has anyone tried the one i posted ?Thermaltake Silent Water Liquid Cooling System because on the review it seems like it didint get hot at all lol and he was overclocked to 2.9ghzs
  11. overclocked but pretty much the temps are pretty high even at stock. others are geting good temps around the mid 40s and low 50s at this speed and pumping close to 1.6v into theres which i got mine at ony 1.48v heck they dont even have better heatsink and fan combo than me and the ones that does doesint even go over 40c load.... which mine all i got to do is load up othors and core 1 will shoot up to 60c to 64c than fail:(
  12. seems like it doesint matter lol most of the time when its 80s or 90s outside we got air on and its about 20c room temp right now its 25c and doesint make much diffrence. just tested orthoes on it now and core 1 went up to 64c and it failed right there:( core 2 was climbing up there around 57c but that core never fails because it doesint go over 60c.
  13. but air cooling seems not to help this cpu. i had tried 2 good ones that i had xp90c which is on it now with a 90cfm ufo fan and i tried a zalman 7000copper which went up to 70c. so i pop on the xp90c and it went down to low 60s. but aint good because it will fail around that temp.
  14. also saw this http://www.xoxide.com/thermaltake-silentwater-lcs.html and heres a review http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Thermaltake/SilentWaterII
  15. hmm i look at reviews on that one and it seems like its ony good for low noise than cooling. than i seen this one http://www.cluboverclocker.com/reviews/sup...c_202/index.htm and it seems like it helped alot but one problem i see is the 2nd raderator mounts in back in a 80mm slot which my case has a 120mm slot. tho i problee could mount it under the video card and open up some pci slots covers. so what does everybuddy think of this waster cooling system? also i was looking at this at first but not to sure http://www.xoxide.com/evercool-silver-night.html
  16. what is a good water cooling that is under 100$? i guess my max is 100$. because right now it seems like air cooling is pointness to my system. i have the xp90c at the moment and it will get up to 60c to 64c load useing orthos and while playing games it will get up close to 60c. i also tried other heatsinks zalman 7000copper which got up to 70c and the stock heatsink got around 70c to so the xp90c is what im useing now because its better. so pretty much i just got a hot cpu and doesint like air cooling lol so pretty much i need something that will give me decent t
  17. my dell widescreen 2007 says it has 16ms and i dont have no problems gaming on it no ghosting or anything. i guess it depens how good the monitor is
  18. he whould need a notebook drive:) http://www.newegg.com/Store/SubCategory.as...top-Hard-Drives
  19. my latest test http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=VBKFHW19MUWSC9BW i post another one sometime today:)
  20. his system is pretty much fine for vista and he even has 2gb. i run vista on my laptop in sig which is pretty much not high end specs well the card is up there same with 2gb but the cpu is around his or alittle bit faster. and it runs vista smooth better than xp does. also is your cpu still at 50%? because if it is thats why everything is slow. but ya his cpu and video and memory is fine to run vista. i saw worser pc,s that ran it good and his is far higher than those pc:) heck one of mine is runing vista with ony 1gb of memory and runs everything good
  21. just search the laptop in google or the device and it should bring it right up:)
  22. it does sound like its overheating. also did you update the drivers for it? like for the video card? because the mix of colors points me to beleave its the video overeheating or the driver could be mess up. i whould look and see if there any updated drivers for the laptop:)
  23. day ago i had windows problems lol i just got a new desk and stuff and was puting it togther and i push the button on front of my tower to shut it off because no screen was on it at that point. so i got the desk put togther and everything the way it should be and i booted the computer up than it said something about checkdisk and started scaning and it found problems about the apherhis file or what ever it is lol than it said it fixed it and it went to the vista welcome screen and stayed there stuck:( so i had to reinstall windows vista and it didint want to see my raid lol
  24. ever sense i went to dual core i feel the diffrence in everything from windows to games and even copying cds and dvds:) i will never look back hehe well i have to because i got all my other computers and also my laptop in sig that i wish it was dual core:( but it does good in games and stuff but i could feel a big speed diffrence from that to my desktop. also theres some games that use it stalker i herd use it quake 4 now uses it and also some other games. and even the games that doesint support it they run faster with it:)
  25. to me i think its related with the video cards hehe i still haveint got everything on the screen yet but will find out soon and see if it affects my system. i know one thing video cards hate everything on the screen lol
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