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  1. i think you should lock your pci/agp lock i think it meens that
  2. will 158f burn me or if i keep my figure on too long? becase my video mems on my video card feels alot hotter and i cant keep my figure on that long but i can on the heatsink.
  3. if my computer was saying 70c how hot will it feel like on the heatsink? on smartgarding it saying 70c but its still runing good but on my censor it saying 47c i kinda bleave the censor more. but i just feel my zalman 7000 and it ony feels warm not hot like its gona burn me but how hot will 70c feel like?
  4. well it just was a blank blue screen and my video card is stock. . but i think the problem might be fix i installed the sound card drivers with realtec instead of nivda and it seems like it like that it froze once but with out a blue screen or the sound. than i turn off fastwrights and sideban. and went too windows and turn down the sound hardware in dxdiag too basic and tried the game so far no freezeing but im not shure yet. but the good news is the realtec drivers fix my center speaker now all my 7.1speakers are working befor with the nvida it didint i hate nivida for that the nivda might of causeing the blue screen all the long with all my games
  5. i just got this game today and when i was playing it a blue screen poped up just a blank one. and the sound started too make a skiping noise. so i thought it didint like my overclock so i put it down too stock and tried it again. and after a 1hr of playing it did it again so it cant be the overclock. what this all meen? the game plays smoothly.
  6. ya he should be geting higher. my 9800se mod too pro is scoreing 2700 in 05 and 20k in 2001 and his 03 is scoreing pretty good mine does 5800pts. even in my duron setup this scored 2300 in 05.
  7. ya i got the drivers. but it says it supports 4 speakers and it does got 4 or 5 ports in back of the card.
  8. is there software for it that i could run more speakers on it?
  9. i went too my uncles and when i got back home my computer was acting slow. i check the mbs with hdd tune and it was at 12mbs it was reading 58mb befor. i restarted it and it still was the same. than i tried it again when i push the power button. it the hdd was turning off and on. than i shut it down and took the hdd out of the computer too check it. i took the hdd cooler off too and when i took it off theres was pretty much dust on it. i cleaned it off with cue tips than tried it in my other computer as a slave and check it with hdd tune it tested fine 58mbs. i took it back out than installed it in too my main rig and it booted right up and it was fast and it tested at 58mbs as normal. so whould the dust cause it?
  10. its about 6month going on 7months. my computer inside is pretty clean. the drive does got 162gb of games on it and 67gb free whould that be the cause of it and whould it hurt it?
  11. when i defrag with powerdefrag it makes a vrooming on and off and a vibration noise is it supost too do that?
  12. i got it working again:) i found a bio in driversguild.com that work in it i put one of the chip very loose in the slot than booted it up with the flash thing than i put the old bios chip in than flash it and it went right too the bios settings:)
  13. guys i got little good news i pop in another bios chip from my dead board that i had laying around and the screen poped up and said bios rom checkum error and it said insert disk but what disk do i pop in? i tried the win98 it went too the 98 dos c:\?
  14. ok i pop in a win98 boot up disk and it seems like its booting on win98 boot disk but the screen still doesint come on and when i try too tyep on the keyboard it doesint do anything i even tried num lock too see if the light comes but it doesint. maybee it needs a bios flash because it wants some kind of flopply?
  15. the another thing is when i hook up the floppy drive it makes diff beep codes it does beep beep beep den dun than the floppy light stays on than goes off than when i push the enter button the floopy light comes on than make a click than it does that den dun again. it seems like it wants me too put a floppy in but what does it want?
  16. by the way i found this on teh motherboard mb 533 ver 1.0 if that helps
  17. i tried the 420mx still the same. but i tried the olf cpu in it and now it does this beep code. beeeep beep beep than keeps beeping i dont know what that meens.
  18. the one that was in it is the bottom 100mhzs. and the 133mhzs is the lower right bottom next too the gray one.
  19. i have a hard time throwing stuff out lol. its kinda my first computer and i whould like too get it back working. i just dont get what happen too it. i still didint try my 420mx in it yet i just hope its that simple.
  20. this is a real old computer its ony a pentium motherboard the cpus are pentium 100mhzs and 133mhzs not in fsb its real cpu mhzs.
  21. by the way the stock heatsink on it is pretty small its the same biggest and the sane thing as his 5200 bfg heres what his looks like http://www.bfgtech.com/5700u_redux.html
  22. tried all that. the thing is the nothing does come on the screen its just beeps with nothing on the screen it was working good till i hit that reset button. i parts i upgrade was cpu from 100mhz too 133mhzs and for the video card trident cyber blade too a s3 tri something and for the ethernet card its a dlink. i still didint try my 420mx but i try it tonight. could the psu got damage? whould it make that beep with a bad psu? i even tried too reset the bios from the pins still no go.
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