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  1. hmm i was thinking of buying a new cooler for it what will be a good one for the 4870?


    i need one that will go over the memory chips by the core.


    see this pic were theres strips of heatsinks over the memory chips under the main heatsink?




    thats what i am missing and i need something that will cool thoes memory chips off because they get really hot like 100c....


    i would just do a rma but whats the odds that i get one with out the chips again...


    and waiting like 2 weeks to get the card back...

  2. before i do bios stuff if the fan plug ony has red and black doesn't that mean its not controlled?


    like its just to power the fan but not monitor it?


    because on my visontek 4850 the fan wires has red black and yellow and i think blue.


    and when i open the ati control panel it shows the fan speed slider right there.


    but the his 4870 doesint show anything not even how fast the fan is spining.


    i even looked at everest and it doesint even show the fan there.

  3. not sure if i shouldve put this info in my old threw about geting a 4870 or what but figure i make a new one sense this is a problem..


    ok i just bought a his 4870 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16814161269


    and i was happy with teh performence over the 4850 that gave for my ageing opteron [email protected] socket 939.


    so couple times while playing crysis it would just freeze and i had to end task to get back to windows.


    so i check the temp and it was 100c to 110c....


    so i figured i check the thermal paste and see if they put it on right.


    and it was pretty much none on it so i put new on and put it back in my pc and fire her up and tried crysis again and the temps was a bit better but went up to 98c.... but didint get no freezing.


    but why does this card run so hot? right now its siting at 67 just on the desktop.


    i have good case cooling to big 250mm fan facing right at it and another one in the front of the case and a 120mm in the back.


    my visontek 4850 never got this hot max load it did was 60 to 65max and that was with ony a 60% fan speed.


    and it seems like i cant change the fan speed for this card because theres no settings to change it anywhere i even tried that fan fix for the 4800s in profile which didint change the speed.


    than i looked at the fan plug and it has ony red and black wires which problee the problem why i cant change the speed.


    i also looked at the reviews and saw some that said theres didint come with the memory headsinks around the fan which mine didint either would that cause the problem?



    also running crysis at 1920x1200 res with everything on very high and dx10 wouldint cause this high temps? or shouldint it get hot like this for any game?

  4. im more than happy with the 4870:)


    and puting a 4890 in my system is kinda over kill lol


    tho i be building another pc hopefully in couple months but im sure the 4870 will handle games for awhile:)


    sense right now i could run 1920x1200 res on every game with decent fps which my cpu is holding the 4870 back heck even with my 4850 i ran 1920x1200 always but had to turn settings down in some games.

  5. got the card today and installed it everything went well:)


    i tested gtaiv which pretty much ony gain maybe 1 to 2fps but i could now turn the setting up and it does play a bit better.


    than i tried crysis warhead and first i kept it at mem to see and it was silky smooth so i tried gamer mode still silky smooth than i tried everything on max game settings and it was smooth some jerks but smooth:)


    before i had to keep it on mem or gamer mode to get playable fps but now i could max it:)



    ya i herd gtaiv needs a quad core to play 100%


    tho im happy for now its playable even in the 20s.


    i herd if you over 30fps you doing great with this game i was wishing i get at least 30avg but 20s is my avg and i think it goes to 40 sometimes so not bad:)



    so far every game has a improvement that i tried even fallout 3 i could max that now with max anti think 8anti which i had to keep it off with my 4850.


    and also every game i play is at 1920x1200 res:) dropping the res does int give me much more fps.


    oh my cpu is a opteron 165 over clock @ 3ghzs which im pretty happy with it sense this system is like 3years and a half and still kicking :filtered: lol not as the new systems but its letting me play every game pretty decent and now better with the 4870


    now gona save up for that quad setup hehe:)

  6. i be happy with atleast 5fps more over what i have now for this system lol.


    which right now it does play every game pretty good but just looking to squeeze little more out of it like in gtaiv i get around 20 to 25 avg with res up on 1920x1200 and everything on mem which is pretty playable but if i could get atleast 5more fps out of it that would be even better:)


    and problee with the extra 512mb of video ram i should be able to turn the settings up cause right now it doesn't let me go any higher because the video ram gets maxed... lol


    atleast till i build another pc in couple months which will be quad core than i could pop this card in that one and removed the bottleneck and get pretty nice fps hehe.

  7. ok i was wondering if i would see any peformence increase go from a 4850 512mb to a 4870 1gb?


    with my main pc dfi lanparty rdx200 crossfire opertron [email protected] 3ghzs 4gb ram


    i know im gonna be a little bottlenecked which i am already but i just want to squeeze little more out of this system till i could save up a 1000 or even 1500 and build a really nice pc.


    i was gonna put one together now for 500$ but i want one that has a decent path of upgrades in the future.



    sure my pc is handling all the games out now pretty good but like to get like couple fps on gta iv and crysis and the other big ones which plays decent.


    i know gta iv is pretty much for quads cores but if i could get at least 3 to 5 fps even on it that would be nice sense im getting around 20s avg now.


    this is the card i was thinking of getting http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814161269.


    and i herd you can crossfire the 4800 together like 4850 and 4870 which will cause a huge bottle neck on my cpu but should improve the performance some?


    than when i do build another pc i could just pop theses cards right into the new system.


    forgot to say i always play on 1920x1200 res with my 28in. so not sure if a bottleneck still is there or?

  8. bought the ColorVision Spyder2express @ the egg.


    and calibrated my 2 lcd 2 laptops even my 8.9 acer one lol and my crt that im running right now.


    why am i running a crt? that hanns 28 went on me after 2 weeks of having it...


    big line was in the middle of the screen and went away and keeps coming back...


    so i rma from newegg and hopefully i get a new one next week in good shape....


    didiint even get to use the spyder on it:(


    tho i blame ups because when i first got it was siting on my front step on its side with the box open i could see the lcd inside of the box... so they might of drop it or something...



    but anyways that spyder works pretty good:) i was suprized how good it made all my screens look even this gateway ev910 crt:) still miss my lcd tho:(

  9. still i would check to see if theres some on it because a pc can get infected just from connecting it to the net the first time.


    also are those cpu temps at load / while gaming?


    also whats your gpu temp while gaming?



    ony thing i could think of after that is run mem test for couple hours to test your memory


    and run superpi on 32mb to test the stability of your system.

  10. did you check for viruses and spy ware?



    because back than one of my other retired gaming machines use to do that and that was due to a spy ware.



    also whats your temps while playing games?


    because high temps will make the game minimized happen to me back than when my cpu was getting up there.

  11. ya its really is a nice screen:)


    i got the black one because i saw it came with X-Celerate not sure what it does but ya lol and i like to have Height Adjustments.


    i was gonna get the silver stand one because it was cheaper but saw that this one comes with a 30$ off promo code at checkout so was ony 10$ more:)


    it was a really big upgrade to my dell 20.1 which i did int think it was when i was waiting for it to come lol but i guess 8in is a big step up lol

  12. i own a ipod touch 2g 16gb also own a zune 30gb and own a ipod nano 3rd gen 4gb which i found and own 2 cobys 2gbs also own a really small journey 1gb mp3.


    out of all of them i say the ipod touch is my fav because its pretty much a small computer and a mp3 player:)


    i use it mainly for gaming:)


    the zune i use it pretty much everyday with my ipod touch because i pay for a zune sub and i could get every music out there:)


    i just wish the zune was more dependable as the ipods like this is my 2nd zune had to get it replaced because it just died and this one works ok but goes off from static electricy sometimes...


    the cobys my parents uses those and they pretty good.


    the jouney is good also but kinda small for all my music..


    the nano i use it as a backup:)


    i also use my dell pda x50v and my samsung phone for music sometimes when i want to go wireless with bluetoofth:)


    they all good.


    but i perfer the ipod touch because it could do alot more than all of them:)

  13. hmm maybe the best way is just not use the 160s? and use them in my other computer in raid sense 2tbs should be plenty i think on my main lol.


    can i run the 160s in non raid while running the tbs in raid? in case i want the 160s for docs and programs?:)



    tho i would like to copy the stuff i got on my 160s to the new drives thats gonna be in raid how would i do that?


    cause if i have lets see the 1tbs up and running in raid than i pop in my 160s which is in raid will windows show them so i could copy stuff over or does raid needs windows running on that drive to work?

  14. im gona be ordering 2 hard drives


    and i was looking at theses



    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16822136284 32 cache



    and i was looking at this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16822136151 16 cache


    so i was wondering is there a big difference from 16 to 32 cache? if there aint than i problee gona get the 16 because its cheeper.


    also i be running them in raid and i was wondering with my current hard drives which is 2x160gbs pretty sure they 8cache and i got them in raid can i use them with the new hdds in raid?


    well like have the 2x 1tbs in raid together than keep my current hdds intact as 2x160s.



    i know i cant have all 4 hdds togther in raid because that would put the 1tbs down to 160gbs .


    or do i have to run the 1tbs with out raid to run like that?




  15. ok i was wondering what kind of ups would i need for my pc.


    i see all kind of watt ups from 200watts to 900watts and was wondering if my pc has a 580watt 680watt at peak do i have to get a ups at those watts?



    like i would like to run my pc which in my sig which is pretty much a still powerful system


    and my lcd which is a 20.1 dell and my external 500gb hdd and another 2nd powersupply that runs my 2 sata 160gb hdds.


    what ups would power all that?


    sucks when the power goes out and im in a middle of a game and loose were i left off.. or if it damages my files.. or worse my hardware which haven't happen yet with vista when i had xp it mostly always mess up something just like it just did to my cousins xp box but system restore saved him.


    so i figure i should start looking for a ups:)


    also not sure if this should be in this thread or not so if its not right move it to the right place:)

  16. hmm ok seems like it was the 10mhz overclock was doing it WTH?


    whould that cause that? like right now i have it at 645 core and 1045mem if i put it to like 655 or 660 and 1060 mem it makes the hdd goes nuts.


    seems like i cant overclock much overstock with this card but if i lower my processor overclock it overclocks more?




    edit hmm still doing it when stock.


    can a raid get mess up somehow?


    what it seems like im runing out of memory but how can i with 2.5gbs? or maybee crysis pushs it over that with vista?

  17. im geting realy bad lag when my hard drive light comes on sometimes it will make it stop for like 5secs than it will go again...


    i even tried everything on low and it still does it so i know its not because i run with high settings plus i have a 4850:)


    but this realy kills my performence if the light doesint come on everything is realy smooth but when the hard drive starts loading something it goes nuts and i get under 10fps or even lower:(


    i also have raid 0 so it should be fast.


    what causes this?


    i was thinking its ram but i have 2.5gbs so it shouldint be a problem.

  18. ya think my cpu is holding me back in benchs because everybuddy is useing quad cores and stuf lol there not one opty on there with 4850 lol


    but in games pretty sure its runing as it should be because just tried grid and have everything maxed and 1680x1050 res and even 2xmsaa and geting 30s and 40s and 50s lol never drops under 30 its avging like high 30s and 40s:)


    aslong as it plays games fast i could care less what the score is on benchmarks:) its pretty decent on vantage tho geting the same as a quad core with a 4850:)


    tho if my psu has 2 rails thats 18 on one and 20 on the 2nd one does it combine when more is needed? i herd this card requires like 25amps min....


    like if i put the cpu at stock and try to overclock the video card it overclocks more than when the cpu is overclocked would my psu cause that?

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