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  1. i reinstalled my windows and now it ony says 137gb in c:drive. and i got 250gbs i aready installed sp2 but that still didint help???
  2. i checked the 5v it was 5.27 idel and 5.26 load than it goes back too 27 sometimes.
  3. ok heres my 2nd pc 12.09 idel and 12.20 load. this pc also got a demon 580watt 24amp on the 12volt.
  4. i just check the rails on my main psu powersuppy with a volt tester. its 12.16 at idel and 12.07 too 12.08 at load is this good? my psu is a demon 480watt 17amp on 12volt rail. im going too check my 2nd computer brb
  5. what if i just got 1 120mm fan in back ony should i still put the side fan blowing in. and will it do better blowing in instead of out even if my cpu fan is runing 3800 and pushing 80cf? and the side fan is right over the cpu fan about 1inch and a half close?
  6. what will be better for my setup for the window side fan i got it blowing out ?? i got the big 120mm in front of my case blowing in and i got 2 80mm fans together on the powersupply blowing in. and and the bottem 120mm fan on the powersupply is blowing in and out the back with another 80mm fan on the powersupply blowing out the back. and i got another 120mm fan in back of the case blowing out of the case and a vantec pci card cooler on bottom blowing up at the video card and my cpu fan is a thermatake ufo fan blowing in on my xp90c at 3800rpm. so what will be better for the side fan in or out? the side fan is right over the cpu fan.
  7. i think i stick with my puters but i do buy consoles i got all of them except the ataris:( i wait till they go down too 100$ than i think about it lol
  8. i just got back from dfi-street.com and they said never trust aspire??? heres what they said http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=16005. shouldint this psu blow my demon 480watt out of the water? mine ony got 17amps on 12volt and the aspire got 34amps. so i whould like too be shure whould this psu be good?
  9. the se doesint. i got a censor on mine and mine never hits over 51c on load idel is 35 too 41c and this is with the 8pipines unlock im useing this too cool it http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16835186110 my temps might be lower because i got that vantec card cooler under it too. and upgraded my cooling fans and stuff. i dont have the censor on it now too lazy but the last time i check it with it about 2weeks ago it was the temps i said up top.
  10. is this a good psu? http://www.xoxide.com/500waassuuvr.html
  11. well bad stuff that i dont like. im gona go try the windows one
  12. is there a way i could take bad stuff out of a movie or avis?
  13. thats why i haveint upgraded video cards yet my 9800se/pro still going stong even on bf2 doom 3 halflife 2. some how doom 3 plays on high and very high pretty good even with anti even my 9600xt haveint failed on me yet:)
  14. im thinking about geting the ufo one i seen a pic of it it got bright lights and does a good job of cooling:)
  15. or this one? http://www.xoxide.com/th12blledsmf.html
  16. what fan should i get? http://www.xoxide.com/thermaltake-starforc...blue-green.html or this onehttp://www.xoxide.com/ufofan.html? will they the job?
  17. is it better than the copper xp90? and were can i find this new heatsink?
  18. will this be a good fan for the xp90copper? http://www.xoxide.com/ufofan.html? i need a fan that will light up or be fancy and be good for cooling.
  19. load and with my temp sensor its 50c but i dont know which is right. i got the censor on the fins of the zalman 7000 close too the bottem. but the zalman seems like its working good on my 2nd system in my sig 30 too 36 idel and 49 too 48 load. so will the xp90s drop the temps better than the zalman?
  20. will heat cause prime too fail @ 6hrs? it was mostly failing @ [email protected] 1.72 and smartgarding saying 70c too 72c. and @ 2.5ghzs @ 1.62 it goes too 62c but it seems too pass. but my temp censor i got on the heatsnk are ony saying 50c when its @70c on smart. this is on the zalman 7000 is this heatsink supost too cool or is it mostly for noise? i got the stock 64bit heatsink on now and its @ 62 too 65c the zalman is ony runing 2c cooler. and i tried the zalman 7000 on my amd duron setup oc from 1600 too 2000ghz @ 1.56vcore and the max temp is 48 too 50c. so im not shure if the zalman 7000 good anuff for me. will a xp90 or copper cool alot better for me?
  21. i dont have the volt test right now but heres from windows 5v is 4.86 idel and it moves from 4.86 too 4.83. load and for the 3.3v its 3.26v at idel and 3.24 @ load. when i had the demon red back in this computer on volt tester it was 11.94 at idel and drops too 11.82 is that still good and whouldint give me problems? so i dont need a new psu? the new one whouldint help with my oc? and for the vcore it seems like it ony likes 1.72v @ 2.6ghzs any lower it whould restart in prime but it likes [email protected] 2.5ghzs the vcore on this board goes from 1.56 idel and 1.61 load. so i dont know what too do get a psu or hold off for awile.
  22. i maid this thread because it seems like the other one aint helping me that much i hope its ok. guys i just tried the red one back in the 580watt. and i check the rails with the volt tester and it reads 11.94 at idel and drops too 11.82 when im in prime. is the psu holding me back or is it a good psu? i got too know soon because if its causeing my problems i got too get the forton pretty soon. i just test @ 2.5ghzs 1.62vcore with prime and it passed 7hrs than i stoped it this is with the blue one its not stable @ [email protected] 1.72vcore fails @ 6hrs some times it fails @ 10min the first time than will go longer next time. so will my demons cause this? heres the rails for them both. volt tester. the red one in my other machine is 12.12 idel and 12.25 load and the blue one is 12.31 idel and 12.22 load in this machine are they good or bad?
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