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  1. sp2 does not work. and zone alarm doesint support it. but im useing tiny firewall 64.
  2. ok thanks i will try that:) another thing does sp2 work with 64bit xp?
  3. is there any? my sygate doesint work with it:(
  4. on a fresh window install i got it runing at 2.65ghzs @ 1.65vcore and my ram is runing at [email protected] but i did have too higher the volts too 3volts whould it hurt too run this at this? it might hit 2.7 but im not shure till i install windows on my other drive for oc testing. i post screenshots later
  5. the highest i could do is 67 with internet explorer. but i tried 63 than open windows media player than play music on it and make it loop it. than i tried GTA San Andreas and everything played smooth well not too smooth im useing my uncles bfg 5200 than i went back and everything is runing is hypertransport that amd has the same what intel got hypertheading?
  6. can any one open over 67 web pages up? because when i do i could ony do 67 and than it makes a windows ding. is that the max?
  7. all i can fine is a 5700le from newegg and has 128mb and lower clock and mem speed than the 5600.
  8. my cuz got a T2895 Emachines and hes wondering what cpu can he make it? its got a 2.8ghz celeron. and he trying too get this video card too http://amamax.com/ge56pciwddrd1.html is this a good pci card? hes got a 440mx how much diff will he see?
  9. my wd 250gb got the same problem. when i had my hdd cooler on the hardrive it was reading 24c too 28c and a month later i was geting real bad problems. my hardrive was slowing down and turning off and on. so i took off the cooler and it was fine ever sence its reading 32c idel and about 38c load for the hardrive now. i thought every hardware like too be cool
  10. good news we found the motors for ony 40$ both:) off of a 85 firebird junk car. there was even a good hood with a nightrider hood style with a hood scoop so we got that too ony 100$ its in good shape needs painted. when we get it on i will show new pics but that might be about another month or weeks because it needs sanded and painted and we need too trace the bird that is on the car now so we could paint it on the new hood is the pics working now?
  11. we called someone they said it sounds like something with the wireing with the car?
  12. i did drove my ants 1985 ta with a 302 or a 350 v8 and us firebird seems like it gots more power lol even the garages said they cant tell the diff from a v12 jagwire too us car maybee its real tuned or something and on the freeway my mom had it up too 90mph and it still wanted too go and she ony was touching the gas and my dad said it gots lots of power for a v6:) and he should know he had a 1969 dodge charger 440 rt wish he whould of kept that car the pics are working for me.
  13. here they are http://img292.imageshack.us/img292/9607/imag00185te.jpg http://img292.imageshack.us/img292/939/imag00172zh.jpg http://img292.imageshack.us/img292/5408/imag00161xc.jpg http://img292.imageshack.us/img292/6177/imag00151yp.jpg i get better shots later when it gets sunny and when it gets wash by the way we just got the Rear Window Louvers about a month ago for ony 25$ forgot about the engine its a 2.8fuelinjection auto trans and it clean but it gots lots of power for a v6 tho ony got 85,000 miles and it just sounds like a v8 too i got muffer tips on both tail pipes when you push the gas padal it throws you back and takes off it whould have alot more power but it needs tune or a censor it revs up and down when it just sits.
  14. yep same here i allways like the look of the 80s firebirds and Camaros we went with the firebird tho and because of the movie knightrider i call it my custem knightrider it looks like kitt but we got it black and gold and with a knightrider light in front i show pics of it when it turns day here
  15. i realy dont want them too stick up all the time tho:( i think it whould look stupit in the day lol the car is realy trick out i dont want it too look stupit but i allways love flip up lightes tho. i like how the hood goes down like a corvette.
  16. me and my mom and dad are trying too figure this out. the pop up headlightes sometimes doesint pop up like one goes up and the other stays down. than it starts too go back down when we are driveing. than sometimes we got too pull them up. for couple days they both go up but they go up alittle bit than go down some than they go right up. we check the motors they are spining we even oil them it seem like it help a little. but they still have trouble.
  17. i just got my very own volt tester by the way how do i test the 3.3v rail?
  18. i had over 180gb of games lol this time i ony installing the ones that i will be playing
  19. you should be fine i get 54c load and everything is fine. i had this computer for over 7months.
  20. should i make my 250gb in 2 drives? like the biggest for games and 10gb for windows? or keep it all in one?
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