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  1. i tried the acrtic cooler rev 3 on it. its still the same but it runs much cooler. the problem im having is its like a checker board or squars on the headlights in need for speed underground 1 and 2. and im ony seeing them on farcry on the water butwhen i turn the water on low its fine. it realy doesint bother me and the card plays fine. so will it be ok too run it like this? and should i keep the artic cooler rev 3 on it instead of the stock fan?
  2. i just tried farcry it plays real good with everything on:) just one little problem in the water i see them little checkerd squars not alot but some. too make them go away i put the water settings on low and it was all good. but i think all i need too do is disable the z buffer or something like that. or it could be geting hot. but befor i put on my artic cooler rev 3. i want too try the z buffer off first but i cant get rage3d working. its just showing blank??
  3. i started up nfsu2 and touch the back of the card and i couldint keep my fingure on it for 5 too 10secs. i tried touching the heatsink that was hot too. whould that cause stuff like this? the faded checkerboard comes on ony in the headlights of the nfsu series and other game ony in lightes.
  4. i got rage3d tweak install but when i go too it its all blank why?
  5. i tried overclocking from 380core too 385 and i start seeing arts in atitool. so it looks like it geting hot like my first one. thats problee the problem with arts on doom 3 on the menu:) i just got too figure how too cool it. im try too avoild the artic cooler rev 3. becuause maybee thats what kill my first card im not shure.
  6. i just tried couple more games gtasa and flatout and Battlefield 2 all play smooth and no dots or checkerboard. so is this safe too keep it at this?
  7. i just tried fear demo i had everything all most on with 2anti 4 and it was smooth i didint see a checkerboard i just see some white lines. i ony saw 2 of them then they went away it might be geting hot that could be the most problem. but im gona use the stock one and game with it some more hours and see if its good but so far its cool
  8. ok thanks. ya my card is a powercolor and red with l shape mem and black fan. and its a -c3 380core stock and 340mem stock and 256bit. the faint checkerboard doesint bother me becasue it cant be realy seen much its realy faint. if it doesint hurt it i just keep it. because i dont feel like rmaing it again and use my uncles 5200 again and i another reason i dont want too rma it is i might get a worse one and it seems too play doom 3 better than my first one. i got it on high 4x anti and 1024x768 and no laging very smooth.
  9. ya im useing the 5.7 softmod drivers. the ony problem im haveing with checkerboard is opengl. like in doom i ony see a faint checkerboard on the menu and i cant realy see it in game. will it hurt it too run like this? too me it looks like its overheating like my first one. than i put the artic cooling rev 3 on it and it went away. i might try it later with this car. i just wondering will it hurt it too run it like this? atitool doesint detected anything and RTHDRIBL tool is good too. and i dont see nothing wrong in aqa3.
  10. i tried aquamark i got 48,518 no overclocking so far doing good. i didint even see artfects how do i post a score when i click submit. it says page cannot be found.
  11. i think i got a pretty good one here:) i tried the puisher its plays real fast with no artfects and i tried need for speed underground 2 and it played real fast with everything on anti too at 1280x1024:) but when i was playing longer i started too see little black things not many tho and a fainted checkerboard that you cant see till you look harder. but too me it looks like its overheating like my first card whould do with the stock cooler. im gona try other games and see if it gives any problems. but so far it good. its much better than the last rma it was showing color dots everywere even on the desktop and you couldint even see playing games.
  12. it came back today:) i didint try it yet i hope it mods its brand new this time it came with cds and wires in the box. im gona try it in about hour so wish me luck i post back when i get it in.
  13. im not shure if thats the motherboard right one because i dont think he has a agp slot. i problee got too ask him too look again.
  14. my cuz got a emachine t- i for got the name. but his specs is 2.8 celeron 512mb ram. and i told him too try super-pi 1mb and it did 1min and 55secs is that bad? or is it just the celeron? because i compaired it too my laptop compaq 700us 900mhzs duron and 256mb ram and that did 2min and 50sec pretty close too it. i couldint compair it too my systems in my sig. because my fisrt rig does 36secs and my duron [email protected] scores 55secs. is a duron faster than a celeron that much? and how much diff whould it be if he got a p4 2.8ghzs aganist his celeron? will it be faster and faster in games? and were can we find one because his systembus is 100mhzs. so im pretty shure its a 400mhzs fsb cpu. heres his test its pretty old the 9200 died and he had too use a 440mx. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=ASY79WN4L8US1Y1U
  15. good news befor i format i tried this software it free so far. its called recover my files and i got my stuff back. i copyed the stuff too my main computer drive 100gbs of stuff mosty games. than im format and install windows than gona put it back in my main computer and copy the files back too it but this software is realy good. pc inspector couldint even find all of it. it was all in pieces lol but recover my files is a keeper
  16. thats what im doing now but i cant get too the drive. it says h:\ is not accessible:(
  17. still didint work:( i even tried winxp recovery console and try fixboot and fix mbr it said it did both of them. but still showed that ide message. so im gess there ony one thing left format:(? when i do format can i get my stuff back with pc inspector?
  18. i tried that after i did that it didint do anything. so i restarted and it says the same thing:(
  19. i tried it in my other pc and when i try checkdisk it says master file is corupted and i cant get too the stuff on the drive:(
  20. i dont think the bios is mess up. because it boots too the windows cdrom fine. i just want too get my windows back and my games if i can. should i pop it in my main pc as a slave and try changeing the cluster size again?
  21. it says searching for boot record from ide-0..ok than it just sits there.
  22. when i was changing my cluster size on my 2nd computer too 4kbs on ntfs. the lightes went out from a thunder storm:( now it wont detect my hdd. it keeps says finding ide. is there anyway i could get my windows back runing? by the way i didint know theres a storm coming till my mom called from work. than the lightes blink off and on i was useing partition magic 8.0 when the lightes went out
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