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  1. will this work?


    if i copy my drive which is 2x160 in raid with acronis true image than use that image on a new drives which are gonna be 2x1tbs in raid?



    does the new drives needs windows on it for it to work also?


    i never did imaging on raid so im not sure if this is possible?


    i have 2x1tbs in my system now but they not in raid because i was using them for storage and the 160s for windows.


    so im gonna have like 4tb of storage:)



    also got a amd phenom 965 125watt coming on the way to:)

  2. ya that's what im using on mine 2x fans push and pull.


    i was hopeing it will stay under 50c at load but i guess that's asking to much when you running over 1.5v threw the cpu...


    kram how do you have you fans on the radiator blowing in the case or out?


    i have mine blowing in sense i herd that's how it suppose to be and it does seem like it cool it down couple c but not really sure lol


    also you using the stock thermal pad on it or paste? and if you using paste did you see a difference than using the pad? right now im just using the pad

  3. hmm that chip is doing really good :b33r:


    might be my next upgrade over my 940:)



    tho would i see any difference from my [email protected]?


    finally i got the 940 stable at that speed it was that coolmaster 212 plus causing it to not go to that for some reason...


    i bought a corsair h50 water cooler couple days ago and so far that made it stable lol tho the temps is around the same at first but so far its getting cooler each day @1.55vcore its under 55c now with high speed fan on max its around 51 to 53c with the cool master 212 it was almost around 60c....


    i really never like how the 212 mounts... just didn't seem to go on right and not tight and was a pain to get on.... and it put really bad marks on my 940.... took half of the numbers off of the heat spreader...



    tho it seems with the 965 i wont have to raise the volts that high and should be cooler than this cpu.



    also lugnut is that the 125watt or the 140watt 965? cause i saw newegg has the 125watt one and wondering will that overclock more than the 140watt im sure it will be cooler.

  4. im crossfireing a 4890 and a 4850 ya i know kinda a waste of the 4890 and the extra 512mb .... but it is a bit faster with the 4850 with it like 10 to 25fps more.


    but there's a problem sometimes like maybe every 10sec there's a skip and it drops like 30fps


    like on left 4 dead 2 im getting 160 to 170fps with crossfire before with just the 4890 i was getting 130s to 140 but every 10sec there's a slow down skip that drops the fps is it because im mixing the 2 cards or drivers or a tweak i have to do??


    oh i also using windows 7 64bit


    im just trying to squeeze little more out till the 5890 comes out:)

  5. hmm really aint a problem for me sense i don't used memory cards but it still sucks for people that use those ones that's effected...


    but i still love my 360:) i had mine sense early 2007 and never had one problem with it.


    and i love the features it has like netflix:)


    and my favorite series forza!! just got forza 3 collectors ed the day it first came out really good game.


    i was thinking of getting a ps3 but pretty much every game on it is mostly are on 360 so kinda useless for me but if the price drops to 200 250 than i might consider it sense i usely buy alll the systems and ps3 is the ony one i don't got lol


    but ya pc forever!!!:)

  6. i have a Toshiba 57in dlp that i bought around 2007 and i don't have the rainbow effect and don't lag in video games at all.


    so far the bulb still kicking lol sense i bought it new in 2007 that's the ony thing i worry about going on it..


    but other than that i love it:)


    when i go look in big stores i look at lcds and plasmas and to me they don't look as good as my dlp at all.




    oh and for not being bright its problee to save on the bulb life like wdeyd said:)



    i keep mine down to sense its not needed in my living room and seems like it saves on the bulb alot hopefully i could get at least another year before replacing the bulb.



    oh and for sound ya the sound is really nice on them problee sense they bigger than lcds and plasmas they have that big booming and clear sound i use it sometimes when i don't feel like turning on my coby home theater which is a pain to turn on...

  7. ok i just went on my wow account just to check on stuff and everything is quiet...


    so i went to the chat channels and they blanked out ony ones working is general chat and local defence and guild and party


    others like trade and stuff aint working but when i went in a town like stormwind it was working.


    so is that how it suppose to be? or should all the chats be available always even out of town?



    right now im at stranglehorn vale nesingwarys expendition and ony chat channels work is general chat and local defense and guild.


    trade and looking for group is blank out and cant be turn on..



    its been a good couple months sense i played just log on and check stuff and quit and been on other mmos so might of got confused or something lol

  8. Thanks terry for that pdf:)


    i did what that pdf said but had to run it with super user mode and it poped up the installer and restarted and it worked everything is nice and stable:)


    i also tried envyng and it had the same driver i had before which didn't work right


    so i just manually did it and it worked:)

  9. wubi is just a installer not a os it installs unbuntu 9.04 in windows than when you boot up the computer it lets you pick os you have. and doesn't mess with you windows installs.


    i also tried to manually install them which i downloaded the drivers from ati but i cant find ati instructions..

  10. ok so i saw wubi which you could install that in windows and it wont mess up your windows install so i figured i give it a try again just to mess with sense i need windows sense im a gamer:)



    so the install went fine but when i try to enable those cool desktop effects it says i needed a driver and it will install it for me.


    so i let it install it and said i need to restart so i did and when it came back to the desktop theres a red amd box in the bottom corner and said not supported but the effects seems to work sense the windows wobble and stuff.


    than i got freezing while opening firefox and other programs and stuff started to get really slow so had to restart and the problem is still there.


    with out the effects and the driver everything is fine but i cant run 3d stuff sense the driver is not installed.


    so is ati aint that great in linux? not supported?




    because i also installed it on my laptop asus g50vt-x5 nvidia 9800gts with windows 7 just to mess with sense i use that for gaming to and everything is fine the driver installed fine and effects works and i even installed wine and tried few of my steam games left 4 dead and killing floor and they played just not that great.


    when i try wine with my desktop it will freeze and have to quit back to the desktop and that's really slow and have to restart.

  11. you should look into ocz freeze paste.


    thats what im useing right now and for me its seems to be better than artic silver or any other paste i used.


    and its easy to spread on and take off and non conductive.



    on my system its like 3 to 5c cooler than the artic sliver and the artic sliver was in a cooler room temp than the ocz:)


    but maybe its because my artic sliver tube is couple years old.


    but im still gona use this paste for now on also theres good reviews of it.


    and i dont have to worry about it killing my hardware:)


    but in the future i might try that diamond paste herd really good things about that stuff:)

  12. ok while i was looking in task manager i saw that i have 2242 free and 961 cached and it says 4086 total and i was wondering why the cached and free doesint add up to the total ram??


    its also useing 1.29gb of ram right now but if you add that up with thoes two it would be over 4gbs.


    in everest it shows right free is 2702 used 1382 and that adds up to 4086.



    so is that just how vista managements memory?



    does anyone else taskmanager doesint add up to the total 4086?



    i also check my laptop asus g50vt-x5 with 4gb of ram and vista 64bit and the cached and free also doesint add up to the total amount of ram.



    i just want to make sure i dont have bad memory sticks or something lol

  13. little update with the temps i tried my old heatsink which is the coomaster geminin 2 but couldint find all the screws for socket am2 so i just used 2 of them and tried it when idleing it was fine but as soon as i loaded prime it jumped really high 60s and got to 70c...


    so problee thoes 2 screws did that lol cause that heatsink kept my opteron [email protected] 1.54vcore under 60c all the time even when its hot like 85f in the house.


    than i was thinking of puting ocz paste back on sense artic silver wasint doing its job was geting to 61 to 62c... and when i took the heatsink off it wasint spreaded at all it was still in the middle of the heatsink...


    and when i took the geminin off when i tried it with the ocz paste it was all spreaded over the cpu nicely.


    so got the coolmaster 212p on again with ocz and the temps are cooler like 3 to 4c 5c cooler mainly at load than the artic silver which was allways hiting 60c up to 62c. the ocz was around 56 to 57 and max out at 58 but went down to 57c.


    maybe its because the artic sliver is couple years old???


    but it seems like im gona be useing ocz freeze for now on lol


    even on reviews it showed it beat artic silver by couple degrees



    still no updates on more overclocking but 3.7ghzs @1.47v is 100% stable:)


    i even upped the hyper transport clock at 2612mhzs and northbridge clock to 2612mhzs not sure if they make performence better tho?


    and still have my ram @ 1161mhzs stable:)



    oh and ya my os 64bit vista but if i use 32bit i wont beable to use up all my ram lol maybe thats why i see peaple on 3dmark useing 2gb of ram and 3gb? when there cpus is over 4ghzs and 5ghzs? lol



    little update with cooling well seems like it does cool alot better than the artic silver did before when i tested with the house air on and down to 20c 65f room temp it still was geting to 59 to 60... so right now im runing the air again and so far temps isint going above 55c with the ocz paste pretty much its goes to 54 to 55c back and forth and this is with a room temp at about 25c to 27c 80 83f.


    so about 5 to 6c better than artic silver did with the air on and the artic silver was runing in colder room temp to.


    maybe my tube is to old or something not sure lol or maybe this coolmaster 212p likes softer paste?

  14. k a update:)


    i went ahead and remounted the heatsink and put on artic silver instead of ocz paste and tried [email protected] and it was prime stable for 13hours so i say thats 100% stable:)


    and than today i tried [email protected] it failed but than i upped it to 1.47v and so far its passing and its been like 6 or 7hours so far:)


    so it seems like the heatsink or ocz paste wasint makeing a good bound togther...


    cause everything started to get unstable it never passed 3.6ghzs or 3.7ghzs at thoes volts.


    but one problem i have now is the temps they around 58 to 59c now... before even with 1.55v it never went to 60c so it does seem like the ocz paste cools better than artic silver by like 3 to 5c... this is also with room temp at around 65f 20 to 22c.


    unless its because artic silver still needs to work threw for 200hours maybe than it will drop.


    but with the ocz seems like the cpu just wasint keeping stable.. or maybe the heatsink wasint that tight on.


    but it looks like i wont be buying another coolmaster heatsink in the future lol they just to hard to put on and get it line up right...


    just like my coolmaster gemmin 2 i went to try it on this but when i took it off the 939 system the screws thats on the plate that goes on the cooler was stuck on like solder which wont work on the am2 because the screws is in diffrent places... so i couldint use that backplate to test the gemmin on this phenom....


    but atleast its stable so far and also got the ram runing at a stable 1161mhzs.

  15. you mean like if i open paint or notepad and just put something in it and than close it and that message pops up and say do you want to save it or dont save?


    if so nope it doeisnt make a sound on any of my vistas systems:) pretty much normal in vista.

  16. yep going down to 240mhzs doing no 3d work is normal for these 4890s its suppost to do that to go in low powermode:)



    at first i thought my card was reading wrong till i loaded a game or something 3d and it went up to normal clocks:)



    nothing to worry about:)

  17. hmm do you think either the motherboard or cpu got a defect? i also tried 3.6ghzs and it was priming pretty good than i quit it and went to play unreal tourament 3 and it did the same thing prime and occt does..... than it created a minidump...


    seems like each day it gets a worser overclock and keep going down.


    i even went as far takeing the motherboard out of the case just incase theres a short and it did the same thing... so thats not the problem. i also tested my psu again and its soild @ 12.12 and doesint even move when theres load on it.


    is it possable that the heatsink could be causeing problems of some kind? or the thermal paste?

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