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  1. thanks all4sma when i go back out i pick that up:) were do you get it will it be in any auto shops? by the way i forgot too say when the car sits idel sometimes the car will rev up and down alittle bit not alot but you can hear it. than sometimes its on the 2 on the rpm thing instead of the 1 or below that as it should.
  2. this realy aint a big deal but i like too get this car too 100% when i was changeing the airfilter. while i was at it i cleaned the thoutelbody and when i was spraying theres was alot of black stuff comeing out i got most of it but im shure theres more. and i was wondering what whould cause this? is it normal? or? like when we push the pedel too go theres like something trying too hold it back than it goes the car has alot of power even more when we change the air filter. but i whould like too get it too top shape.by the way the car is mutiport fuel injection 2.8 v6. and the car pops when we start it up after awhile like 3days.
  3. power defragmenter 1.82 is a realy good defragmenter. it gets my computer down too 0% and 1% all the time. and i got about 100gb+++ of games and movies just click download. and run the program in powermode. http://core.billias.net/index.php?v=51&d=17
  4. i got about 20 2 main ones is in my sig. than i got about 6 laptops compaq 1692 / compaq 700us my 2 fastest ones. than heres the rest toshiba t4500 old/ than a old 80s ibm ps2/ than heres the mac laptops powerbook 150/ powerbook 2300c. thats it with the laptops. heres the desktops hp xe783/ emachines etower 633ids. than a packerbell legend 1510 serpreme. than a compaq 433 or 435 all in one desktop/ than a gateway 2000 tower/ and 3 old custems computer one is ak6 233mhz than the other one is a 225mhzs k6/ than the other one is a intel pent 1 133mhz my first computer kinda/ than a old 1981 too 1985 laser turbo xt cant even find it on the net lol than a other computer thats 40mhzs. than i got a mac performa 6360. than a powermac 7100/80. than i got 2 mac plus's than i got a classic mac l l. than i got a mac se. so thats all my computers i know that too much but i mosty found the older desktops siting out. except the 233mhzs which i got from the goodwill and the 233mhzs desktop and the powerbook 150/and i got the mac plus's and the se from there too and the toshiba and the old ibm laptop. i got the 2300c from ebay. the 1692 is my first laptop too. every computer works 100% too:)
  5. 43c load temp is very good and cool. i say any temp lower than 55c is good. mine gets too 54c on a very hot day. my oc is [email protected] had it up too 2.65ghz but i had too force 1.65v for that still was under 60c tho.
  6. thats why i got mine dual boot but so far im likeing 64bit winxp. seems more stable and games plays faster like juiced that game use too be alittle laggy but not any more
  7. i just ran 3dmark 2003 heres the test>>>>> winxp 64bit scores 5839. winxp 5804. so far 64bit is doing better not much tho. but its a keeper:)
  8. i got mine setup as dual boot:) so far i like 64bit better. it seems better on windows on internet and in games than in reg windows
  9. well we aint selling the truck its a good truck. but we geting a tranny for it for ony 300$ 65k miles they concider it new. and someone puting it in for about 170$. so thats alot better than geting another problem car. we ony put like the fuel filter in and this. this will be the 2nd part we put in it sence we had it. that is like 5yrs ago. and this truck goes too hell and back so i think its worth it. its pretty denpenable. and it allways passs inspections.
  10. sence we had the truck we didint change the transmission fluid and the filter. but we herd if we change the fluid the tranny whould go. because one of us broncos went like that befor when we got the fluid change. by the way i ment newspapers sorry
  11. to day my mom and dad came home from delivering papers and told me the tranny is going. my mom said after about hour and 30mins it started too rev like it was in N gear when she push on the gas. it was doing it all mornining they said. than they came home from papers. and she told me they gona leave it sit and cool down for about 2hrs. me and my mom took it for a test drive and it was driveing pretty good shifting gears right on and everything and has alots of power going up hils. if the tranny was going whouldint it be jerking and whouldint have power going up hill? we kept going around the block about 5 too 8 times up hills and it was fine. my dad said when he felt the tranny or by it was pretty hot when it was doing it for them doing papers. if it was overheating whould that cause theses problems? edit wish we could get out of theses papers it kill Vehicals. this little tracker goes threw hell everyday:( it gots 150,000miles not shure if the tranny is the same. but what do you think it could be?
  12. by the way guys here his new test http://www.pcpitstop.com/pcpitstop/Summary...T1CNWC4BURSRPTU im his cuz i told him too try installing new drivers that still didint fix the problem. whould overheating cause this problem? because he said the last time he look there was alot fo dust and he clean some of it out. and the video card was dusty too. i told him too clean it when he wakes up tonight. and i told him too try his ati 9200 and see if it works. that was the card he was useing last year but one day the computer was blank and the computer wasint starting up. so he pop in the 440 and it booted right up. so i hope the ati whould come back from the dead lol will see tonight. i post back or he will.
  13. http://www.xoxide.com/ovcokit.html i got a xp90c with a ufo fan and a window with a 80mm fan. will it work with it? and will i see improvement? my temp right now is 53max load and 34 too 37 idel.
  14. ok thanks i was trying too put more ram in it sdram 128mb but it whouldint take it i think the max is 96mbs. it has 64mb now. i just dont know what too use it for i might use it for older games. it runs pretty fast as it is now on win me. i tried winxp on it last year and some how it was pretty fast on it but i couldint find any drivers for the video card or anything alse. i got too many computers lol heres a old test with it with the 420mx not in it now and 96mb ram ony 64mb now and a 20gb 7200rpm wd not in it now. ony has a 6gb 5400rpm. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=FBFVAWQEFZMSQ8SU
  15. i got a amd k6 233mhzs computer and a intel 700mhzs celeron computer whats faster?
  16. cool:) i might get that on christmas for it. how did you mount it on the card? i wish i could get more out of the mem it seems like it realy helps in games alot. right now im runing the card 535core and 666mhzs mem and i get about 8 too 15fps extra from just doing that. any ideas too cool the mem off more and get extra mem?
  17. the good thing i see with the stock cooler when i took it off. it cools the rams too and they had paste on it too. i replied the paste with cermic instead of artic siver 5 because that might have killed my first 9800se. and i dont want too go threw that again with this 9600xt too but it did lowered my temps with the new paste i still wished i could installed the rev 3 too see what it does. it fits on the card and everything but i cant power the fan:(
  18. well guys i dont think it will work with it for some reason the fan plug is not the same. the 9600xt is a 3 prong and the cooler is a 2 prong like my 9800se:(
  19. will it work with it? its a asus 9600xt 128mb 128bit and will it be better than the stock one? that spins at 6500rpms?
  20. Supported Chipsets at Time of Release: ATI Radeon 7200/7500/8500/9000/9200/9500/9700/9800/x800 nVIDIA GeForce 2 (excluding MX series)/GeForce3/GeForce4/GeForceFX yep it supports it. but im not shure how it will run it. i never played that game. but it will come on and play.
  21. right now im useing 5.1cats because anything over 5.2 they skip real bad on this screensaver called space plasma 3d screensaver. can anybuddy try this screensaver for me? it does it on my other computer too that has my 9600xt in it.
  22. a 9800pro is pretty powerfull card. and for future games it seems like it can hold up well because i could play FEAR SP Demo on 1024x768 with every settings up except i got 1 on mem. but it very playable the lowest frame i got on it is 25fps the highest is 140 and the avg is between 35 too 60fps and this is a modded 9800se @pro. but chris is right it is geting old but its still a pretty stong card. the newer cards are better tho like the 6600gt and the higher ones and they prettty cheep $$$ but why i never make that jump yet is because this card is keeping me good and i dont want too go too nvidia i like too stay ati my next card will be a x800 problee on christmas.
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