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  1. i didint do nothing too my system it had 9.0c on here befor but i had too uninstall it and my video card drivers and thats where the problem comes in i use dx buster too uninstall directx is there a better one? 9.0b installs fine
  2. just tried 9.0c now its says the components are ready for use but it says 9.0b in dxdiag could it be sp2 doing this problem?
  3. it says 7.0 befor becaze i use dx buster now i installed 9.0b im trying 9.0c now
  4. im so sorry about that i forgot too put directx in its directx 9.0c i cant install
  5. everytime i try too install it it says its aready too use and its not it still says 7.0
  6. can i delete this in windows folder? ServicePackFiles
  7. ok i got it install my computer working smooth but it took alot of space were is the installing files at for sp2 and sp1 so i could delete them
  8. i just got a update in auto update for sp2 should i install that one does that one got all the bugs out? its in windows update too
  9. ok i just read the auto update ony lets you have sp2 when it comes out but they got it on microsoft.com shouk i install that or wait till it comes out and is that a beta on microsoft.com?
  10. is it not the beta? and should i install it? will it make my computer run smoother?
  11. did you try too disable prefetcher in regeidit? make it 0 than delete all the files in prefetcher in windows that help me now the bar loads ony 1 time
  12. maybee mine needs bettter cooling becaze its 9800se modded with 8piplines just like the 9800 pro and maybee the 9800ses heatsink is junk becaze its the black one not the siver one like the 9800pro and plus it will help my case temp becaze if i put my hand over the card i feel alot of heat. and should i run 4piplines ony till i get the new cooler too be safe?
  13. i problee wont overclock rightaway it realy for the heat issue becaze it real hot on the back of the card and one of them litte clips broke off on the one it came with and the heat sink is a litte tilted but it seems like it still works but i think it whould work alot better than the stock one becaze i herd the stock ones are junk.
  14. i just order the Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer i seen alot of pitsters have them on there 9700s and 9800s does it cool better than the stock heat sink? mine is a 9800se moded 8piplines and came with the same core and mem that the 9800 pro has and its the black heatsink fan it doesint seem like it cools it down becaze its hot when you touh it. one more thing do i need the ram heatsinks for the mem or can i just use the cooler?
  15. im thinking too buy a new fan and heatsink for my 9800se but what is the best one for it? i was looking at this one http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-186-110&depa=0 and this one http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-110-107&depa=0 which one is better or is there a bettter one thats 20$ or under?
  16. and if it was overheating whouldint it be locking up or showing artfects?
  17. i got a litte bad news one of the black prongs broke off when i was trying too put it back on but it went on with one but it is a little tilted but not by much will it hurt too run it with it like that till i get a new cooler this week? theres no artfects nowere
  18. heres the pic of the card http://www.newegg.com/app/Showimage.asp?im...-131-236-01.JPG
  19. do you meen a pic of the card and paste?
  20. ok im trying it now but befor i do is ceramigue arctic silrer thermal paste better than the thermal pad or what ever on the 9800 card? and will it cool it better? and how much should i put on?
  21. ok i try it tonight i let everyone know how it went.
  22. i dont think you need a screwdriver it got 2 black pins with spings on them
  23. how do i take off my 9800se its just like the pro with 8piplines and core and mem just with the black fan i tried too take it off but its hard as hell.
  24. i think doom 3 is great and i think the 3d on doom is a litte better than farcry becaze i could run farcry with everything up even anti alias on and on doom im haveing trouble even on high settings at 1024x768 but if i put it on veryhigh its ok but skips alitte i think its my 512mb mem becaze if i go thew the stage than go back its real smooth. but i still like playing farcry
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