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  1. what about that program that makes maxtors hdd faster it called maxblast or somthing?
  2. i herd about a speed thing for matrox called with a max or something i forgot
  3. no its 4500rpms its says it in aida
  4. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=X1HF9WRQTFRS4SAE heres a test
  5. one more probem it says about my cahe speed is low on the matrox drive maybee becaze it a 4500rpm drive but is there anyway i could speed it up so it wont get that on the test? and when i did disk health it said something about plugin?
  6. i just wrighted 0s too my hdd and now its not showing up in windows ony in device manger how can i use it?
  7. realy i cant aford too get anything right now so i think im gona try avast
  8. im thinking of trying Avast any good?
  9. whats the best free virus software that gets all virus i tried avg and it didint find all the virus
  10. i like diskepper lite the best i use voptxp too but diskeeper lite seems the best on my system it takes longer but gets everything and voptxp stops from 5500 than leaves 1000 too 2500 gaps on my system and i run lite and it gets all of them maybee lite is for alot of program becaze i got alot of games about 80gigs of them.
  11. ok i think i found the problem it was the controll panel i uninstall it and every is fine now i think smartgart was doing it now i cant change setting tho now is there anyway i could change settings with out the controll panel or how can i get rid of smartgart?
  12. i think i need mod drivers that are signed for winxp too make it work is there any?
  13. ok im useing the regular drivers from ati 4.8 cats with no mod and it works fine with sp2 but if i installed the mod ones it skips and lags and even if i mod the 4.8 it doe sthe same thing than i uninstall sp2 and i could use my mod 8pipelines again so theres a bug in sp2 with the mod drivers
  14. it never does it with 8piplines on sp1 tho
  15. should i uninstall sp2? and will there be updates for problems in sp2 soon? or will this fix the problems if i reformat windows and installed sp2 instead sp1 on a fresh install?
  16. so far nobuddy haveing trouble with sp2 and radeon:( i just dont know what causeing this i tired every driver too.
  17. it is sp2 doing it becaze i tried sp2 last week and it was doing the same thing than i uninstalled it and it was fine but i whould like too know why im haveing this problems and not my uncle?
  18. im haveing trouble with my games after i installed sp2 now my games is makeing a skiping sound in gta vice city and gta 3 and big muther truckers and some ather games and it makeing it skip awhile it makeing that sound my uncle installed sp2 too and not haveing problems with games and his system is the same as mine exept i got a radeon 9800se mod in pro and his got a 5200fx.
  19. the screen aint 14yrs old pcpitstop didint detect it right becaze i got a 5yrs laptop and a 2yrs old laptop and a new desktop and it says the same thing
  20. i had too uninstall mine too many problems with some games and directx 9.0c never uninstall dx 9.0c on sp2 it will not install for some reason lol
  21. i did it with the beta and there was no problems i whould do a reformat but theres about 80gig of stuff on here
  22. i unistalled sp2 back too sp1 and everything is fine now it shows 9.0c theres got too be a bug in it when you unistall dx 9.0c you cant get it back lol and my games play better
  23. yep it says the components are ready for use but it dont say directx 9.0c in dxdiag but when i install 9.0b it installs maybee its a sp2 bug?
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