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  1. ya i think i got the nforce drivers. what drivers should i use?
  2. yep i tried what bruce said and it still didint want too print:( how easy is it too wright my own driver?
  3. is there anyway i could hook up the printer too another computer and than share the printer over the network with my other systems and this one? and how can i do that?
  4. is there any way i could get this printer working with 64bit windows xp? because the driver that came with it doesint work:(
  5. heres the test http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=C0DKNW9PC8CS3DQU im wondering why is the uncached speed is ony 32mb on e:\ that were my winxp 64bit is installed. scoreing lower than c:\ reg winxp?
  6. yep my first dfi died 7days after i got it. but thats a risk and luck you take with any part. i rma too the egg and they sent a new one. and i had it close too a year now rock soild does anything i want it too do:) heck even 1 of my rams was bad so the board wasint the ony thing that was bad. doesint meen i aint going too buy another dfi just because of that lol because i will when this dfi gets slow. so far it isint and its not even max out yet:) imagine when i do max it out with a 3700cpu and 3gbs of ram and raid and a x800xt that im geting on christmas:) the cpu and ram and raid problee got too wait tho. heck its even playing the lastest games like quake 4 on high with everything on and 1024x768 and geting over 30fps smooth with my 9800se:)
  7. if you try too run 2 video apps on each screen it will slow down with both screen on 1 card. with a 2nd card i think you could run both and not slow down. am i right?
  8. it seems too run faster on my 9800se on high than doom 3 lol doom 3 still runs smooth on it tho.
  9. im happy with my internet from verizon 29$ a month for 3mb/768:) was paying that for 768/128 for 3years. its plenly for me i could download and play a game at the same time:)
  10. sure it aint your speakers makeing that sound? because mine does that when i scroll webpages. try turning the speakers off
  11. so far i never had a Western Digital fail on me. i still got my 20gb 7200rpms from 5years or 7years ago still runing with out any problems. my 2 pc in my sig got wd first 1 got 250gb 7200rpm 8mb and in the 2nd computer is 120gb 7200rpm 8mb the 120 is about 3years. and the 250gb is going on 1 year. both gets use alot, copy files tons of games and movies on them and music. the 250 runs 48 too 58 sometimes on the pit. and the 120gb is about 38 and sometimes 25 but its pretty much full 2gb left:( and Maxtor i allways seems too have problems with them dieing or burning up. they are old drives tho 1 is a 30gb 4500rpms that came with my hp 3weeks ago i smelled something burning in my old computer and the hdd wasint showing in bios. so i took it out and found a burt mark on 1 of the chips:( and the others ones were 500mbs too 6gb that just died:( but im sure the new ones are alot better tho. but i allways buy wd:)
  12. because when we got the car it was allways on the 1#/ 1000 line. and it didint have theses problems. anything lower than 1000 it shakes and acks like it will stall.
  13. we geting a new egr valve today too see if that soves the problem i hope:( so i let you know later today. we even ask the guy on the phone about it he said it will cause problems like theses. so i hope it fixes this:)
  14. i useing this thread again. what does it meen when the idel drops under 1000rpm like if we just ideling the rpm thing whould drop like around 500rpms too 700rpms instead of 1000 like it should be? and when it doing that the gas Gauge drops down and the battery gauge drops pretty low too and when it does that the car shakes like its going too stall and sometimes it does. i cant figure out the problem and sometimes the engine light comes on and it realy starts too ack up like it will smell bad and have no power. than we shut it off and start it up again and its fine. the car got pretty new spark plugs and wires and atlterlater and we even check for leaks when a spray bottle no bubbleing. and we change the oil last year. and we dont put much miles on it a year way less than 1000. we ony put about 7000miles on the car sence we got it like 10years ago. i just cant find the problem:(
  15. it might be a ram problem because i dont have that problem on both of my machines. i could run 2 games and go back too the desktop with the games runiing and open more programs with no problem. your machine shouldint have a problem with that.
  16. i say emachines too good machines i got a 6year old one etower 633ids still runing stonge gets use everyday too never had a problem. still runing on the same installed windows too for 5years lol
  17. hmm i could run xfire a game and music in the backround and have no slow downs with my system in my sig and my socket is a 754 yours is a 939 right?
  18. i dont think 50c will hurt it. im runing my rig in my sig at 2.5ghzs @1.5core and sometimes it get too 54c on a hot day with no problems heck i ran this cpu at [email protected] [email protected] and it was fine lol i didint know it was realy that hot becasue my temp probe was ony saying 50c. but i think the motherboard was right about 72c. that was with my zalman 7000copper. till i got this xp90cooper:) lowerd my temps too 60cmax at that speed and core. but i lowerd it too 1.5v and 2.5ghzs too be safe. so i say when it hits over 55c or 60c i start worrieing my temps are 48c too 52max load temp right now because it geting cooler.
  19. is it supost too wiggle? and will that cause these problems? sometimes the car will just stall out too when driveing for no reason not all the time tho.
  20. ok i dont know if this is the problem but this 1 part is wiggleing and rusty heres some pics of the engine and part. http://img242.imageshack.us/img242/1130/im0058772gq.jpg of the part its that round rusty part. heres the hole engine. http://img242.imageshack.us/img242/585/im0058780ao.jpg
  21. the car ony got 89,000miles and the car is mutiport fuel injection
  22. umm may i ask were are the fuel injectors located at?
  23. ok thanks guys i let you know what happens:)
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