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  1. might play at high. because my 9800se mod too pro plays it close too high. or is the x700 that bad?
  2. the problee might be is you useing the other computers os on the other computer. because when i last did that it whouldint load either.
  3. you meen if i spend like 1999$ from dell i get 500$ off it too like 1500$???
  4. i was wondering will this be nice for gaming? http://www.hsn.com/cnt/prod/default.aspx?w...pt!cat&ocm=
  5. nope they all the same:) just different color. i got the platinum:)
  6. more than 1gb whould help if you got a lower end card. if you got high end card like x800 and up or 6600 and up you should be fine with 1gb.
  7. the cards are not for me lol its for my cuz. he got both cards right now he got the 9200 back in befor he was useing the 440mx because the 9200 died on him now it back working for some reason but in the benchs looks like the 9200 beats the 440mx.
  8. i say emachines too good machines i got a 6year old one etower 633ids still runing stonge gets use everyday too never had a problem. still runing on the same installed windows too for 5years lol
  9. well i looked in the maps and it wasint there. so some how it was missing. but good news my other computer had it and now i got pass it lol
  10. yep when i went too the console panel it says cannot find d1_town_01?? so i had too skip the level too d1_town_01a and it work but how much did i pass up?
  11. when i go too this hall its all black and when i go in it it doesint do anything.
  12. i think you might have too smack the plate out. my hp case wasint comeing out than i took a scew driver top and hit it a couple times and it came right out:) i think you hit it from the inside just poke it right out:)
  13. well we aint selling the truck its a good truck. but we geting a tranny for it for ony 300$ 65k miles they concider it new. and someone puting it in for about 170$. so thats alot better than geting another problem car. we ony put like the fuel filter in and this. this will be the 2nd part we put in it sence we had it. that is like 5yrs ago. and this truck goes too hell and back so i think its worth it. its pretty denpenable. and it allways passs inspections.
  14. sence we had the truck we didint change the transmission fluid and the filter. but we herd if we change the fluid the tranny whould go. because one of us broncos went like that befor when we got the fluid change. by the way i ment newspapers sorry
  15. to day my mom and dad came home from delivering papers and told me the tranny is going. my mom said after about hour and 30mins it started too rev like it was in N gear when she push on the gas. it was doing it all mornining they said. than they came home from papers. and she told me they gona leave it sit and cool down for about 2hrs. me and my mom took it for a test drive and it was driveing pretty good shifting gears right on and everything and has alots of power going up hils. if the tranny was going whouldint it be jerking and whouldint have power going up hill? we kept going around the block about 5 too 8 times up hills and it was fine. my dad said when he felt the tranny or by it was pretty hot when it was doing it for them doing papers. if it was overheating whould that cause theses problems? edit wish we could get out of theses papers it kill Vehicals. this little tracker goes threw hell everyday:( it gots 150,000miles not shure if the tranny is the same. but what do you think it could be?
  16. Supported Chipsets at Time of Release: ATI Radeon 7200/7500/8500/9000/9200/9500/9700/9800/x800 nVIDIA GeForce 2 (excluding MX series)/GeForce3/GeForce4/GeForceFX yep it supports it. but im not shure how it will run it. i never played that game. but it will come on and play.
  17. you might need more vcore but dont go up too much and watch you temps by the way whats you vcore set at now?
  18. more ram will help. you need atleast 128mb video card too play the latest games my 9800se moded too pro haveint fail me yet my 9600xt is playing the new games pretty good too in my other system:)
  19. ok thanks guys. i was gona buy more can of air but they do cost alot and with this compressor i allways whould have air and it aint gona cost anything:)
  20. can i use a air compressor too clean the dust inside my computer? i might be buying a durabuilt 6gal 2hp?
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