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  1. ya its a great cpu:) mine is rock stable at [email protected] 1.46v and rock stable at [email protected] 1.55v but that's kinda high to run 24/7 so i leave it at 4ghzs for 24/7. was hopeing to get a stable speed at 4.2ghzs to 4.3 but so far i cant could be the temps sense they do get up in the high 50s. maybe later on when i go true water cooling:)
  2. welp so far the max stable i could get is 4.150ghzs anything higher it will fail cinebench 4x.... i even had the volts up to 1.55v and it didn't go any higher. even had the north-bridge volts and the cpu nb and had the north-bridge mhzs up to 3000 still wasn't stable.. i guess either my cpu is maxed out tho it will boot in windows at 4.3ghzs so maybe theses cpus needs true water cooling to get there stable. im using the corsair h50 so really aint true water but keeps the cpu cold. but im happy at 4ghzs to 4.1ghzs tho i wanted to get a bit higher for the Superbowl
  3. im signing up it be my first to:) my 965 system is in. now have to get my other 2 system up and running over the weekend. my amd 64bit 3000 and my opteron 165:)
  4. well it still acts weird... but so far it ony will pass cinebench @ 4.1 overclocking with overdrive tried 4.2 @1.504v it reboots.... on 3rd test here comes the weird part when i have the cpu 4ghzs overclocked from bios it will not pass cinebench.... but in overdrive it will... i was atleast hopeing to get 4.2ghzs stable and pass able but it doesn't seem possible.. edit it restarts at 4,1 using cine bench 64bit.... went back in bios and put some voltages up and the cpu to 1.52 and put the northbrige clock to 2600 and it pass this time... lol
  5. just updated the bios to the c3 one and so far at stock voltage 1.39 and 4ghzs its seems faster and stable im not saying 100% yet sense i still don't trust it but so far its not doing any freezing or blue screens. for now i just have the mutiplyer on 20 and didn't change a thing even left the ram at 800mhzs and stock voltage. gonna leave it like this for about a day to see if its stable than try for 4.2ghzs again:)
  6. hmm do you think i need a bios update? http://www.gigabyte.us/Support/Motherboard...=3031#anchor_os it says on one of the bios updates 1. Update CPU ID (Support AGESA code / AM3 C3 CPU) i think i have the f5 stock bios sense i got the board back in july.
  7. it must of did it even at 800mhzs now.. i left it on wow log on screen and zune player playing music and left xfire on and im at work now and i logged on now on my other xfire ancount and my profile is offline so it must of restarted again... or frozen... it just seems like the motherboard is going wacky.. same thing happen when i was overclocking my 940 i get it stable at 3.8ghzs for days than it gets unstable for no reason... heck i could stress the cpu over 12hours and its fine which i did at 4.1ghzs but when it comes to a 3d program it crashes or gets unstable. im at 4
  8. i talked to soon... lol was playing wow with zune music going in the back round and it lasted about a good hour. than it forzed like a pic... no blue screen. i dont think its the cpu sense usely when the cpu is unstable it would either blue screen or make a looping sound than restart. so i put back the ram to 800mhzs and see if it does it again.
  9. just tried the nb at 1.4which is max it will go to and so far it seems stable with the memory at 1066 before it would blue screen in about 5 to 10min in a game. what is weird i thought i put the nb to 1.4 already lol... tho is it safe to run the nb at this volts?
  10. ya i even mess with the nb voltage and still was unstable... how far did you higher the nb volts? oh what about cpu nb voltage? i have that at stock now but i did have it up to .250 didn't want to go higher than that. i try the nb volts back up and see what it does.
  11. hmm little update. everything was nice and dandy at 4ghzs-4.1ghz with my memory the way it was allways 1160mhzs. till last night when i start playing games everything was going crazy like it would keep blue screening when i play for more than 15min and the next boot there was lines going threw the screen than big blue boxes. so i thought it was my video cards overheating sense the 2nd card 4850 gets pretty hot on the memory so i took it out of crossfire and tried it again and still the same problems happening so it wasint that... so i went in bios and mess with settings lik
  12. ya im sure theses cpu can hit 4.2 to 4.3 maybe even fully stable lol so far cooling is fine tho it acts weird sometimes like the temps will drop instead going higher if i stress test it like say if its at 55c couple hours after that it will be around 53 to 52c but maybe that's how the h50 does with more heat so it works better lol... so far everything is stable and speed is always there even in games i gain a good bit more fps like even in crysis:) didn't really expected this much coming from my old cpu lol
  13. just did a 3dmark 06 and got this score http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=12797900 with my 940 i ony got 18650 so that's is a nice improvement:) those test is with crossfire 4890 and a 4850. maybe the 940 was bottle-necking the cards lol?? tho kinda hard to believe that a 3.8ghzs quad can do that..
  14. so far i tried [email protected] which blue screen after about 30min of browseing the net but i didn't change much just upped the multiplier so i problee have to tweak a few settings. but it is stable at [email protected] 12hours threw everest temps never raised 55c on low fan setting. right now im running it at 4.02ghzs @1.42 stable with my ram at 1158mhzs and northbriged and southbriged at 2800 something with my 940 it never went that high system wouldn't boot. but so far im loving this cpu:) lugnut what is the highest clock you had it stable at other than 4ghzs?
  15. im running a duel fan setup both fans blowing inside of the case seems like that cools the best for me. also had my first blue screen with this cpu at [email protected] so i raised it to 1.44 and so far its doing everest stress test for 2hours and still going:) but wow this thing does get a bit hot when you upped the voltage over 1.42 its about [email protected] load but still good. tho when i first stress tested it at [email protected] temps was like 57 to 58 than the more time it was stress temps drop down to 54 to 55c load so i guess the thermal pasted is breaking in still running a at low rpms on one of
  16. so far got 4.1ghzs with 1.42v:) temps is so far at load 41cpu and 52 to 54c max which my fan on my h50 is ony on 1000rpms lowest speed:) i find it weird why this cpu feels faster than my 940 at the same clocks sense all i could see difference is the extra 400mhzs stock clock. unless they did something to it that we dont know about lol
  17. first i did the hdds and clone my old and aging 2x160s in raid 0 to the 2x1tb raid 0 new drives and that went fast with no problems and wow what a difference with load times... everything is pretty much like one click and it loads right there instead of couple secs or longer. did the cloning with acronis what a wonderful program!! i didn't really think i see any difference from my old 160s to these new drives so now i have 4tbs-3.7 or 3.8 useable lol.. all together 2x1tbs in raid 0 and 2x1tbs not in raid but was thinking of doing those in raid too. and gonna wipe the 160s and use the
  18. i have a Toshiba 57in dlp that i bought around 2007 and i don't have the rainbow effect and don't lag in video games at all. so far the bulb still kicking lol sense i bought it new in 2007 that's the ony thing i worry about going on it.. but other than that i love it:) when i go look in big stores i look at lcds and plasmas and to me they don't look as good as my dlp at all. oh and for not being bright its problee to save on the bulb life like wdeyd said:) i keep mine down to sense its not needed in my living room and seems like it saves on the bulb alot hope
  19. ok cool glad everything is ok:) thanks for the help:)
  20. nope not runing any interface mods for chats just useing bartender and quest helper. looking for group works but ony if im looking for one
  21. ok i just went on my wow account just to check on stuff and everything is quiet... so i went to the chat channels and they blanked out ony ones working is general chat and local defence and guild and party others like trade and stuff aint working but when i went in a town like stormwind it was working. so is that how it suppose to be? or should all the chats be available always even out of town? right now im at stranglehorn vale nesingwarys expendition and ony chat channels work is general chat and local defense and guild. trade and looking for group is blank out
  22. i was thinking of getting a slingbox http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...2-007-_-Product and i was wondering will i beable to connect it to my direct tv dvr box and watch direct tv with my computers or when ever i have internet else were to? i saw a slingbox on home shopping network one time and they was doing that but i want to make sure.
  23. you should look into ocz freeze paste. thats what im useing right now and for me its seems to be better than artic silver or any other paste i used. and its easy to spread on and take off and non conductive. on my system its like 3 to 5c cooler than the artic sliver and the artic sliver was in a cooler room temp than the ocz:) but maybe its because my artic sliver tube is couple years old. but im still gona use this paste for now on also theres good reviews of it. and i dont have to worry about it killing my hardware:) but in the future i might try that d
  24. little update with the temps i tried my old heatsink which is the coomaster geminin 2 but couldint find all the screws for socket am2 so i just used 2 of them and tried it when idleing it was fine but as soon as i loaded prime it jumped really high 60s and got to 70c... so problee thoes 2 screws did that lol cause that heatsink kept my opteron [email protected] 1.54vcore under 60c all the time even when its hot like 85f in the house. than i was thinking of puting ocz paste back on sense artic silver wasint doing its job was geting to 61 to 62c... and when i took the heatsink off it wasint
  25. k a update:) i went ahead and remounted the heatsink and put on artic silver instead of ocz paste and tried [email protected] and it was prime stable for 13hours so i say thats 100% stable:) and than today i tried [email protected] it failed but than i upped it to 1.47v and so far its passing and its been like 6 or 7hours so far:) so it seems like the heatsink or ocz paste wasint makeing a good bound togther... cause everything started to get unstable it never passed 3.6ghzs or 3.7ghzs at thoes volts. but one problem i have now is the temps they around 58 to 59c now... before
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