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  1. im thinking of geting this emachines laptop too play games it has a 3000 1.8ghz amd 64bit cpu radeon 9600 intergrated 512mb ram dvd/cdr 15.4 widescreen and 60gb hdd i was wondering will it be good for gaming like doom3 at fair settings and unreal 2004 halflife2 and aother games? i was going for dell but the 3200$ price is a bit steep too 999$ laptop that all most has the same. heres a link too it
  2. i say build one i did mine last chrismas its in my sig just got the video card in july this year thinking of geting a mobile 3000 processor this christmas and pc3200 ram ony paid 350$ for all the computer but it had onboard video i had too use my 420mx card till i got the radeon but the computer was real worth it i just wish i could build my own laptop and for cheep.
  3. i just looked on bbb.com and they didint say anything bad about it.
  4. i did about 2 of them and my account says i need ony 4 more offers 6 offers total and it said go back and print out the forum or someting than send it and the laptop is on its way im wating for a email from them they said they get back too me in couple of days and they got a stats meeter or something too. if they get back too me about my email i think it might be true. and if they were doing false avertisement would,t they aready got in trouble and shut down?
  5. i aready email them about the offers maybee if they anser i gess it might be true?
  6. is this emarket research group true? i want too know cause im thinking of trying too get that dell laptop.
  7. i have 2 fans on my mb 1 cpu fan 1 case fan and the cpu fan has ben on there close too a year and had no problems fans dont take much power at all the motherboard is powering the cpu and video cards and they take alot more than a fan.
  8. gordesky1


    heres my crt screen that all most look like a lcd screen just the screen not the hole thing its heavy around 50 too 100lbs but the picher is all most like my laptop screen its the best ctr screen that i seen even in stores this one seems like it got a better picher its a oldee tho 1994 just got it about 5months ago i was gona get a lcd because i aways wanted one but for 25$ that i found in the paper this ctr cant be beat still concidering too get a lcd later on tho heres the link too my crt http://www.rexservice.com/newsite/450.htm even turning the clear thing on in xp looks b
  9. heres my old computer someone was giveing it away for free about 3 to 4 yrs ago i dont know the specs tho it doesint have hdd and it got 2 5\12 drives its a laser turbo xt i think its about a 1980 too 1986 computer can anybuddy find the specs for the computer? heres pic of it that i got from a website that doesint show the specs http://www.digidome.nl/images/LaserTurboXT_2.jpg it seems like a game computer.
  10. weres that new option about Digital Vibrance i dont see it in the new control panel or it aint out yet?
  11. yep if you got the right hardware and a fast cpu and 1gig of mem the 9800 pro will play on the highest setting in doom 3 because my 9800se/pro with 8piplines plays on the highest setting pretty good and that with my system in my sig amd duron 1.6 overclock too 2.0 it ony skips when you open the doors im geting pc3200 1gig on christmas and amd mobile 3000 that should sove that problem
  12. im looking for mouse cursors but i cant fine a good software without spyware in it?
  13. yep thats why i unistalled it and never put it back on too many bugs.
  14. i had the same problem you got too uninstall sp2 than install 9.0c than install sp2 and you be set
  15. k thank you the funny thing this drive came out of a hp xe783 and i replaced it with a 20gb 7200 i never seen a 4500rpm in a desktop befor
  16. np but will this hurt the drive or my computer if i run this drive its a 4500rpm and my main wd is 7200rpm i was useing this for storage its a 30gb
  17. i looked in the readme it says trailware?
  18. i tried it again it said the same thing i even looked on the net and all it says trialware ben expired on june 2004?
  19. yep it ben installed but says it expired when i click the desktop icon?
  20. ok thanks i post back my test when i get maxboost installed
  21. ya that what i got for my slave drive thats the one i want too speed up i got a 120gb wd 7200rpms as master
  22. will it hurt if i got a wd and the matrox if i use maxboost?
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