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  1. ok thats cool but is that board alot better than we posted? and does it came with all the wires for raid and will my 120gb wd 7200 rpm drive work with raid? one more thing the ram you showed in your post is that good ram for overclocking and stuff? and should i get 1 stick of 512 and 2 stick in the pack of 256x512 too fill the slots or just buy 2 512 sticks?
  2. is it better than the board we posted and does it take up too 1600fsb like the other one we posted or all of them take 1600? and i fi wanted too do raid can i use my 120gb wd 7200rpm hdd? and does it come with the wires and stuff too do it or do i have too buy them? oh i forgot is there a good cheep cpu fan for this?
  3. we was looking at this 64bit motherboard for 3$ more is this one better than the ABIT "KV8 Pro" K8T800 Pro? http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-128-241&depa=1 whould we see more performence in 1gb instead of 512 right now we got kreaton 2700 333mhzs 512 in us rig now
  4. well i realy wanted too stick with this board but i just check on the 3000 its out of stock can you Recommend a good board with a pci/agp and good mem for cheep? and is the mobile 2500m the best one? or should i go 64bit or will that be alot of money? i just need something good for gameing my ucle problee got too keep his 5200 card because he cant spend too much on christmas same as me hes thinking about overclocking his 5200 will that help in games geting a mb and cpu and overclocking it?
  5. well i realy wanted too stick with this board but i just check on the 3000 its out of stock can you Recommend a good board with a pci/agp and good mem for cheep? and is the mobile 2500m the best one? or should i go 64bit or will that be alot of money?
  6. heres my mother board http://www.asrock.com/product/product_k7vm4.htm it says muti and the vcore os 5%
  7. yep its a mobile i got a ? too ask again my ucles computer got the same computer as me but he didint overclock his its a 1.6ghzs but hes got a bfg 5200fx card and he wanted too know if he also get the 3000 mobile will it be better on games like fps right now he could play nfsu at mem and doom3 at mem and farcry at high with lighting down and hes playing flat out racing at high settings will it do better on games if he get 1gb and the cpu? he didint want too get rid of the card yet.
  8. when i went on newegg for the 3000 it says 1.65 vcore is that right? and is it worth the upgrade over my curent cpu?
  9. i whould go for the 2500 but the vcore is 1.45 and my vcore on my mb is 5% it whouldint give overclocking room will i see a diff from my duron 1600 overclock too 2.2 too the mobile 3000 in games and stuff? and are the mobiles faster than the reg AMD Athlons?
  10. i got asrock k7vm4 8x agp and me and my ucle is trying too find a good cpu that are fast and good too overclock and we found the mobile xp 3000 it clocks at 2.2ghz and the muti is unlock too and us vcore is ony 5% like right now we can up the vcore from 1.57 too 1.62 and that why we was looking at the 3000 because its at 1.62 stock and i was wondering right now if i go over 185fsb it will freeze in games or in windows and the new cpu is at 133fsb can i go up too 180 with out freezes like my old one i got now? and will this cpu be better than the reg AMD Athlon?
  11. this card does have the things as the pro 380core stock 340mem stock 8piplines with the mod and doom3 and farcry and every ather game plays smooth i was thinking whould it be my amd duron amd pc2700 333mhzs mem holding it back? im going too try it with no mod right now i just tried it with nomod it was even bader thats how i know the mod works with this card good i for got too say this card is even 256bit like the pro too.
  12. is this right for a 9800se modded too a pro when i play nfsu2 the fps is 40 sometimes than it goes down too 30s and 20s i whould think it should be doing better or is my cpu and mem holding it back?
  13. whould overheating cause it? i took my side of my case off and it playing alot better i just dont get it the card aint overclock or all i even got the artic cooler on it too what could cause it too get real hot?
  14. why am i geting real bad lag and slowdowns its ok for alittle bit than it starts geting bad my system should be able too run it pretty good my card is a radeon 9800se modded in too a pro 380 core stock 340mem stock right now i got the settings all the way up does anybuddy got a 9800pro playing nfsu2 and what are the settings you play on? maybe im overloading it
  15. i didint do my desktop yet but i did my 3yr laptop and i think it did pretty good for the age heres the time it did 2min and 34sec heres the pcpit test too http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=WGFQ9WNX66RS0A37
  16. maybee my ucles 5200 is one of a kind video card or maybee the motherboard is helping it i go down his house every night and i see what the video card plays he just turns down the lighting some and it plays smooth and for emachines i got a desktop that i had for 5yrs with no problems at all its a 633ids and for the laptop i aready got more than anuff desktops thats why i want a powerfull laptop my ather two laptops cant play none of the games because of the video card one is a s3 twister and a rage pro 8mb and i think that emachines laptop should play pretty good because i seen bench ma
  17. whats a mini pci slot? is that too upgrade the video card later on? and i might be geting the m6809 one instead dvdr drive 80gb 3200 64bit amd
  18. after looking on the web i seen a movie of the laptop playing call of duty at the highest settings real fast i think it should play doom 3 and farcry pretty good because my uncles 5200 geforce with a duron 1600 512mb ram playing on medim settings on doom 3 smooth and farcry at high and my cuzz plays it on medim too pretty good with his 9200 radeon and 2.8 cell cpu. will this laptop do better than both?? and my computer in my sig plays it at the highest settings even with anti somehow and its ony a duron cpu.
  19. i realy dont care if it runs at high settings as long as it plays them pretty good it will play alot better than a 9200 radeon in the desktop right?
  20. it should work now sorry http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...&Sku=E400-M6805
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