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  1. you will be happy with the dfi i am heres my test with it http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=J94ZMWBWXARS6KW7 got it too 2.6ghz not stable but im useing some cheep kington 3200 ram im stable at 2.5ghzs:) my first board died on me in 7days but i think it was cause by a bad ram stick because this board ben thew alot of overclocking and still didint give up on me i even tried 2.7 and it booted up on windows but it restarted because wasint anuff vcore because of my cooling i even flash the bios a few times and it booted right up im useing the 10/15 beta with the memtest built in the bi
  2. go with a dfi lanparty 250gb ut and a 3000 64bit and overclock it too 2.5ghz and you have fast gaming computer im ony useing a 9800se moded too pro and it plays every game i throw at it scores 20k on 3dmark 2001 im thinking of upgradeing the video card soon
  3. nevermine i think its working now i forgot too set defalts. its pretty cold now 32 too 35 i gess its right?
  4. thanks rev i did that update it went all fine temp is at 37 too 39 now i didnt test the full load but im sure it be better than 61 one more thing when i went in bios my cpu fan and case fan saying 0 but in windows its fine no biggie but is that right?
  5. my build date is 8/27/2004 will that bios work with mine? and i update all blocks?
  6. is that bios that you posted for the lanparty 250gb ut? and does it work? and if something does happen can i flash the bio back as it was? last time i did it with the same board from the website it was dead after i flash it i had too rma it but when i go there now the bios that i download is not there so theres must of ben something wrong with it.
  7. so far i had prime runing for over 2hrs and it went too 61 at full load is this a safe temp? my vcore is ony 1.5 volts and im runing this with the stock heat sink and fan whould it hurt too run this like this for month or two? till i get a new heatsink and fan. what heatsink and fan too you recommend?
  8. ok today i started too overclock on this board dfi lanparty 250gb uv my last one was defetive or something i think the memory did something too it and i dont think it was a overclock that did it thats what im afaid of but i thout this board is for overclocking so far i uped the fsb too 220 2200mhz and so far its runing good ideling at 43 too 46 but it was at this temp at stock whould it hurt too leave it at 220fsb? heres my test http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=NJ7HMWBWXARS09K7 by the way how far can i go with this board and cpu? it did go up alittle with 2.2ghz 55 at full l
  9. its in C:\Documents and Settings\your name\Local Settings\Application Data you got too unhide the system files too see it
  10. so far i think i got it working the center one is working in game and movies now but when im on windows when i click something or go down too the taskbar and click that window speaker too make that chime ony the woffer and the center one make the sound but in music and movies and game all of them work is that right?
  11. i just dont get it when i go too my sound card software its on 7.1 and than i did a sound test and the middle makes a beeeeep like it working but in movies it doesint work in halflife it works real good.
  12. is this normal when i play dvds all the speakers plays except the middle one is that right? and in half life 2 all of them work somegames ony the sub and two speakers work is it because the dvds and somegames doesint support 7.1? i looked on back of the dvd cases and they say 5.1 is that why the middle one not working?
  13. so far i got it working but not with that utillty.
  14. when i try it said it can not fine my game folder?
  15. when i load my save game it says on the right a.l. disable and none of the al cpu players move how can i enable it?
  16. i downloaded the full steam than installed it and put my half life 2 folder in E:\games\Valve\Steam\SteamApps and it stayed on with no error hope this helps bye the way use your own drive letter i got the steam from ati.com on the front page were it says demo i got the demo in steam too.
  17. i just got half life 2 and everytime i try too start the first level it loads a litte than it goes back too the desktop with a memory read error? how do i make it work?
  18. there is another way too get the space back Partition Magic 8.0 whould do the job but you have too pay for it.
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