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  1. i seen this too http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-112-007&depa=0 will this be better or should i stick with the xp-90? right now my temp is at full load at 51 too 52 overclock at 1.47vcore 2.4ghz with 440mhzs mem and i want too run it at 1.64 too 1.7core at 2.6ghz at a pretty good temp.
  2. im thinking of might buying the xp-90 is it better than all the ones that i showed and is it easy too install?
  3. im gona buy a new heatsink/fan and i saw 3 of them which one is better http://www.newegg.com/app/viewproductdesc....-118-118&DEPA=0 this http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-128-005&depa=0 or this http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-106-038&depa=0 or this one?
  4. i tried the case back on and it got a error at 51min and it was at 62 too 63 and with the case off it was fine so does that meen heat is my problem?
  5. i think it might be cooling now because i took off my side of the case off and now prime sofar is running befor it was hiting 62 and 60 and it wasint passing now its at 56 and 59 and its runing prime i was looking at this fan will this cool it down or is there better and cheeper? and will prime fail because of heat?
  6. prime just showed a error in 16min should i looseing the timmings
  7. memtest pass and im runing prime now sofar good but my temp is geting up there 59 too 61 will it hurt running like this? when i play games it goes too 44 too 47 ony but prime hits 57 too 61 and im wondering is there a cheep fan/heatsink for 15$ too 20$? im useing the stock heatsink with a 80mm 5000rpms holding on with 1 srew but its on tight.
  8. yes 2.5 3.3.7 and how many pass should i let it go threw in memtest and how many hrs for prime?
  9. ok thanks brannon and salo35 for the help . im doing memtest86 right now on it and im gona run prime after memtest86 too see if its stable and i let eveyone know after those. how many pass should i let it go threw in mem and many hrs for prime?
  10. yep im pretty much gona keep it like this all time if it will let me what about my timmings are they good? they are all in auto right now
  11. if i go any higher it wont go in full windows ony shows the backround and the curser
  12. ya 9 it was at 10 stock seem like i get a better overclock at 9 for some reason
  13. ok i put it too 290fsb for the cpu and i got the ram at 150 were it says dram frequency set (mhz) 150 (dram/fsb:3/04) had too put it too 1.64vcore for the cpu and 3.0v for the ram or it wouldint start so far its at 2.6ghzs but the ram is lower 217=434 is that right? is it because i got it at 150 in bios? i fi go any higher than 150 it would freeze in windows. i didint change my timeing yet its at 2.5 3.3.6
  14. oh you meen were it got options from 100 too 200?
  15. were do i up the dram fsb because when i up my fsb my dram goes up or is that what you meen?
  16. k ty sorry for the typo i ment 446mhzs so i should see how far the mem will go than first?
  17. i had it overlock at 2.5ghzs with the mem runing at 416mhzs and now i have it runing at 2.45ghzs with the mem at 246mhzs which one will be faster?
  18. my uncle got a bfg 5700 ultra on ebay 2months ago for ony 120$ but hes haveing little problems with it like on sims 2 it skips when you zoom in or out on the house and other games like hitman contracks with popst filtering on high shouldint it play those games good? hes useing the new drivers i think 66s
  19. runing this mobo at 250fsb at 1.47vcore with 3000 64bit tried 260 ram crap out than higher the vcore it was fine it even booted too 2.7ghzs ram didint like it tho. or it might of needed more vcore but didint try because of the temps and the stock heatsink with my mod 80mm over a 70mm stock heatsink
  20. i think dfi is a good performer atleast mine is but i am haveing a problem with a blue screen problem but most likely a driver issue or need more paste on the video card i stress my board alot i even could run a game at 100% with prime maybee the sli ones got problems but as far as i know the dfi 250gb ut is a good performer
  21. 19 here be 20 in july 4 still didint get my drivers licenses yet but will in a couple months
  22. i got doom3 and farcry and halflife 2 and no trails at all even on need for speed underground 2 with no trails and no ghosting
  23. heres the lcd that im useing i never seen ghosting or trails in games its realy bright and clear and i like it better than my crt and im a big gamer got over 90+ games installed on my computer and all of them look pretty on it http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-008-027&depa=1 you could find better out there but for the price and the same specs i dont know. 16ms and under is the way too go if you a gamer
  24. i keep all my computers they all get use for something i got about 22 computers in my house mostly old but they get use 6 laptops and the rest is pc desktops and macs and they all work.
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