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  1. i have him look at that but how do i make his and my laptop speed up the winxp loading bar his takes 7 my laptop takes 15 too 20times and my desktop takes 1 time
  2. hmm i never thout of that i gess i will see tonight when i get my 9800se that acks like the pro
  3. we ran trend online scan didint fine anything and we did a hijackthis and everything thing look good but the regkeys are still in regedit and it wont let use del them and how do we make the winxploading bar too just go bye 1 time or two mine ony goes 1 time and it loads windows.
  4. no spyware or adware took it off still in registry cannot delete licctrl is the name of the spyware
  5. my uncle got runservice.exe and can't fully remove it all. now for the loading times my uncle's computer xp loading bar takes 8 times to load and mine takes only one time to load it how do you make my uncle's load like mine.
  6. that 5200 should play farcry just turn the lighting down and it will be smooth my uncle got a bfg 5200 and he has the lighting down and it plays real good and looks good i play farcry with my mx 420 and if i turn the lighting down it plays smooth with everything on high cant wait too get my powercolor 9800se that acks like the pro might be geting it today
  7. thanks for the tips guys but i tried them and still no go i had too reformat and everything is runing smooth again
  8. i just uninstalled the firewall and it still does the same
  9. everytime i test it stops on upload test and freezes my internet explorer or firefox i got a firewall but never had this problem befor what whould cause this?
  10. think i should go for it?
  11. i might get it but will they take it back if it doesint do it? or will it work?
  12. but will the 8piplines work and will it be the same as 9800pro becaze this is hard too pass up if it does the same as 9800pro:)
  13. http://www.pcdirectsource.com/Item.cfm?ID=1358 it looks like this will make it like the 9800pro it got the same clock speed and everything as it and they said you can enable the 8 pipelines and it will be just like it will it? and plus it comes with 7 games
  14. sorry about the bump but i didint want this fall behind.
  15. will it be like the 9800pro? if it does i might get that one it comes with 7games:)
  16. is there a another store that have this video card for the same price or a litte higher? HERCULES PROPHET 9800 PRO 128MB 8X
  17. does this meen this item not in stock becaze when i go too video cards than agp it doesint show this video card http://www.hypermicro.com/product.asp?pf_id=VDHE100B this is the link i save in my fav but it says 87 in stock? ony when i click on video cards it doesint show it ony in the link?
  18. i was think ordering somestuff from here http://www.hypermicro.com has anybuddy order here befor and how long do they ship
  19. and one more thing i got too ask is there a cheeper place too buy them at?
  20. will my system run the 9800pro good? http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...8F4LW40BBUSBJ7E and will my powersupply work? 350watts and how much gain will it be over my current card?
  21. im trying too understand why the 9800pro is better becaze the 5900xt got more clock speed and memspeed or doesint core speed or mem matter? and the bfg got 323 million vertices/sec and 23.5GB/sec. memory bandwidth what does the 9800pro got?
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