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  1. 38 @ 2.4ghzs and 47 @ stock. might be hiting lower soon when i get it too 2.6 or maybee 2.7. got too see how the new cooling goes:)
  2. heres my 2nd amd system got it overclock from 1.6 too 2.0 goes too 2.4. but not stable must be no agp/pci lock. this one was my main gaming system. i had my 9800 in it and it played every game the way i wanted it too it even was good with the 420mx thats in it now. plays half life 2 at a decent frame rate. but i wanted more power thats why i upgraded too amd 64bit with my 9800. its alot faster but i still love my trusty duron . so i think a sempron will do very well at games because my duron did. heres my test for my duron http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=SG67MWN7VTQS6D36
  3. the monitor aint comeing on at all not even the lightes thats why i thought it was the fuse. but i tried my monitor fuse and it didint do anything seems like something with the monitor power.
  4. hmm i gess we try too take it too goodweel computer store and ask them too check it out and if its too much or cant be fix and problee trade in for another one too get a couple bucks off of it. the monitor ony cost 40$ for them both mine still works so ony 20$ but i know the monitor is worth more than 20$ problee 50 too 100 so if its ony 30$ it be worth it.
  5. yep when you push the powerbutton on the monitor the green light doesint come on and mine does with out the computer so its problee the powersupply whould it be cheep too get it fix because he realy likes it.
  6. could this part blew out and cause no power or lights? http://www.bluestar-online.com/ProductDeta...tCode=FKH17A002 i got it at my house now i took it apart everything looks new and the fuse is ok i tried mine in it still the same no power but i do hear a tick tick tick and it does it all the time when i push the powerbutton but theres no lights tho not even on the powerbutton what gets me is this happnen when he was useing the controls on the front of the monitor too resiaze the screen than it went out even the power.
  7. the line fuse is in the monitor right? i just ask him again and theres no power at all in it so a bad fuse could be possible.
  8. tonight i think he wants me too check it and open the case so i will know than this isnt the first time opening a monitor so i shure i be ok
  9. ya it should be 115 mine is 110 but his is too low weres the plug fuse at?
  10. last time we check the wiring with a volt tester it was geting 96 too 98 voltage / ampage could a fuse burt out in the moniter? does a moniter got a fuse? i know his 5yrs old magview 15in had one when we took the case off but not shure if this gots one?
  11. he said when resizeing it went out theres no power going threw it no lights at all on the moniter is there a fuse in it that could of blew out?
  12. will a video card short it out though because every moniter he puts on it gets pretty hot the last moniter he had on it befor this one went up in smoke than when he turns that one on it flickers too.
  13. he called me again and said something that he did something with a powersupply too make it quit flickering than today he said the moniter is not comeing on one thing tho evertime he has any moniter plug in his computer its aways hot but everyone of mine is cold could a video card burn out a moniter?
  14. my uncle just called and told me that his compaq s710 crt screen was flickering he had too turn it off 3 times too make it stop now he just told me it was makeing a zzzzzzzzzzzzzz i got the same screen and its working fine we got them about 3 days ago off some lady she said they wernt use that much they allmost new they do look new too but could it be the video card overheating or trying too short the moniter out? because we open the case and touch the board of the card and the memorys were fire hot it allmost put blisters on our fingers.
  15. tell me how good it is temp wize or you didint get it yet?
  16. you meen lower is better for lcd i got it at 75 now will 60 be better?
  17. its pretty much holding pretty good with the 1 screw lastnight i pop on another fan overtop of it and its still tight it drop another 3c too 5c not much but it should be good till i that new heatsink and plus the green cup in my case on my case window is pushing on the 2 fans so it shouldint fall off.
  18. well heres one review that ManiaK posted it seems pretty good if you could clock it at 2.8ghz and at 1.7 and stay 52 or under 50 with that clock and vcore so i should be good at 2.6 at 1.62vcore and i ask raymo about his and he said its 32-34c at idel 46-49c at load so that seems what i need im ideling at 35 too 37and load 58 too 63 at 2.6ghz at 1.68vcore but at 2.4ghzs at 1.47core what im runing now and its at 35 too 38 idel and load 50 too 55 still alittle high my cpu dont like over 60c or it will fail on prime im useing the stock 64bit heat sink with a 80mm 5000rpm fan holding on wit
  19. i think im going with this zaman http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-118-119&depa=0 its heavy but i my motherboard is pretty tight against the back plate so it should be ok i know this should help my temps its all copper
  20. hmm i think the 64 got a 7yr Warranty on the fan if its stops or gets bad but as long if the fan will last over 3yrs i dont care i just want one that will cool this cpu down too in the 40s at high load by the way this is the case that i got will the 64 clear the green funnel cup in side? http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-153-006&depa=1
  21. i think it will fit in the case pretty good there were other reviews about it too. but i problee gona get the zaman 7000 with led fan lighter verison. atless someone changes my mind about the 64
  22. i just check reviews and the 64 realy aint a overclocking sink if the reviews are right but i gess im down too 2 of them the thermal xp-90 or the zaman 7000 with the blue led the less heavyer one i gess because i dont want too damage anything. im gona run my 64bit at 2.6 at 1.64 too 1.7core maybee if the 1.64 aint anuff and i atleast want too be under 50c at full load so which one will suit me?
  23. i just seen this cooler http://www.insanetek.com/index.php?page=arcticcf64 and it looks too be doing close too the xp-90 with lower noise and it cheeper it shows my motherboard for installing it will this be better than the zaman or close?
  24. ok ty i try that one that you link i realy didint like haveing that much weight hanging on my socket aint 730kg over a 1lb? so that heatsink should be better cooling or at least the same as the xp-90?
  25. how about the Zalman CNPS7000B-Cu LED CPU Cooler or will the xp-90 be better?
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