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  1. lastnight and today this error poped up in a blue screen of death. lastnight i was scaning with avast and it did it 2 times. now it did it today when i was playing a screen saver i walkaway too eat and came back i seen the same error on my screen. what will cause it?
  2. ok cool thanks. right now the temp controller saying 46 at load so its about 51 right? smartguardian my motherboard temp thing is showing 62 and 64c. so the controller is more trusted?
  3. so i should keep it on my heatsink? will it be right on with the temps or how much will it be off
  4. oh i forgot about that little square but how will i get the wire there the pins are in the way
  5. right now i got it on the heatsink fins close too the cpu. and the main censor on the mb was reading 65 too 70c and the controller was reading 49c at full load. i whould put the sensor under the socket like crow said but theres no room for it under the amd 64bit its all full of pins.
  6. i aways like looking at my lights and my case. why have a computer with a window with no lights and fancy stuff by the way nice computer Legolas610:) i just added a fan temp controller that lights up blue. i post my case with that on later:)
  7. whould it hurt too put it under the heatsink were the heatsink touchs the heatspeader in the coner of the heat speader weres theres no themal paste? or will it hurt the sensor?
  8. i just got the temp controller. and i got it on the side touching the 64bit heat speader and its reading at a pretty good temp 30 at low load and 37 at high load and the main temp censer on the mb is showing 58 too 60. so should i trust the temp controller more? and i got it on back on my 9800se core and it saying 38 too 39. and i was wondering can i put the censer under the heatsink were it touchs the cpu like in the corner were no paste gets there? or were i got is good anuff?
  9. buy the way how long does this place send a tracking number in my email? if i order it 7:30pm last night?
  10. i just order the 2nd one. hope it works out good. i know there something wrong with the temp thing in the mb because it moves too fast. like if its at 38 it goes does too 35 than just goes back up real fast than goes back down this is with idel. and for the load it goes too 55 too 58 than goes back down and does the same thing.
  11. or this one which one will tell me the right temp? http://www.xoxide.com/logisys-35-digital-f...oler-black.html
  12. is this one good? http://www.coolerstar.com/thermalsensor.html
  13. camera doesint take pretty good pics indoors no flash. and its kinda hard too keep stuff off the desk. because theres about 6 computers beside it theres about 1 or 2 computers in each room lol. like the monitor on top of the desk is for my hp computer. and for the speakers. still trying too find a place for them 7 speakers and one sub lol
  14. heres my pics with my new zalman in there the zalman is still burning in. i was gona make them 2560x1920 resolution. but i think 640x480 will do 1 http://img74.exs.cx/img74/7660/front18em.jpg 2 http://img135.exs.cx/img135/4566/front20iv.jpg 3 http://img135.exs.cx/img135/4341/front35os.jpg 4 http://img135.exs.cx/img135/4949/inside12vh.jpg 5 http://img135.exs.cx/img135/6826/inside29ag.jpg 6 http://img135.exs.cx/img135/2335/inside30wn.jpg 7 http://img71.exs.cx/img71/165/sidewindow3zk.jpg 8 http://img71.exs.cx/img71/5035/2ndpowersupply9sl.jpg 9 http://img71.exs.cx/img71/9325
  15. k thank you so it isint supost too drop when you first put the paste on. ony when it hits 200hours right?
  16. i got it on the cpu and gpu. so far the gpu is ok. but why am i geting the same temps on the cpu? or does it take sometime too break in?
  17. well like i aways say everybuddy likes everything diffent. but i still like crts too because im useing one as a dual screen next too my lcd. but i still prefer my lcd over crts because of the color it gives and i do not see any tralls. and another game that i sometimes play is jardinins. and thats a fast game. its like breakout. and when i play it on my laptops i see the tralls an do not see the tralls on my lcd.so i know what tralls look like.
  18. my lcd is a princeton 17in 16ms. and i dont have any ghosting at all even on flight sims i dont see any. i should know because i ony use this computer for games and you could say im a hardcore gamer by the way halflife 2 does have stuff flying everywere and i dont see any ghosting there too.
  19. im a gamer too. and my lcd looks and plays good on every game i got so thats over 100 games than my pretty new crt. i name some of the games doom 3 farcry nfsu2 and 1 halflife 2. it realy matters if you got 20ms or lower tho. mine is 16ms problee why its plays like wonders on games but im not starting with crts or saying anything about them. but just saying if you got under 20ms it should play as same as the crt whould.
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