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  1. guys is there a other website for softmod drivers for the 9800se? techpowerup is down and they got that mod file for th 5.6s. this 9800se is with out the softmod about 25fps lost with out the mods. i must of ben realy sleepy or something when i post this i tyep goes for guys
  2. we cant delete a folder it says access is denied and the folder is empty.
  3. i use regseeker alot and its free and it seems too do the job:) http://www.hoverdesk.net/freeware.htm it even got tweaks for other stuff
  4. heres my main pc http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=JU83MWXZLHQSTAH6
  5. i run my 2 pc overclock all the time. one in my sig main pc run 500mhzs overstock. and my other pc runs 2ghz from 1600mhzs heres the test for that one http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=SG67MWN7VTQSEMH6 thats the test thats not stable in prime no pci/agp lock but its soild as a rock at 2ghzs. i post my main pc when i test it again after i defrag
  6. well most of them are pretty old but they still get use for older games and stuff. the oldest computer i got is a 1980 laser xt. and the newest computers i got is a emachine 633ids model 2000 too 2001 and a hp xe783 model 2000 2001. and a custem build that me and my uncle build in 2004 christmas amd duron 1600 oc too 2ghz thats my 2nd fastes and every other computer is under 2000. and for the laptops the 2 newest ones i got is a compaq 700us model 2002 and a compaq 1692 soild laptop model in 1999 my first laptop both run 100% extcept the 700us hinges went and the screen falls down if you do
  7. i got about 8 of them in the liveing room 2 in the kitching and 3 in my room 2 in my mom and dads room lol and about 7 laptops not realy new ones tho and some macs too. the main main is in my sig and the newest one and the faster one i got dual monitors on this by the way too 17in lcd and a 17in crt. and all the other computers got there own monitors lol.
  8. my mom doesit noticed any increased but i usely turn my computer off when i go too sleep. but it goes right back on when i wake up. but i do leave it on for 3days too 7days sometimes. by the way i got about 18 computers and sometimes 5 too 7 are on and we dont see any increased lol
  9. i should of got the xp90c instead of my zalman 7000. but im pretty happy if my temps are right. with my temp controller its showing 28c at idel and around 38 too 45 at load and with the onboard sensor its saying 40 at idel and 60c too sometimes 70c lol i dont think thats right because my computer still runs good when its at that. and the heatsink ony feels warm.
  10. well it did do something too the sensor. i cuted the old one off and put the fan one on and now its back too normal:) save 5$ and a rma:)
  11. i think it did do damage now one of the sensors wont read right. is there anyway i could do what i said up in the post above me?
  12. well i think that heatsink did something too the one of the sensors it ony goes up too 27 for the chipset and it goes down too 0c for no reason. so i was wondering will this work i got a fan sensor that came with my thermaltake vocano 9. it got real tiny wires about 2inchs and about 5inchs of plug wire like on my fan thermal controller. and i was wondering if i cut the dead sensor off and put this one on will it work? it allmost look like this one but alittle smaller http://www.mysuperpc.com/build/processor_socket_tape.jpg
  13. i just tried puting it on the cpu on the edge and sit the heatsink on top of the cpu i started the computer and looked in bios and it didint like it lol it says it was at 70c and the temp thing said it was at 41c so thats out lol. the ony thing got too be is the heatspeader is it supost too have gaps on the side of the glue>
  14. i just look at my cpu and on the heatspeader i could see gaps were they didint put that glue or something that they use. whould that be my heat problem?
  15. heres some pics that i took but they might be blury http://img217.exs.cx/img217/7015/im0058531fx.jpg http://img217.exs.cx/img217/7783/im0058505mp.jpg
  16. you meen on the censor it self? that clear plastic going around it?
  17. i whould take the heatspeader off of the 64bit because it problee be easy too put the thermal sensor right on top of the cpu and let it touch the core buy the tip. whould it be safe too take it off? and i herd it might be cooler when i take it off.
  18. it shows it in that little pic the temp controll. but i just looked at mine again it got a black wire and a red wire small ones. if i trim them down whouldint it short the cpu out from touching the the pins?
  19. thats not the same one i got i said the wire is like that heres mine http://www.xoxide.com/logisys-35-digital-f...oler-black.html is my wires that thin under that big wire? so after i trin them they should fit between the pins right?
  20. mine got the same wire like this one but mine is alittle rounder http://www.extremeoverclocking.com/reviews...se_Image_1.html
  21. i dont think my sensor whould fit between the wires thats why i ask about in the back of the mb were the back of the socket is at.
  22. which whould be a better place too put a thermal sensor on the cpu heatsink were i got it now or on back of the motherboard were the cpu at?
  23. it doesint do that when you try too start windows ony when you in windows. i uped the vcore and so far its ok so far. whould not anuff vcore do cause this?
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