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  1. how much better is the xp90c too the xp90 non copper?
  2. ok guys i just bought all this http://www.xoxide.com/thermalright-xp-90c-cpu-cooler.html http://www.xoxide.com/ufofan.html for the xp90 http://www.xoxide.com/alledfanb.html http://www.xoxide.com/80bluvccfan.html http://www.xoxide.com/scythe-80mm-kamakaze...ue-led-fan.html http://www.xoxide.com/quadledblu12.html http://www.xoxide.com/fancard.html and i got theses for fun:) http://www.xoxide.com/logisys-blue-uv-2-in...ld-cathode.html and 2 of theses http://www.xoxide.com/cooler-master-aurora-blue.html will this stuff cool better than my curent cooling setup? zalm
  3. guys i just tried the red one back in the 580watt. and i check the rails with the colt tester and it reads 11.94 at idel and drops too 11.82 when im in prime. is the psu holding me back or is it a good psu? i got too know soon because if its causeing my problems i got too get the forton pretty soon.
  4. i left gta sa sit on my computer playing till i got done eating my dad went too try it he was playing for about 15min walking around the city than it froze up. and i got it back down too 2.5ghz like i always had it sence. this is with the blue demon psu. so will a psu casue this even if the psu rails saying 12.25 too 12.30?
  5. so whould my demons still becauseing my problem with overclocking? even if the rails are good? if they are i problee gona get the forton.
  6. i realy dont like how they look too much too plain. but i seen this other psu http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817182010 so i gest the 2 i posted or this one my price range is under 100$ but does the demons rails seems good or are they bad?
  7. i whould get the ocz 520 but cant aford it:( i think the ones that are in my price range are the ones i link. i just tested my 2 demon powersupplys with a volt tester. and the red one is 12.12 idel and 12.25 load and the blue one is 12.31idel and 12.22 load. are they good or bad?
  8. ok guys i cant buy that ocz cant aford it:( but i found 2 of them that i can buy which one is better? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817104934 dfi-street recommend this. and i seen this one http://www.xoxide.com/moposu.html i need one that will have good rails
  9. how this one? http://www.xoxide.com/moposu.html or is that ocz alot better?
  10. this one looks pretty good hows this one? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817167011
  11. geting close:) but i got a ? about the bad psu will newegg take it back and can i get a refund? too put the money too a good one?
  12. well guys i got it too run longer this time with 2x512s 5hrs and 30min than error so i loosen the timings a little. lets see what happen this time.
  13. hmm now its passing prime more :blink:but im now runing 1x512mb ram instead of 2x512s. maybee the bios had a glich. im going too let it go longer on prime and see what happens
  14. well guys its still not passing prime but its not freezeing tho. so im not shure too put the 580watt back in or keep the 480 in it and put the 580watt in my duron setup? but what could be causeing the problem will prime fail with this psu at 11.70 or is that good anuff?
  15. i got the demon 480watt in and it seems like it have better rails its reading 12.05 too 11.9 at ideling and 11.70 at full load. and my other 580watt demon powersupply was ony reading 11.40 at ideling and 11.20 and as low at 11.13 at full load. so the 480watt is better some how right now im runing prime @ 2.6ghzs and it staying at 11.70 so it might be good dont know yet tho trying prime right now i let ya know.
  16. hmm wish i had another psu too try will a psu cause freezeing and blue screenswhen overclocking? i got my tigerpro 350watt psu as a spear but that doesint even get pass the spash screen i do got a other psu in my other computer that is a 480watt but its the same brand as this psu and its lower rated 17amps on 12volt. this one in this computer is 24volt.
  17. ok i tried the cpu at 2.541ghzs and i tried 1.71vcore with that too see if its a heat problem and it said 71c on smart. but ony 49 too 50 on my censor and it didint freeze or error so far its not a heat problem. so it got too be either the cpu reach its limits or the ram did. but i tried the ram on a divider 100mhzs and its still froze so does it meen the cpu reach the limits>? or will the ram still cause problems?
  18. well it didint pass prime at 2.6. but when i was doing prime it failed in 3min than i rstarted to go in bios and change the ht too 3x and this time it lasted a little longer about 10min. but this time it froze and on smart garding it said 11.13 on the 12volt rail but im not shure if that is right or not because i tested my psu on a voltmonitor couple months ago and it tested 11.90 on idel and 11.79 on load. it seems every time i higher the vcore my psu drops more on smartgarding it was saying 1.71vcore when it froze. im not shure if it my cpu doing the problems or the psu. i dont think the hea
  19. what does this error meen. i left it on too defrag when i went down my uncles when i came home it was on a blue screen saying nvatabus.sys. i herd this is a raid thing but i aint useing raid.
  20. well i tried it on my asus 9600xt and every game i play locks up in about 15mins. it seems like it likes asus drivers. but the drivers realy speed up my 9800:)
  21. i try 05 later it should do better:) the aqmark did real good about 3000pts over the 5.1s:
  22. i just tried out the new drivers on my 9800se modded befor with the 51s it was 45,610 in aqmark and with the new ones they are 48.156:) and the card feels alot faster:)
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