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  1. i just got this one in the mail today http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16833127143 heres the one that i had for a year http://cgi.ebay.com/LINKSYS-WIRELESS-B-BRO...1QQcmdZViewItem this is just a link too show you it.
  2. 27c/80f is were my wds like it any lower they ack up. i like them around in the 30s. funny tho i dont have any fans blowing on them befor when i had a hdd cooler on the 250gb it was realy slow and will freeze so i took it off and so far its been running fine:)
  3. i allmost for got my cuz got just pci not agp or pci-e. but is the 6200 still be better than the 5500? because they got a 3d fuizon 6200 pci.
  4. well you meen the 9800 is better than the 6200? or the 5500 is better than the 6200?
  5. because i was broweing on 3dmark 03 and they scoreing 9k the highest. my 9800 ony scores 5800 on there. and the highest for the 9800 is 8000 something. because i like too know this because my cuz got a 5500 geforce and im telling him the 6200 should be alot better. because on every benchmark i see is doing better than the 5500. is this true?
  6. for me x64bit help me in gaming pretty much in juiced. with regxp juiced played 30fps and drops under even under 20fps. than with x64bit it was allways 35fps up too 48fps. but im back too 32bit because of the drivers i needed my hp printer:)
  7. i like WD drives:) i got them in my 2 pc in my sig and are allmost full still the same fast when i bought them:) and i got another one in my hp xe783 700mhzs celeron 256mb ram and a wd 20gb 7200rpm 5yr old drive ever sence i put that drive in that computer it speed that old computer right up i couldint bleve how fast that computer went for its age:) just bought another for christmas 300gb 7200rpms:)
  8. heres it is we going too be ordering it later today http://configure.us.dell.com/dellstore/con...c=us&l=en&cs=19 will that be good for gaming and will it be fast? the highest we can spend is ony 1500$max and we couldint get the 1gb of ram and we had too stick with the 1.7ghzs m. but we could get problee both if we just get the reg xga screen and give up the tv turner. but is the true screen worth it over the xga? and is the tv turner worth it? and what res does the screen go too? i just looked on dell and pick help me choose the lcd for me it shows the true screen @ 1920 x 1200 pixels and the reg at ony 1400xsomething is that true? because if it is 1920x1200 im going too choose that lol.
  9. i just seen this on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/Brand-New-Dell-Inspiro...1QQcmdZViewItem does that meen that the laptop can be upgrade in the up comeing years?
  10. i might get this laptop soon maybee. but i want too know can you upgrade the video card like later on after the geforce 6800 in it?
  11. you meen if i spend like 1999$ from dell i get 500$ off it too like 1500$???
  12. well the bad thing is my windows got mess up and i had too reinstall but i did save everything windows folder and documents and settings and my program. just cant find were opera saves them at?
  13. were is the bookmarks save at?
  14. i was wondering will this be nice for gaming? http://www.hsn.com/cnt/prod/default.aspx?w...pt!cat&ocm=
  15. well the game disk was good because it works in my uncles xbox 1month older than mine. but now sence i took it apart it works fine now with games. just cant get none of the cd-+rws too work not even cd-+rs. couple times it did get something i tape off tv with dvd+rw and it work fine. but i never could get a music dvd+rw too work not even cdrws. and other thing bad about moded xboxs i couldint use my xbox live right? because i need it for my games like forza.
  16. will that dvd rom fix that problem? because i even had problems playing a game too the music whould skip and the game will freeze. than i open it up and tried it now its working lol i put the case on and still good. but i still cant get no cdrws too work or cdrs or dvd-rws.
  17. why wont my xbox play the backup music cds that i backup my reg cds too? my dvd rom in my xbox is a thomson one. will this fix all my problems? http://cgi.ebay.com/new-SAMSUNG-xBOX-DVD-R...1QQcmdZViewItem i tried too hook up a computer dvd rom too it but it didint work said it needs service?
  18. aint the x700 alot better than the 9800pro? becasue im playing games pretty smooth even fear play pretty good with most of the settings up. i just tried need for speed most wanted demo and it plays real smooth with eventhing on even on 1024x768. heres my pit test the score aint the best i usely do tho. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=E4DHNWNJDUQSG4UU
  19. well today we got the new one and put it on first my dad said it was stalling out the first time he started it up. but now when he started it up the 2nd time it runs real stong he said and alots of power and doesint pop:) so far it fixed all the problems:) and it doesint rev up and down like it used too:).
  20. update;; we took it too get the tools too get it off the guy took it off. than we tried too start it. it started but keep stalling and was real noisey. so we had too put it back on and order one from a part store than when we was siting in the lot the arterlater hose busted:( started smokeing they didint have that at the store either so we had too order it. and we had too drove the car home like that:( i update you when we get the parts. so far it is the egr doing all the problems. because when he took it off and put it back on it was even bader. seems like we have real bad luck with everything:(
  21. well air and sssssss does come out of the egr valve so is that a vaccum leak?
  22. ya we going too replace it too be safe. but whould that cause problems like we having?
  23. we was driveing and the car bucked out and started too go again. than we pulled over and open the hood and touch that ufo thing again and it made a ssssssssssssssss noise and its loose. that that could be the problem? heres the pic of it http://img107.imageshack.us/img107/6206/im0058774vn.jpg
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