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  1. hmm is it possible that my card is locked from overclocking? cause if i try overclocking the core and the memory at the same time from either overdrive or msi or even amd gpu tool it will go on a blue screen. i just reflash again.. and put all the clocks too 875 and 1235 memory and so far its not crashing from overclocking in the bios. so something is telling me its either drivers or the card is locked. i can overclock the core in overdrive but as soon as i higher the memory 10mhzs it gets unstable and blue screen with lines. im also gonna try the card in my 939 socke
  2. ok i think i found a fix i went in the ati profile folder and set all the memory clocks too 1200 memory like the high 3d clock and put 600mhzs for the core clock for the 2d and so far no flickering or black screens or grey screens. i think the problem was the memory was at 900 which it doesn't like. been playing bbc2 for about 3hours going threw cutscense and loading different servers with no problems before it would just black screen or gray screen. i also looked on overclock forums and amd forums and pretty much alot of people having this trouble even with other brands s
  3. that's what im gonna do if after i try a few more other things im also gonna try it in my other computer too see if i have any problems on that pc. sense this pc has been acting weird lately even when i had the 4890 in it. if i do im still within newegg 30days so i problee rma it threw them but whats the chance of getting another one like this? people rma theirs like 3 times and it still did it for them and than they just disable power play and didn't have any problems sense because at full speed the card will game for hours with no problems.
  4. thanks i just flashed it with the clocks i wanted for the 2d 450mhzs 900memory and 1.067volts i kept the others as is. and so far its working. oh i also higher the over drive overclocking limit lol too 1000 lol figure i give it little more room sense i was there. now hopefully everything stays 100% now. edit it still seems like power play still is acting up but not as bad as before but when i was loading gta iv than went too change the res i saw the 2d on the 2nd monitor sense i monitor it on there go down too 450 when changing res and i got those grey scree
  5. sorry guys i was too busy testing games and than tried too post and the forums was down.. lol but the bios update it mightve help too stabilized stuff but if i overclock just too test it say like 1mhz over stock the 400mhz core will go back down too 157 and start causing problems again.. but it seem like the fix is threw overdrive profiles i edit the profile too have 1063 volts for 400mhzs and set the lowest 2d too 400mhzs and it works perfect and even lets you overclock. i also sometimes have amd gpu clock sometimes open when im playing games sense it forces max clocks a
  6. k just flashed it and everything went well and the clocks are now working right with out any software tweaks:) staying at 400mhzs 1200 in duel monitors. now too try some games and see if it does any black screens and stuff hopefully not.
  7. ok so that would work for my card? i know it says his in the box but just want too make sure before i flash it. also is this how you flash ati cards? seems allmost like nvidas. http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showpost....amp;postcount=1
  8. from everest it shows that the video bios date is 9/14/09 not sure if thats a new one or old? edit on gpuz it shows ver012. would this be the right bios for it? http://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/61848/A...024.091112.html if it is than yep his didn't update this one.... anything i need and know too update the bios on it? i know how too update them but never did ati i ony did them on my laptop for overclocking and mother board bios updates. think it be better than rmaing and too get it back with the same problem.. also saw this one s
  9. just did a 3dmark vantage test and got 15805 sound about right?
  10. ya true it does help too save power but its causing alot of people even me problems mainly running duel monitors and problee causing problems in games sense it seems like it could be going in lower power state when loading a cut scene or a new stage. there was one person that had too update his bios on his 5870 too a new one which fixes it and highers the voltage. but i don't feel like doing that and risking bricking the card.. so i just made the low 2d run at 400mhzs which is a software fix till at least they fix the drivers too make the card run little high clocks than the low 150m
  11. k i fix the flickering problem i edited the profile that i found searching too make the low 2d clocks too stay at 400mhzs and 1200mhzs instead of down clocking too 157 and 300 memory and this was causing problems with alot of people with the same problems i was also having. not sure why ati down clock theses cards so low when in power saving 2d mode.. maybe that's why i was getting black screens it goes down too 2d mode before it loads the next stage on bbc2 and that causes it too locked up. gonna test it more now hopefully its good now.
  12. well msi tool pretty much cause more problems than it helped gave couple blue blank screens.. when it was switching profiles.... but so far everything seems fine i played about 40min of dirt 2 max out 1920x1200 and everything maxed dx11 so maybe going too a older driver 9.12 hot fix fixed it. its still a bit glitchy with my 2nd monitor up like if you maximized something on it will show black lines like its refreshing. i wouldn't think i have a power issue sense the 4890 and 4850 was working fine and they take tons more power than 1 5870. if it does it again im gona try
  13. k i was having more problems it was doing the same in games even with just one monitor like bbc2 after the stage was over and when it was loading the 2nd stage it would go on a black screen than freeze than sound came back than frozed so i had too restart it.. i tried all drivers well the new ones 10.2s and 10.3s betas and they did the same thing. so i did a fresh install of the drivers and tried 9.12 hot fix and so far its working it went pass the stage were the other drivers would just freeze up the computer. is the new drivers really that bad?.... cause it sucks i ca
  14. yep im using build 1.2.0 psu is also power and cooling 750watt so i don't think that would be the problem sense i ran 2 cards in crossfire before this 4890 and a 4850. i also remember that i think i had this problem before when i had the 4890 i had too turn off my 2nd monitor and it ran fine. gaming isint a problem either with the 2nd monitor hook up just 3dmarks does it too me i think its a ati and 3dmark issue sense the card runs fine in everything else with the duel monitors hooked up. and the down clocking what im seeing is normal with duel monitors i
  15. just found the problem it seems like 3dmarks doesn't like duel monitors i unplug my 2nd small 17in screen which is for apps when gaming and it passed both tests:) heres the scores i got 21693 3DMarks 06 and 3dmark 03 got a 77000 something does thoes scores seem right? i know it beats my 4890 that got 18k even overclocked. oh im also running 9.12 drivers sense i thought 10.2 was causing the problem but gonna pop those back on. hmm might keep 9.12s for now it seems like 10.2s doesn't down clock my card when its not doing anything the 9.12 puts
  16. hmm i got both plugs in but maybe they not 100% in gona check.
  17. that started once and did the same thing after the first test but it didn't freeze the system it just said about it couldn't focus.. gonna try a older driver
  18. just got the card in today and so far everything is going good and card is running really cold i never saw 60c in bbc2 or dirt 2 and fan is ony on 50% but not sure if this is a problem or what but when i first got the card in and i went too run 3dmark 06 after the first scene test the screen would go back but the lcd is on and im force too restart.. i would like too what it gets in 3dmark but it wont go threw it it just keeps on going on a black screen freeze. i thought there was something bad with the card but in games its fine. im also runing the new drivers 10.2 ma
  19. ya it worked pretty decent i problee gained about 10fps to 20fps in most games and about 2 too 3k in 3dmark 06 think it was around 20k or 21k 3dmark and with just the 4890 around 18 19k. but i took out the 4850 and ran just with the 4890 for sense the 4850 was always overheating and causing problems unless i turn the fan up on both cards full blast but that was way too loud too cope with lol mainly with the 4890 fan at 100% it sounds like a jet taking off.. lol and having mix cards one with 1gb and the 4850 had ony 512mb it ony gave me 512mb total sense crossfire runs like
  20. ok cool i just didn't want one that was locked and cant do anything. i aready ordered the his its been shipped today and i should get it friday hopefully. i mainly got it sense it was on sale 40$ cheaper on the egg than the other brands msi was out of stock but was 409 plus no free shipping and the sapphire is 479.. and 439 on there.. brands i usely go for is HIS sapphire visiontek and power color my cards i all had and still have was the sapphire x1900gt which still going strong than i went too the 4850 visiontek still going strong and the HIS 4890 still
  21. no problem it happens:) it just got me confused hehe
  22. hmm did you mean the 4870x2 instead of the 4890? cause the 4890 is a single card. and my card is the 1gb version. ya i really don't care if im not gonna get a insane overclock just some like i do with my his 4890. but the his does overclock right? its not locked?
  23. ya aslong as i get the performance for the money i spent.. lol but if its doubled for what my 4890 is than im happy and by all the benches 5870vs 4890 i search showed pretty much every game like 20fps over or 30over and sometimes even more than that. ony ones i know i wont see a huge increase is crysis and gta iv sense they relie on every part in your cpu lol but even crysis showed at least a 10 or 15fps increase. ya it would've been nice too get the 5970 but that is way over the price i would pay for a gpu lol but pretty much if i add a 2nd 5870 later on i pretty much
  24. just ordered a his 5870 too replace my his 4890 which was already a great card and performer sense it still haven't let me down in any game with 1920x1200 res. but ya i had the upgrade feeling... lol and it was on sale 380shipped the most money i spent on a video card.. lol so im wondering is the his 5870 a good card? i know my his 4890 has been solid sense 10months 24/7 running and heavy gaming. but this is the 5x series and hopefully i wont have problems. and also how well does the his 5870 overclock? cause i herd in some places that the msi and asus is the
  25. im sure my 965 can do more but think theses 965s likes too be cold. even tho my temps are pretty good my max load temp is around 52 53 @4.1ghzs with 1.47v. with the consair h50 and fans on low but i herd for anything over 4ghzs 4.1ghzs you need to have temps in the 30s at load which is problee why yours lulufi got that high:) i can easily boot in windows and do some stuff with 4.2ghzs but as soon as i bench or stress it temps will go up in the 50s even passing 50c it blue screens but if i get it under 50 like 48c it wont crash it.
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