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  1. k my cuz got a emachines T2895 and it ony got pci slots no agp or pcieee so hes stuck useing pci cards. and he wants a new motherboard for it with agp or pcieee and he wants too use his ram and cpu cd rom drives and hdd the same case i see no problem with that because the psu in it is a full size atx psu. can you link some good micro atx mother boards that will fit? im pretty sure the cpu is a 478 socket. and his specs is 2.8 celeron 512mb ram of pc2700 120gb hdd 5400rpms and pci 5500. he wants too use all that with the ne motherboard so later on he could get a better
  2. agp is not outdated just yet they makeing new cards for agp x1300 and x1600:) im going for the x1600:)
  3. well this is weird lol now it prime stable lol and i did it more than 24hrs this time. i save a prime pic too but it says 8000 something hrs and 24min????? lol because i started itmonday at 4 too 5oclock in the afternoon too now and its 5:14 am. and i was browing the web and stuff with no problems:)
  4. it did prime at 2.666 even with ati tool too:) and i was playing prince of persia for about 3hrs or 4hrs:) so i say this overclock is stable:) i might try 2,7ghzs later on with lower htt maybee thats doing it:)
  5. ok thanks im gona try that ati tool with prime i post back:)
  6. hmm i dont get this everything was runing good at 2.7ghzs for 1day and a half than i decided i wanted too play prince of persia first time playing it on this machine. and about every 15min playing it locked up:( than i tried prime onced again and it kept failing in 1min?????? yesterday i just did a 18hr prime test and the day befor i even played quake 4 for about 1hr with no problems. now today it wont even pass for 1min i dont get it i didint change anything. right now i got it at 2.666ghzs and it passed over 1min so far no errors. but i still dont get it was fine and play
  7. well to me and my uncle its smooth and we heavy gamers:) but it depens on other peeps options:) and how fast they want too play but even some games like gta 3 or vicecity they got it limit too 30fps even other games are like that. so too me 30fps is good for my likeing:)
  8. i did a 3dmark 03 test and here is my score http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=4516808 im pretty happy with it:) how does it look?
  9. so far its doing gaming too:) was playing quake 4 for about 30min too 1hr with full settings with no problems:) and fear:) so i pretty much say its stable if it play them games with no problem lol
  10. thanks:) im pretty happy with it:) the main reson i got it is i wanted lower temp and atleast 2.5ghzs with it. but i got both:) the temps never breaks 50c @ 1.64vcore:) with my old 3000 newcastle i got 2.6ghzs out of it stable but the temps was going over 50c about 58c too 60c and i had too put the vcore too 1.67vcore for stable. and i couldint stand my ufo fan going at 3800rpms all the time lol so i seen this and orderd it:)
  11. well so far its stable at 2.7ghz pass prime at 18hrs than i stoped it:) it even pass prime at 2.75ghzs. but my ram was under stock ddr391. but so far sence i messed with the timings on the ram instead of stock timings so far its passing with 415mem:) so its 100% the ram was doing it befor:)
  12. well the mem was under ddr 400 when it pass. when it failed it was at 425mhzs so it was most likey the me did it. but so far i primeing at 2.7ghzs and mem back too oc at 415mhzs ddr i change the timing and so far its primeing:)
  13. call of duty 2 is pretty good:) love how it looks and i got the laptop at dell.com came close too 1900$ than it had a 500$ coupon right there so i got it for 1404$ if it wasint for the coupon i couldint get it because it was 1500max on the dell credit. so im pretty happy:) i just wish i could of got 1gb of ram or 2gb:( i even did a couple tweaks with the volts on the cpu i got it down too 1volt stable at 1.74 stock:P
  14. i did befor prime at 2.7ghzs did 17hrs with no errors but today when i woke up it was froze up on prime probee because of the was overclock this time. last time i primed the mem was under ddr400.
  15. can you post some 3dmark scores like 01 03 and 05? and whats you frames on call of duty2 ? the ony game that im trying too figure out is nfs mostwanted plays 22 too 30frames ony sometimes dips in the teens. my 9800pro in my desktop plays it better thats the ony game that it beats it never drops under 22 frames and the avg is 30frames both of them is useing the same settings. could it be because the desktop got more ram? 512 vs 2gb? or cpus?
  16. welp it just froze in nfs mostwanted so i droped it down too 2.7ghzs and 215mem befor it was 225 maybee the mem did teh froze? so far its fine now at 2.7ghz.
  17. how does she look:) http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=YB3B0WM6YECS6ZZR http://img475.imageshack.us/img475/3784/newoc8gd.jpg temp is cool too 48load max:) and 30 too 32idel. alot cooler than my newcastle:)
  18. lastnight i tried call of duty and it was 24frames lowest and 30 too 40 avg i had all the settings up except anti and i had it on 1024x768 still pretty good for a laptop:) but that game takes the most out of all of them it seems like lol. by the way Henry8866 what drivers you useing on yours? i cant find any that i like lol
  19. ya i got call of duty 2:) i load it up tonight:) and for smoothness anything over 30fps is pretty smooth to me:) but i post some screen shots of the games with fraps later on tonight:)
  20. you meen yours doesint play smooth? because the games i tried on it so far is farcry and fear and couterstike 1 and halo and every one of them was playing over 30fps and too me thats pretty smooth.
  21. ok i installed fraps and tested farcry the max fps it did was 69fps and looking up was 130fps and going were theres alot of stuff it doesint drop under 35fps:) and the settings i got it on is 1920x1200res and everything on high and some on very high:) so anything above 30fps is smooth. and im ony runing 512mb ram so imageing 1gb in it or 2gb:) it was even smooth on fear at 1280x1024 with everything on high than i tried it on 1600x1200res it was playing smooth except when you turn thats because i ony have 512mb ram:)
  22. i am pretty happy with it;) but i get some benchs and game benchs with fps tonight and post them:) but facry was pretty fast my 9800 whould do 24fps and 45max on farcry at 1280 by 1024 with 4xanti and everything up. this laptop seems faster than that even with that high res.
  23. another ? is there any way i could make cds of this windows?
  24. well every setting was on high too very high and it looked realy nice:) was just playing counterstrike 1 just now on 1900x1200 looks real sharp:) and halo i had on 1600x1024 with everything on and it was runing real smooth:) i didint know this laptop could do that right out of the box:) it kills my 9800 on everygame by far lol
  25. how does my 9300 look:) http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=8ZED0WSCXUCSJZYR still needs tweaks and all the other stuff still got the video driver that came with it installed. will the new geforce drivers be better? and the gaming on this thing is suprizeing:) just tried farcry on 1900x1200 with everything on and it was smooth:) still got too try my other games on it:)
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