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  1. ever sence i got my dell 9300 laptop i cant get use too my desktop lcd 17in now lol and i love the 1920x1200 res i allways play most of the games on 1600 x1600 too 1920x1200
  2. it could be the powersupply because you added more powerfull stuff in the computer. and maybee when you overlock its not produceing anuff power too be stable. and did you try the memory on the devider?
  3. my hardware is well its built in my dell 9300 laptop. and i got another desktop that is useing a usb linksys wireless. both of them gets the same 1700 too 2mb and i even tried my other router that is a linksys and still the same as the d-link. so i guess its like this for everone?
  4. ok when i do testmy.net or infospeed.verizon.net. i ony get 1600mb on wireless and i get on my desktop 2.9 too 3.0mb and this is what my service is. how can i make my wireless like my direct connection?
  5. i wana hide my ip too be safe how whould i do that? i just got a d-link di-24 router and it has a firewall.
  6. is there a software that i can change the vcore in windows? my uncle got a amd 3200 barton that allways at 1.7vcore he cant change it in bios either the motherboard is a k7vm4. and he whould like too know if he can some how change it another way too a lower vcore?
  7. when i used too run a crt 75hz and 85hzs is what i like. if the monitor will go too 100hz thats the best. i never run them at 60hz. on my other computers that has crts still i got around 75hz too 100hzs set on them. the 19in ones is set too 100hz:)
  8. in everest it says its a intel alviso i915pm. i cant find a working one;(
  9. just tried that tool now and when i hit get fsb it says pll error smbus address 10c0 and all other stuff:( than exits.
  10. i didint have too flash it at all:) im pretty sure all the 6800gos non ultras are overlockable with out a flash. all i did is install coolbits and clocked away been runing this oc on it for about 2months with no problems:) but the temps on the gpu are a bit high i think 93c max with low fans and 85max with the fans on high but its even like this at stock. i wish i could overclock the cpu tho:( atleast too 2.0ghzs but there seems no way of doing it:( the highest the temps are on the cpu is 48max temp. but maybee in a year i want too put a 7800 in here:) the 6800 seems like
  11. im waiting for it too go down atleast too 250 or 300$ i will not give up my motherboard it overclocks like mad and if i were gona i whould have too upgrade the cpu too. so if i were gona get that combo with the 7800 i whould be missing on mad overclocking and i whould be spending over 400$ because i whould have too upgrade my psu and cpu. so im sticking with my motherboard for couple more years:) im happy with its so stable now its stays on 24/7 now with no problems:)
  12. well guys i think im gona get the 7800gs instead of all cards lol
  13. this will be a nice upgrade for me:) now i could keep my lovely dfi 250gb ut alot longer:)
  14. well i think im going with teh 6800gs when i get the money. gona make sure i could unlocked the pipes tho.
  15. k i guess its back too nvidia:( is the bfg one the best out of them all? and will i beable too unlocked the extra pipes and stuff?
  16. what about this card? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814143045 and will i be able too unlock the pipes and stuff? wish i could stay with ati tho:(
  17. how will this performe too my 9800pro? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814102666
  18. and i just found this card is this good? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814121206 will that be faster than a 6600gt?
  19. and all his stuff will work with that micro asus board you posted right?
  20. is there any with pci express on it? and for a video card shouldint a 6600gt be find for him?
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