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  1. i get 2.8 and 750upload on my verizon dsl:) sometimes it gets too 3.0:) not bad for ony 29$ a month:) and download around 400kbs down too 358kbs.
  2. no i meen for the laptop the 9300 can upgrade the video card too 6800ultra 7800gtx and if dell makes another one for the xps that will fit too. i problee gona get a new video card for the desktop in a couple months problee in july or sooner.
  3. ya i too herd the agp one unlocks and overclock sometimes:) i plus i cant find a 6800ultra for under 300$ any were lol my uncle bidded on a bfg 6800ultra agp 3months ago and won it for 300$ but he got ripped on it and loss 300$ because the guy was makeing all stuff up and was saying he didint get the check than said hes gona send it out but he didint and now he wont replily too him or ebay:( and for the laptop when i get the money in a couple days im gona go max out on it with 2gbs:) and maybee next year a 7800gtx for the laptop:)
  4. if it were me i go dfi:) had lanparty 250gb over year with no problems and it runs 24/7 at 2.7ghzs solid as a rock:) not sure if the dfi lanparty nf4 ultra is as stable as the 250gb ut tho.
  5. too me this 9800 is still holding up in newer games:) right now its close or faster than my 6800 lol except quake 4 the 6800 beats it there. but i just came from notebook forums and they said its diffenly my ram causeing the 6800 being slower and skiping. because they tested the game with the same laptop that i got with 1gb of ram and they said it plays good at 1280x720 with full settings with a little jettering some places:) so im going too try and get 2gb so that should solve my problem:) and for the desktop im problee going for the 6800gs or the 7800gs if that
  6. seems like it still takes alot. i mainly try too run all my games at 1280x1024 or up if i can. it seems like when it skips or lags the harddrive is on too blinking than when the hdd goes off the skiping quits and lag is gone. aint that the memory? because i remember my desktop did that on doom 3 with ony 1gb when open doors and stuff.
  7. just tried quake 4 and tried high settings with 800x600 and the frames was 60fps must be locked than tried the desktop at the same settings and res the frames was 60 till i looked a a fire than its 53fps so the laptop wins that match. than i tried 1024x768 the laptop did 60 and than 53 by the same fire. than the desktop did 55 too 60fps and 28 by that same fire. so the laptop beats the 9800 on that game. so is the others ram hogs?
  8. well it does play better than timeshift. and i just tried farcry bench and again the 9800 beats it:( here the test with the laptop Score = 52.46 FPS (Run 1) Score = 55.53 FPS (Run 2) Average score = 53.99 FPS this was ony 1024x768:( heres the desktop 64.87fps run 1 62.51fps run 2 average score 63.69 2nd 51.51 and 51/28 average. res on first try 1024x768 2nd is 1280x1024 i dont get it:( will memory do this?
  9. ok im going too take your word on the 6800gs for my next card:) should i go for the bfg? and for the laptop i just dont get it it beats the desktop on benchs except 2001. the laptop does 4300points in 05 and the desktop does 2300. and in 03 it does 9800points and the desktop does 5800points. and in 06 it does 1800points the desktop does 850points. so shouldint it be double in games too? and when i get that 2gb of ram will it fix the jerking and make it smoother? seems like timeshift is the hungreest game because it plays fear better and smoother at 1280x1024
  10. and another thing i just tried timeshift demo on my laptop that has a 6800 and installed it on my desktop that has the 9800 and for some reison the 9800 is faster on it??? it jerks and stuff when you move the 9800 does not do this. and both of them are on 800x600 and same settings. i even check with fraps and the 6800 shows 32 and the 98000 shows 40s. is it because the desktop got 2gb and the laptop ony has 512mb? if it aint im not sure if i even want too go nvidia anymore:(
  11. well i dont mind spending 300$ because i herd it overclocks like mad and alot of good things about it. and im not thinking of going pci express for couple years anyways. im still gona wait problee couple more months tho so it might go even lower:)
  12. ya i think im going too wait till i get the money for the 7800gs:) this 9800 is still keeping up with newer game anyways so it couldint hurt any longer
  13. how much diffrence will i see if i upgrade too the 6600gt? will it be worth the upgrade? or should i just wait till i go for the 6800gs or the 7800? because a guy might trade for my amd 64bit 3000 754 newcastle not the cpu in my sig lol the newcastle cpu does 2.6ghzs stable should i do the trade if he says yes>?
  14. i whould lower it but it gets unstable so it likes 1.64.
  15. im pretty shure 1.64 is safe:) been runing at 2.7ghzs 1.66vcore sence christmas:) and it stays under 50c in prime 24hrs:)
  16. ya i think i be safe and stick with 2.7ghzs at 1.64vcore dont want too blow it up or something the highest volts this computer seen is 1.7vcore never higher and it never hit 50c even with that
  17. its a venice E6 754 core. it goes up too 2.85 till it goes in prime:( but it seems like 2.75 is stable because it did prime and played half life 2 for 1hr and 30min of rainbow six lock down:) but it frozed on a screen saver? lol. so i backed it back down too 2.7ghzs with my mem overclock too 415. i might try timmings and more settings theres ton of setting in there lol. whould it hurt too run 1.8vcore too see if it boots and play games fine? or whouldint you trust it?
  18. welp tried it with one of my kington 512mbs and overclock it too 2.8ghzs with the same vcore and the ram at 400mhzs and when it was loading my startups it froze:( so i went back too bios and up the vcore from 1.65 too 1.7 and it booted up nice and ran superpi 1mb and it passed. than i ran prime and it frozed on test 3 so i went back too bios and droped it too 2.75ghzs and so far its passing prime but i do not like the vcore 1.7 staying under 50c tho. but so far its our cpus doing it but im still happy with it tho:) i bet if i try 1.8vcore it will be good at 2.8ghzs but i
  19. my 3000 venice 754 does 2.7ghz stable and will boot in windows at 2.85ghzs but not stable. im not sure if its my memory too adata 2x1024s pc 3200 @ 415. im going too try my kingston value ram 2x512s that did 438 and i let you know if its is the memory on mine. but if the kington is better im still gona put in my adata back in because i need it for gaming.
  20. i think 2gb is a must have now. now i could run doom 3 max out even with ultra settings with 1024x768 and 1280x1024 pretty smooth with my 9800:) befor when i had ony 1gb i couldint do this it whould stop and load the stuff than go. even on battlefeild 2 i could play with everything up:) now i want 2gb in my dell 9300 its dieing with ony 512mb:( forgot about the frames on doom 3 with 1024x768 its 38 the lowest and 60 max and 40s avg. and with 1280x768 its 26 the lowest and 60 the highest and 30s avg:)
  21. cool:) so far it passed superpi 32mb @ 2.8ghzs:) it got a 30m 19s:)
  22. i got the xp90c and the thermaltake ufo fan. so far with 21min of superpi it has never gone over 45c even with 2.8ghzs @1.67vcore:) my newcastle whould of hit 60c or over at 1.67vcore. so this cpu stays pretty cool with the xp90c. but i do got too warn you the ufo fan is pretty loud at max rpms 4000rpms doesint bother me that much tho but it does push alot of air tho:) its pretty silent at 2000rpms too 2800 tho you still could hear it at 2800 but not as much as 4000 lol that heatsink that you linked should be pretty good too Reviews looks good:)
  23. heres another test with 2.8ghz not stable yet. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=RBBW0WYB8LCSDXVR you now see why im still on 754:)
  24. here it is:) http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=RBBW0WYB8LCSDXVR could get a higher score:) need too defrag and clean some stuff up:) but everything is stable and i leave it on 24/7:) got the cpu and got a 2gb of adata ram this christmas still plays the new games pretty good on high even with my 9800:) wish i had money on christmas for a video card tho:( one reson i went with this cpu is because of it being colder than my newcastle 3000 and wanted atleast 2.6ghzs like my newcastle did but i got more than that:) so far it blows the newcastle out of the wa
  25. the 3000 venice 754 is a realy nice overclocker:) got it stable at 2.7ghzs:) boots in windows at 2.85 not stable tho. you will need a good board too tho. so far im not thinking of upgradeing to 939 yet:) still want too get a good agp card thinking about 7800gs x1600pro or the 6800gs:)
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