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  1. if you cant go custom go dell:) so far my dell laptop in my sig is a monster does everything i want it too:) dont have no problems at all. but i allways build my own custom desktops. but if i didint i problee go with dell lol
  2. i whould love that much space lol im runing out of space:( ony got 2.97gbs on a 250gb hdd and ony got 43gbs on my 300gbs and i just got the 300 on christmas lol most of it is games:)
  3. my profile is allways on and the max speed is 1.74ghzs its a intel m cpu. and for the looks of his laptop looks like its runing at full too.
  4. thanks:) whould i be able too switch res? like if my lcd monitor goes too 1280x1024 will the xbox run on that res? this should be great because i cant stand playing games on tvs anymore lol and the ony game i like on systems is forzaa lol i be happy if they made something or it on pc.
  5. that is alittle low heres my dell lappy http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=HCFFPWSCXUCSWKZQ just pop in new 2gb memory 3weeks go and still got the same score with 512mb dell memory. but i feel the big diff in games windows and everything else. maybee the pit test aint reconizeing the intel m cpu or the mem controller right? because my cpu score seems pretty low for what it is. because my cpu beats or the same as a p4 2.8ghzs or 3.0ghzs or might be 3.2ghzs. i problee whould get a higher score if i poped it on 1920x1200 res and 16bit. but was too lazy lol
  6. does that work for the 1st xbox? sorry i should of said 1st xbox in the first place:(
  7. is there any way i could hook up my xbox too my lcd monitor or crt?
  8. when we was chritsmas shoping me and my uncle seen 360 playing call of duty 2 and too me it doesint look too good and was lagging on fire and stuff lol and i couldint stand too use the controller over the mouse lol. even when i play call of duty 2 on my laptop in my sig with 1024x768 with everything on except anti it looked better than the 360 lol but i couldint enjoy it much because i ony had 512mb ram lol i might try it again snece i got 2gb:)
  9. did you try too put v sync on or on appilcation on? mine did that with games too and i pop v sync on and problem sove:) hope this helps
  10. i know 40s and 50s and up are alot smoother but if the frames doesint go below 25frames i dont see any stutters or slow downs and still is pretty fast for me. even some games are locked at 30frames so i say 30frames is pretty fast too me. but most of the time doom 3 plays at 40s and 60s. i even installed quake 4 and tried 1600x1200 with ultra settings and everything on and i was suprize it was pretty smooth you could feel little sutters but still was realy playable with no problem. but the ram was bottle necking the system real bad because every game runs smoother heck eve
  11. well i could prove it with screen shots if you want me too? because right now im playing doom 3 at 1600x1200 with everything max and like i said ony goes down too 29fps and when i tried auto assault i tried 1920x1200 with max settings and ony drop down too 20frames and the game is still pretty smooth.
  12. the card aint bottlenecking the system because when i had 512 it played on high but not good. sence i got 2gb everygame play fast and smooth now. doom 3 is smooth now. that was teh same with my 9800 in my desktop it whould play fine with little stuterings but sence i got 2gb ram in that doom 3 plays smooth on the 9800 even. so ram does help. like i said im runing doom 3 at ultra settings 1600x1200 and the lowest it went too is 29 and it was stuff smooth no slow downs. avg frames is mosty allways 60. and games does depen on ram alot because i looked in task manager a
  13. just tried doom 3 on it and its realy smooth:) playing with everything on ultra settings and 1600x1200 res min frames is 29 avg is 60 highest is 60 because the game got it locked at 60. man i was missing all this performence for 4months:( i even tried fear with 1280x960 and everything on and it drop down in the 20s but still was smooth and playable and with no laging or jerking:) i even tried auto assault at 1920x1200 this time and it was still smooth:)
  14. today my gskill 2gb came in today ony payed 62$ each from newegg:) and what a diff it makes from 512mb:) every game i play is smooth like auto assault plays on 1600x1200 with everything max out smooth. befor i couldint play it too good on mem with 1280x1024 because it whould lag alot than stop than go. and now i could alt tab back too windows in a heat beat:)
  15. 2gb will help because every game plays alot better than when i had 1gb and plus everything is much so faster:) but befor the ram i whould get the card.
  16. thanks:) i just cant wait till i get 2gbs of ram for it 512mb is stuggleing:( i know it wont help the benchmarks much. but i know it should speed of games because it keep useing the hdd alot of times and slowing down.
  17. tried it on my laptop when 3d06 came out and got 1896:) wonder what it will do now sence i did a clean install windows? my 9800 in my desktop does 896.
  18. aslong you dont go crazy with the settings you should be fine:) because my 9800 even plays pretty good if i dont go crazy on the settings:) right now im tweaking the settings and geting my 6800 pretty smooth in my laptop:)
  19. just tried it on my laptop in my sig and its plays pretty good:) the settings are on 1280x800 widescreen and every setting is on and the sliders are in the middle. the lowest frames is 18fps but rarely because my hardrive light is going crazy because its useing page file and slowing it down alot. i cant wait till i get that 2gb of ram
  20. man im realy happy agp aint dead yet:) because i still love my dfi-250gb and my venice in my sig:) and i like the performence alot.
  21. i just got the game and tried it on my 9800 at 1280x1024 with everything max it was diping in the teens allways. than i tried it on 800x600 with max and it was pretty playable like 20s and higher:) and it looks pretty good too:) this little 9800 still plays the big boys:) i didint try it on my laptop in my sig yet im sure that will play better:) but so far i like the game never like theses game befor lol
  22. you should run it with high res:) than you wont need anti aliasing. thats if you got a monitor that goes higher than 1280x1024.
  23. i whould trust a digital voltmeter more than a software or bios anyday:) right now with everest mine reports 11.7 and 11.61 load. i was geting worrie than i bought a digital voltmeter and tested it and the reading was allways over 12:) it was 12.12 and 12.19 my powersupply is a demon 480watt i know but its soild as a rock:) had it in my 2nd in my sig for 1yr than had it in this system for 1yr and 4months:) nerver gave me any problems:) and i run this pc 24/7
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