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  1. cool:) 7min left oh by the way does this come with that xgl effects?
  2. after click what theme i wanted it took me too installation settings. than i click partition and i click 1:ide my hdd than i choose 4: my partition that i made. than it create the stuff for it
  3. k got it on grub:) what about the section mangement? it shows suse windwos 2nd and failsafe.
  4. than it should be ready too install right? allmost forgot for the boot loader settings what should i have the default at?
  5. when i went in there it showed all my partitions and the one i made but there was also 3 more that f linux swap and f linuxs native and another one. and each one is 2.0 and 3.0 and 1.8gbs
  6. ya i made a extra partition on my laptop just now. so it should let me pick the partition?
  7. i tried too install it but when it got too saying something about partition i quit because i thought it was messing with my other stuff was it?
  8. i got a partition called games can i install it with my games?
  9. i figure i want too try linux out for a change:) but i want too keep my windows xp because im a gamer lol heres what i want too try http://en.opensuse.org/Released_Version so is it pop in the cd than install it? or?
  10. is the cpu or video card overclock? if it is try everything at stock.
  11. the best car game ever was motorcityonline:) just wish gay ea didint pull the plug:(
  12. so this is not a scam and works?
  13. http://www.gametesterguide.com/?hop=linkclix is this true and good? found it on gamespot.
  14. just tried it on my desktop with the x800 and it plays pretty good at 1600x1200 res and with everything on:)
  15. my system temps and cpu temps stays pretty cool even at 70c for the card. right now its 33 too 34 cpu and pwmic is 28c and system is ony 27c than when playing games i never seen 40c except the cpu tho lol but everything is staying pretty cool than when i had the 9800 in it tho:)
  16. ya i was planing too get a new cooler for it. whats the best cooler i could get for it?
  17. i meen to show the temps on top while gaming like in your screenshot.
  18. sorry i ment like if i was playing a game for a long time and went back too the desktop and i want too see the highest temp it went too.
  19. is there a software that i can monitor temps? like when i play a game for a couple hours and i want too check how high and was when i quit?
  20. cool:) so far the temps are 38 too 40idel gpu temp and 36 chip temp. and the highest i seen it go was 70c mosty its in the 60s. but ever sence i got this card my system and cpu temps droped:) and the side of my case is cool even when playing a game:) when i had the 9800 the case whould get warm and my temps were higher but i didint even know the temps on the card because no temp censor.
  21. i bench 3dmark 01 03 05 today and my score was 19,567 for 01 and for 03 i got 11206 and 5765 for 05 my system is at 2.5ghzs had it at 2.7 allways but didint trust the psu when i got the x800. and the video card is at 552core from 475 stock and mem is 531/1062 from 450 stock. is it performeing as it should? and will it hurt too try uping the overclock more?
  22. too tell you the truff the 754s overclocks the best atleast the 754 dfis motherboards and are rock stable. thats why i didint even think too jump on 939. and not planing too because im geting the 7800gs for it:)
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